I Saw You

Week of May 19


Billy Boy: History repeats itself. Always. Seems your Cali-forni-cay-"shun" ends just like the original. The string of not-hots-for-long are long gone, as is the devoted partner of years. You find yourself like Davey Du, with a jucee barista, and without truth. The "kids" wonder, then under...stand. "Ah...THAT's who he ran from?...Himself. Can she bake a cherry pie?


March for Women's Rights, March for Me: Women of the Inland NW, and those who support them; I will not be marching with you this weekend, although I wish I were able to. I will be resting at home after utilizing my right to choose. Due to the excellent services provided by Planned Parenthood, I was able to schedule a next-day appointment to receive an abortion. Our great state recognizes this procedure as medically necessary, should a person choose to access it, so it is covered in full by WA Apple Health insurance. My reasons for seeking an abortion do not matter. I am free of regret and shame. The only thing that makes me want to cry out is knowing that people across the country are not able to make this choice for themselves. I am heartbroken for the people who are forced to carry the burden of an unwanted pregnancy. Women, those assigned female at birth, and allies throughout the Inland NW, please march. Carry the message for those of us who are unable to be there. I will be watching and supporting you. People around the country are grateful for your willingness to make our voices heard. Thank you, from the depths of my soul.

Carpentry Ant Saviors! :) Dan and Pete, thank you for saving me when I was flustered in the parking lot. It has been over 15 years since I've changed a tire (thanks, dad and Driver's Ed), and I was stressed and overwhelmed. You saw me in stress, cheerfully offered to help, cracked jokes and kept me sane when I thought I was going to cry. You threw on that spare tire in minutes, all with a smile. You made my day and reminded me that there are good people out there. I really can't thank you enough! Also shout-out to your carpenter business—The Carpentry Ant, I believe? Go in and support these guys. They are good people!!! :) ~Delaney

Journalism at Its Finest: Daniel Walters delivers again with his investigative reporting on Idaho's "Red and Redder" article. One of many great in depth articles he's done over the years. When I think of the "Inlander" I think of Daniel Walters.

Integrity: Thank you, Jen Psaki, for your service as White House spokesperson. You did an extremely tough job with poise, grace, humility and most of all INTEGRITY! May God bless you in all your future indeavors.


Disgusting: Jeers to the couple driving the white Dodge Ram truck with the American flag upside down in the parking lot of Yoke's on Foothills Drive on Mother's Day. Yes, I know what flying the U.S. Stars & Stripes that way means. It's not illegal, but totally disrespectful. Shame on you for trying to bait people to confront you, especially a veteran as myself.

Free Speech Isn't Free: To those who wail about their "right to free speech" being stifled by social media, know that the right you're so quick to cite refers to a government's censorship, not a private company like Facebook or Twitter. Think of it like this: If I'm a restaurant owner, and someone at one table is using foul, hateful language in earshot of an adjacent table, I have the right to ask you to stop, or leave my private establishment. Same thing with privately owned social media, which garners hate speech from otherwise reticent people. So much harmony could be accomplished if people didn't have that veil of a screen, a pseudonym, even a protective shell of glass, metal, and wheels. Next time you want to talk trash, ask yourself: Would I say this to the person's face?

Wake up, Gov. Inslee: Gov. Jay Inslee, you signed Senate Bill 5615, making Pickleball officially the state sport of Washington. But don't sign into bill rent control (sarcastic) or something inportant like the the homeless population. Our rent went up by over 30% in the past year and our income did not keep pace. How can a state with less population to our south, Oregon, have rent control at an increase of a max of 9.9% per year. Inflation with gas, food and nearly everything else has gone up, which has caused a burden on the folks on fixed income as well as pretty much all residents of Washington state. This is a very important issue, not playing pickleball but people's lives being affected by HUGE rent increases.

Re: Bloomsday Cheers and Jeers: Before you bash the fine and friendly folks of Spokane, take a second to learn the rules of the road. Walk on the right, pass on the left.

Protesters: Why do protesters of all causes think the Red Wagon at Riverfront Park is an appropriate gathering place? The iconic setting is for kids to play and be joyful. Let them be carefree children before they become joyless adults in our messed-up world. Go someplace else. Thank you.

Grocery Store Deli on Foothills: Saturday early afternoon. Trying to eat a small meal of sandwich and soup in peace and quiet in deli of grocery on Foothills. Two deli employees eating in same deli while talking very loudly on speaker function of their cellphones. Thank you for your loud conversation. It was so loud that the two of us customers couldn't hear one another speak. Where is the respect for the customer?

Re: Great... Now I'm The Bad Guy: I think this is such a strange thing to post. You're saying the next person to buy your drink will put you in a fit of rage, but then at the end you say you just want to enjoy your free drink? I get if someone pesters you about continuing on with the "pay it forward," but I highly doubt that they're truly pressuring you... I mean, obviously I wasn't there and I can't say for sure... but it sounds more like you have your own perceptions and maybe guilt when they ask you? I don't know. I do the "pay it forward" every time I go to Starbucks sort of as a "if I'm treating myself, I'm gonna treat someone else too," but this makes me not want to do it anymore. How strange you say you're tired of the kindness BS. I think there needs to be more of it in this world. Also, it's weird you're calling it "Frap Crap," but you're obviously a patron... maybe just lighten up a little. No reason for negativity when someone is just trying to do a kind gesture. Hoping your next SB trip doesn't include a "pay it forward scenario" so you don't go into a fit of rage. Sending peace your way.

Lime Bikes in Riverfront: You and your little brother stopped your slow-moving Lime bikes in front of my manual bike in the only clear part of Riverfront Park, and then stared at me like I did something wrong. I had to slam on my one working set of brakes to avoid hitting you both, because if I'd hit you, you still would have blamed me! It was fine until you brought it up again half an hour later in front of your little girlfriends to make me look like a jerk. You wanna chastise me about how I ride? Go ahead and buy a $100 set of turn signals for your bike, a helmet that costs $80, and the world's loudest bike horn, and then get back to me. ♦

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