I Saw You

Week of June 16


THANKS FOR THE LADDER: You, dark gray Dodge pickup, cutting people off, changing lanes with no blinker. Me, cut off by you, watched your brand-new ladder fall out of your truck and almost hit the car you had just cut off. You didn't even slow down! So I picked up your brand new ladder to get it out of the road; it looks good in my garage. Karma at its finest. I just wish I could have seen your face when you noticed. Thanks for the ladder.

RAINIER LAUNCH PARTY: You, beautiful, tan, blonde. Me, light brown hair, wearing light blue three-quarter zip. On at least one occasion we locked eyes. When the heavy rain started, I retreated to my car. After it passed I re-entered, but didn't see you. Would like to meet you for a Rainier or beverage of your choice.

YOU SAY HI FIRST: It does suck that we choose not to say hello... I tried to communicate with you many times. You kept me at arm's length and gave me reasons I still cannot understand to this day. It breaks my heart every time our paths cross and nothing is said, but so much is communicated in a simple glance. Maybe we can learn to say hello again... Meet at "our park" 6/22 @ 11:00 am?


BETTER WITHOUT HIM: Please be grateful you are not with him anymore. He is trouble and a taker. He is shady and scary. Don't doubt the doubts you had when you were with him all those years. You were not wrong to wonder what, who, where and when. Many more than were "confessed" is likely the case. It doesn't matter to have the truthful answers to those questions. Your intuition is keen for a reason; it matters! Continue moving forward with the life you are creating for yourself post-disastrous days. You've got this!! You are bright, shining and capable as you've ever and always been. Don't doubt anymore!! He wasn't worthy of your trust then. Don't wonder now what could have been. Be grateful it is not.

GREAT SERVICE: Thank you, Valjean, V.P. Manager, US Bank, Main branch, W. 428 Riverside, for being professional and personable in giving excellent customer service.

MINNEHAHA NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE: Thanks to all the homes participating in the Minnehaha Neighborhood / Community Yard Sale. June 24th-26th. 9 am-6 pm. Please come out to support the neighborhood and have fun going to all the yard sales.

GOOD DEEDS: Not once but twice within a month I have been thought of by two extremely honest people. The first time was when I left my purse on a bench & it was found & taken into the Rite Aid on 29th street & last Saturday when I laid my pink frozen food bag down on the cement by the Shadle Safeway. I haven't an explanation for why all of "this" took place, good luck or divine intervention? What I do know is not only was I saved heartache twice, but the two thoughtful & honest souls must have felt proud for their kind actions. Thanks & best wishes go out to both of them.

HELPED ME BACK OUT: To the kind young lady who was wearing an MUV fitness jacket who helped me back out of my tight parking spot at Riverfront Square parking garage. Thank you!!!! I couldn't have gotten out without hitting something without you! Appreciate you!

PARTY ON, NEIGHBOR WOMEN! Cheers to the neighborhood women down the street belting out Whitney, Aerosmith and Lizzo songs in their backyard on a Wednesday evening. Rock on.

KIND CAMPERS: A few years ago I took my grandkids to Round Lake to camp. One late evening my little dog got out of the trailer and took off. I thought I could catch her so left the trailer in my long (but not long enough) T-shirt, no shoes and my phone. I was unable to catch the dog, and my phone died, and it was really dark out. I was very disoriented, and even though I was still in the campground, I was hopelessly lost. Note this was 63-year-old grandma who was unsteady on her feet and worried about her dog. After stumbling around I came across a group of campers around their campfire. I must have been quite a sight. I was in tears and totally distraught. I asked if they had a map I could use, and they immediately led me to a chair to sit down. The women offered to drive me to the campsite, and the guys set off to look for my dog. When we got to the campsite there was that silly dog. I know I thanked them then, but I want them to know I will always remember their kindness.


RE: HANDICAPPED FRAUDS: Invisible disabilities exist. You're assuming the person you saw doesn't need accessible parking based on her clothes and how many children she had with her. Perhaps she is recovering from open-heart surgery. Perhaps she, like you, gets extremely exhausted when she walks. Or perhaps someone else's reasons for needing an accessible parking placard are none of your business.

GAS GUZZLERS: To all of you owners of gas hog cars. QUIT COMPLAINING! If you didn't see these gas prices coming years ago, you deserve to pay so much for gas. Dump your gas hog and get a high-mileage vehicle.

SUNDAY DRIVERS: I've lived in multiple states and cities over the last two decades. I've driven on Spokane roads and highways for the last three years. While no one place I've lived owns the title of ""worst drivers"" (Including California), there is a term that I heard years ago from my father and grandfather I believe applies to Spokane more so than anywhere else:

Sun·day driv·er [snd 'drvr]NOUNSunday drivers (plural noun)

A person perceived as driving in an inexperienced or unskillful way, especially one who drives slowly.

Example: Spokane is full of Sunday Drivers. Especially those who drive crossovers or have Idaho license plates.

I HAUL, YOU HAUL, WE ALL HAUL FOR SOMETHING OR OTHER: Guinness is considering awarding the Coeur d' Alene 31 a World Record in a subcategory of "Number of Clowns Packed in a VW Bug."

NOT YOURS, NOT MINE: So, most of us pay for it, but really who owns the Riverfront Park? It's ended up being a major asset of the City of Spokane. It's been a cool spring so any day that warms up and the sun comes out brings lot of people, marmots, birds, and people walking their dogs. Ideal. Walking my dog down to the area around the clock tower lawn area to chase the ball on a long lead we saw that the Canadian geese of about 10 or so were out of the water resting over near to the base of the tower but out in the sun. Good for them. Responsible pet owners were trying to give them a wide berth, so we stayed as far as possible toward the fountain end. They seemed content, so why bother fellow creatures. So along came a woman with four children I'm guessing between 5 and 8. They immediately started stalking on hands and knees the birds who are somewhat used to having people around. When they got fairly close a couple of them threw their wadded up coats at them. Of course they flew off to the water for relative safety. Really? Two women walking their large dogs commented to the woman that that was completely needless. The woman spins around and tells them to go f—k themselves! Mountain out of a mole hill to bring this up? Probably, but when you look closely at the park there is all kinds of damage being done by people who have the entitled attitude that they can put skid marks on the concrete, throw trash wherever they want, etc. Park ranger should be handing out fines for this as there are NO excuses. It takes ALL the donating spirt out of people when they see their investment being treated like this! ♦

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