I Saw You

Week of August 4


YELLOW BIKINI: I saw you on the Harrison (ID) public dock Saturday (7/23) afternoon. You walked off the dock with cutoff jeans shorts & a yellow bikini top, I think went for a swim, and came back on the dock when we made eye contact, with you wearing just the bikini set (sans shorts). A sight to behold! I was on the dock tending to watercraft. Like to connect while still summer:)

KENDALL YARDS KUTIE: YOU: Short-haired brunette on bike Wed (7/27) around 8 am on trail junction at Kendall. You were riding downriver, short, loose black shorts. Me: Turned off at Kendall, Tux jersey, lights on bike. We exchanged smiles. I've seen you b4 up near Petit Dr couple years ago; would like to see more of you. Lol. Maybe meet for vino?? Ride safe!


CYCLIST CAN USE STOP SIGNS AS YIELD SIGNS! Signs Hi to DD and all other motorists, the governor signed into law in 2021 a ruling that bicyclists can regard STOP signs as YIELD signs. So many of us do blast thru STOP signs because it is approved by those in charge. Thanks for reading and understanding. RDA

CHEERS TO ME, A BICYCLIST! Yea! I don't have to stop at stop signs and can treat them as if they're yield signs. Neener neener! Seriously it's true see rcw 46.61.190. Sorry, motorists, you still have to stop and I wish more of you would (red lights too). And try stopping behind the crosswalk, not in the middle of it.

CATHEDRAL PLAZA LADIES: Before my 84-year-old Mom passed away, she said, "Being old is not for wimps." I laughed at that time, and I now know at age 86 how right she was. I'd like to praise three lovely & wonderful ladies (who are in their 80s-90s) living at Cathedral Plaza for their sturdiness & willingness to go on with smiles on their beautiful faces, in spite of their painful aging disabilities. So Sharon, Annie & Adrienne, let me proudly say that all of you are loved & deeply admired. We are not "wimps," we still think & speak intelligently & enjoy hearing a funny story now & then.


YOU READY TO PAY FOR DIGNITY? The fastest route to I-90 west from Freya south of Sprague is NOT to go to the light but turn on Riverside and jog over Sprague to Second then onto the freeway. Which takes one right past the encampment at Second and Ralph/Ray. If you've driven past (and you should) you will see a VAST collection of stuff. With the intense interest in the Dignity of housing the people there in New Facilities, EXACTLY what is going to happen to ALL of their stuff? You think the people there are just going to grab a toothbrush and a clean pair of underwear and waltz off to their new dorm room lodgings? OH! The indignity! Would you Leave ALL of your stuff behind? The experiment over the winter at the convention center I'm guessing educated NO ONE! Lots of money spent. Lots of damage done. Little gained. If I remember right (and this has been YEARS ago) to house an incarcerated person in the prison system in the US was something like 35-50 THOUSAND a year. Yes, that's right! At the time you could have sent them to Harvard University for that. So WHERE are you going to store their stuff as you are sending them to Harvard?

SECOND TERM, NADINE? Are You high? You have done Nothing!, except turn Spokane into an embarrassment! The Homeless are the fastest-growing part of our city! Crime is out of control! There are no police for stopping speeders, road ragers, under the influence drivers! Our streets are an ever-growing danger and embarrassment! Look at Jewels Helping Hands, Spokane Catholic Charities, the City Council — they all have momentum, you are a roadblock! One term has been all we can stomach!

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR — OR ELSE! If everyone kept an eye toward being a good neighbor and keeping their front yard nice-looking, meaning no junk cars or RVs, old refrigerators, toilets, trash and etc, the city of Spokane Valley would not have to legislate it. Drive around the valley and there's some properties so bad there's trash, junk and clutter spilling out into the street. Somehow people don't get that their freedom ends where it takes away another's.

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Who does Rep. Cathy M. Rodgers really represent? She is easily spending a Million Plus on her umpteenth re-election campaign, using a high-priced Eastern Washington (DC) company to produce very unnecessarily expensive commercials and purchase huge amounts of broadcast, print and digital media throughout our Eastern Washington. Among the people she "represents" are some of the most-talented, highly experienced, creative broadcast and digital production professionals in the country. Your constituents actually make movies here, with real Hollywood stars! And Spokane/Eastern Washington advertising firms have extensive experience and expertise in all media, as well as highly skilled creative experts to craft your message. Next time you run a campaign, Rep. Rodgers, please remember who you are supposed to represent and come home to spend your money. There IS no place like Home.

PROTECT YOUR FURRY FRIENDS: This Jeers goes to everyone who does not keep their dogs on a leash in public. Spokane leash law WAC-35232060 says your dog must be either on a leash, harness, or in a container when you take the pets in public. Obvious exceptions of course are pet parks and pet stores where free roaming is allowed. I keep seeing people with dogs not on a leash, & when I mention it to the dog owner I'm called "dog hater." I love dogs which is why I'm writing this. The leash law is for everyone's safety, including yours and your dogs. If your little dog is not on a leash, anyone can scoop up your dog & run. What if your dog runs out in the middle of traffic & causes a wreck? Think about it. Also, a big BOO-HISS to people who put their dogs in truck beds. So many of them are terrified & want to leap out. DD

CHECK UP ON CRIME CHECK: Hey Crime Check, I called 7-30-22 to report a guy passed out in his car. You passed me around three times, and you were all annoyed because I couldn't tell what race he was——-seriously?! It shouldn't matter if he's from Mars; the dude was out & I didn't know if he was dead, sleeping or what, and I'm too scared to investigate. That's why you're here supposedly. Why does it matter what race the person is? Once I called because of domestic violence across the way from me & what color the perp's eyes were!! Really? Someone needs to check up on Crime Check. I had the car description, license number and basic description of the guy; it should have been enough for you. With my luck he probably moved on before SPD even got there.

CAPITALISM: It looks like more PGA golfers have decided that a little backlash from civil right groups is well worth the money LIV Golf (Saudi backed) is forking out. I don't blame them because capitalism is an American way of life. But when the ex-president's son-in-law and secretary of Treasury each receive billion-dollor loans from said Saudis, it stops being based on capitalism and becomes quid pro quo. ♦

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