I Saw You

Week of May 7th

Chilawack6pak "You are the rodeo bronc rider. I asked if you were the clown or bull rider. Okay? I could be anyone. How do I stand out from the rest, hmmm... you emailed me and I didn't reply. You replied but I was no longer there. You have a very ""western"" name. Normally I would just let this go as not meant to be, but I have to try one more time since a nagging little voice won't leave me alone until I do. I don't want to sign up again, but would love to know if I really caught your interest. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, please respond and tell me your first name and mine to sweetecho1@outlook.com."

Gemini Princess Out of all the women, you sought me out. I'm still not sure why but I'm glad you did. Our conversations leave me anxious for the next one and ready to peel away more layers. We both believe people's paths cross for a reason. I'd like to think ours isn't just crossing but instead forging a new secret and unknown one. Is this princess more than you can handle or do you like the challenge?

Bad Timing You: Jamie, the beautiful brunette with 4 kids, 8, 6, 5 and 5. Me: the motorcycle rider doodling on his paper. We sat at the same table in a parenting seminar. We made eye contact a few times. I would've asked for your number but it was a little awkward with my ex sitting between us. Hit me up if you're interested. isawuinspokane369@gmail.com

Guys and Dolls Cheers to Brad and Kim who generously invited us — a pair of complete strangers! — to join them in the front row for the Best of Broadway performance of Guys and Dolls on 4/26. We really enjoyed the show and getting to chat with the two of you. Thanks again! We'll be sure to pass along the kindness.

Mexican guy at the guitar store Thanks for sharing those licks. When you came in I was playing a guitar tuned to an open "D". Any string on the third fret fits into a nice blues improvisation. I hope to see you again for another lesson. I am practicing those two string scales you showed me up and down the neck.

To A Very Kind Couple There really are super nice people out there and how do I know? Friday May 1st I was at the Subway on east Broadway by Walmart and I had a fun conversation with this cheerful young man in front of me and as he and his lady were leaving and I went to pay for my sandwich the employee said that man paid for it.I got to thank him as they went out the door.Young man you are so very nice and well mannered plus fun.You make your parents proud.And this little lady thanks you for the sandwich plus making my day.Smile it warms the heart :)

Bloomsday volunteers rock! A huge and heartfelt thank-you to every Bloomsday volunteer. You all make it such a fun and beautiful event. I hope your commitment to help will inspire more of us to do what we can to help others where ever and whenever we can. Whatever it is that inspires you to help out our community, just do it. When we all become a society of "service to others", then we will build a new garden of Eden. Cheers to the volunteers!

Glad intelligent bicycists spoke up Thanks, whomever you are. Also to "Iron Man Racers" in the Jeers Column. If cycling is to be able to convince taxpayers to help out with cycling lanes and events, the jerks need to be removed from the pool.

Real Facts RE: Studs RE: Those who speak against studs. Amazing indeed your rant starts off criticizing anonymous posts, with an anonymous post. Then you go on and on spouting about supposed made up facts with your own made up facts. First let's debunk the 'blame it on semi's' rant. The one distinguishable fact that separates the drive trains of semis from auto is dual tires. The ruts in our roads are single width and that is a fact! Advances in the materials our roads are constructed with have been just that; advances. I worked in street/road construction, and the materials are much better than ever before, and that too is a fact! Finally, where you choose to live is a personal choice and part of that should require knowledge of conditions that make access difficult and how to manage access in those conditions. The world got along quite well without studs, they weren't even around when I started driving and currently I drive a 2003 Sable with all season radials and get around just fine, that's a fact! I also own a 73 CJ-5 since 1978, have 38" tall tires on it and used to 4-wheel in the mountains quite often. We always agreed on one thing about driving in those very adverse conditions, it was 30% the vehicle, 70% the person behind the wheel. In other words, a driver's experience and skills will trump a vehicle's setup including tires any day of the week, one more fact! As usual with cries for studded tires, the minorities of those who demand on keeping studded tires have very self centered reasons, and spout reasons they wish were facts, but in reality seem to have little idea of what a fact truly is. It's also very self centered to expect the majority of tax payers to keep throwing massive amounts of money to fix roads chewed up from these over-sized grinding wheels so you and/or others can live in hard to get to locations, so their children can get to school, or whatever else but mostly because they refuse to refine their adverse weather driving skills. My name is Tom Peacock, so if they print that there goes another of your anonymous rants, and that's a fact!

>Re: 8th St. Speed Racers I knew one day I would be mentioned in a jeer. So, here is one back to you. Maybe if you didn't stand out on your porch and yell at people as they drive by to "Slow down F-ing B" then you wouldn't have a problem. Kindness goes a long way FYI. Because that is what I remember driving down the road, I speed by your house on purpose just to kick up dust! Next time be nicer to people and they wont feel the need to be rude back! You shouldn't let your kids play in the streets that is what a yard is for and on top of that why don't you pay (like the rest of the people who have dirt roads) to get it oil? cost about $110/person on your street! Take it upon yourself if you are so worried about breathing in dust and stop relying on the state to pay for everything!

Someday There will come a day that you will realize what Love is and how to accept it. Someday, you will see "The one" is still out there. Someday, you will regret how you handled the situation. Someday, you will be kicking yourself with the torture of knowing how much you were Loved and Adored. Someday, Love will find your way again. Someday, I will have to let you go. Someday may never come around

Varekai Jeers to the man siting in front of my husband and I on the 29th during the performance of Varekai. During intermission my husband apologized for his knees being in the way due to his large height (they were on either side of your seat); We understood that you wanted to put your arms further back on the armrest but couldn't due to knees, you kept looking back at him during the first half like it he was doing it on purpose, when this was not the case. All you could say back to him was "you should have moved". We were planning on moving down since there were seats next to us that were not being occupied but not until intermission since my husband is a disabled vet and one fall could or trip could undo his surgery and nothing more could be done for him; thus we needed the lights to be on so he could watch his footing. Next time please be more courteous in asking someone to move. Although you can not see my husband's disabilities they are there as there are for many others.

RE: Hooyah for Breeders How nice it was to read your sarcastic opinion about those of us who had decided to have children. After finishing your message, I could not help but think how sad it was for the rest of us all that your parents did not share your derisive attitude toward breeding. They would have been doing the world a favor. ♦

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