I Saw You

Week of September 15


LUBY BAY CAMPGROUND: I saw you August 31-September 2 in campsite 2. Actually, I didn't see hide nor hair of you all day long but I was forced to listen to your tandem generators while you and your friends were away. I moved to another site further up the loop only to camp next to another trailer running tandem generators from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM! If you need your TV, air conditioner, microwave and other luxuries, just stay home and leave nature as is for the rest of us to enjoy! For me, camping in my backyard listening to lawn mowers and barking dogs would have been more enjoyable than camping next to you!

MARIE... I appreciate the opportunity to be your friend. Thank you for having the capacity to work through the lies to find the truth buried in them and choose to show genuine generosity to someone like me, who only has friendship and a good will to offer in return. You make the difference, so keep your head up. -T

MEOW KAPOW! You were in the produce section of the Super 1 ... singing to the '80s hits and occasionally dancing. You wore a sweatshirt featuring a kitten throwing a grenade. I liked the silver in your hair. I complimented your dancing skill and your shirt. You made me laugh. Want to meet up and dance to '80s songs? I have a kitten shirt I can wear, too.

LET'S TALK ABOUT BRUNO: Under a golden sun, in the waning days of summer, you drank Bruno and talked about your day — your kids, your work, your frustrations and your fantasies. I listened. I saw you. I'm not sure you saw me right then, distracted as you were, but I didn't mind. I was falling in love. Again.

LOCKED IN NOM NOM (NW BLVD.) U opened door 4 me as I struggled against locked door leaving. U are blond, smiley, attractive. I was in white In n Out tee, masked. I should've waited, talked. U in Audi I think. I'll open door 4 U next time. Lol This was Saturday Aug 27 at 3pm. U have shoulder length blond hair, gorgeous smile.


CAN'T GET A DATE? "It's hilarious that your ex divorces you but can't get a date.... Then he buys a mail-order bride, because nobody in the U.S. wants his stinky arse!!! And I mean literally...nobody ever taught him how to wash his stinky arse!!!"

RE: ROAD PROJECTS: Your post from the 9/8 issue made me cackle. You must be new to Spokane. Two years is quick. Looking at your north/south freeway.

TIM AT NORTHSIDE MICHAELS: For the past few years I've been using the framing service at the northside Michaels. It's a pleasure to work with Tim in the framing department there. He has an excellent eye for color and design, and I'm always happy with the result. Tim is a true professional, and I hope Michaels knows how much he's appreciated. He could very easily be working at a more upscale frame shop, but I for one am glad he's not!

JUST GET COZY: Getting comfortable with change is something that takes practice. And since we've all certainly had a lot of practice in recent years, we should pretty much be experts at this point. I've learned that while change can most certainly induce fear, there's no real choice but to acknowledge the fear and then move on forward — probably best described as "name it and tame it."

FEMALE RESPONSE TO MAN WHO WAVED: To the succinct lady making very clear why women recreate outdoors. THANK YOU!!! Most of us worry about unwanted male interactions when we are doing what we're doing. Women being outside IS NOT AN INVITATION... to anything. I LOVED how you focused on exactly what is going through your mind and body when you (we) work out outside. It's NOBLE AND HEALTHY AND STRONG and has absolutely nothing to do with passing males. There was something transcendent about your wording. Almost like... women have a whole myriad of reasons for fitness, working out and adventure... just like men. Hmmm! Anyway just wanted to send a huge thanks!!!!

FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED: Thank you to whoever turned our phone in to the lost and found at Pig Out in the Park (near the skating ribbon) on Sunday afternoon. It was probably the group of young people who were sitting near us in the shade next to the river. We appreciate your kindness. May the universe shower you with good karma.


SCRAMBLED EGGS: Daniel Walters wrote a very incisive article. I was appalled that such depravity existed in Spokane. Unfortunately, this is only a part of the scrambled eggs others have created in order to sweep the homeless under a giant rug. The East Central neighborhood has undergone a transformation. Let's do the same for the Wolf's lair. Homelessness will not be solved with temporary shelters. We need to make them accountable. Last year, I wrote the mayor and suggested erecting greenhouses adjoining them. Each person would be required to work two hours in the greenhouse, or in,the shelter. The Union Gospel Mission has such a program. It works well for them — it would work for us too.

DEAR PALOUSE ROAD BICYCLIST: We have beautiful country roads; I'm happy to see you out for ride. Please follow the rules of the road to keep yourself and others safe. You blew through a stop sign without even looking for oncoming traffic, cutting me off at the bottom of a blind hill where I couldn't pass you safely. Also please be careful passing cars on the right. Don't shake your head at me; you know you're riding like an ***hole and you got called out for it. Be smart and live to go home to your family and ride another day; your Strava time isn't worth dying or causing an accident for.

STUPID PEOPLE: This is for all the people who complain about restaurants taking too long when they're understaffed. Either apply for a job and help them out or keep your damn mouths shut!!!

ROAD PROJECTS: The road project at Dartford Rd in the county was supposed to be done Aug. 15, 2022, which is what the sign said. What a joke. even the detour to Wandmere Rd is not done. What are these people doing? You don't see anybody out there working. If I didn't do my job, I would be fired, so why aren't these people doing the job of finishing the roads? Where are the county officials? They could at least be making sure these companies they hire to do the work on these roads are working. When I called to complain about the work not being done, the lady hung up on me. Come on — it doesn't take two years to finish the project.

TO WEST HILLS NIMBYERS: Shame on the West Hills residents who complain about homelessness and in the same breath protest efforts being made to address this issue impacting our city. Their bizarre and entitled ramblings at City Council meetings are an embarrassment. Maybe instead of using those hands to clutch at their pearls, they should lend a helping hand to those in need by volunteering at Catholic Charities, and seeing first hand the good that organization is doing in our community.

HAVE RESPECT: If you want to go to a concert, especially in a small venue, have some respect for the performer and those around you. If you'd rather talk loudly with your friends instead of listening to the music, go somewhere far enough away so you're not disrespectful, especially to the person who's on stage. It's also great if you want to bring your kids, but control them. They really aren't cute to anyone but you. ♦

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