I Saw You

Week of September 22


GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST: The likelihood of my ladies night arriving at the same restaurant as your wedding dinner is slim to none considering most people get married once or twice in their lives, I was visiting from two states away, & my friend could have made our dinner reservations for anywhere. I was tickled to see you, and it took a few minutes to realize it was a wedding. Cheers to the look on your face, the intel received, and to your new nuptials! Raising a glass to you & your weird Karma.

CONNECTION IN THE COOKIE AISLE? Shadle Walmart, afternoon of the 14th. Me blue hair and septum piercing. You caught me looking at you. (It wasn't just to see if you were taller than me.) You very graciously helped me get the cookies I wanted off of the top shelf. We discussed cookies and your ice cream. You have an amazing smile. Immediately wished I had given you my number. Would love to share my cookies if you are interested. bidraggled@yahoo.com

DOUBLE TAKE AT NORTHSIDE TARGET: I saw you. A gentle soul at Target going about your day of shopping. Almost didn't recognize the grey T-shirt and blue pants; but boy, somehow you still make it work. It's been a minute since I talked to you and was still kind of worried of what it might do if I said hello to you. I went about my day and left you be. Anyway, hope life has been treating you well, and you finally get everything you want out of life. El Rodeo isn't the same without you, eating lunches and having cheese pizza has also lost its appeal. Hope you got the issues worked out, cause lord knows I wanted to but can't make anyone heal — they have to do it on their terms. Anyway, hope you are well.

SPOKANE INTERSTATE FAIR: Saturday, Sept. 10: You line dancing to the band June Bug. Western attire on your group and a whole lot of happiness while dancing. Me in a black T-shirt and a trucker's hat. Your smile (at me?) and happy feet were sublime. Teach me to dance, and I'll show you the great outdoors.

MAVERICK EMPLOYEE AT DIVISION & LYONS: I pulled into the station and saw all those cool classic cars in the parking lot last Friday night (9/16). But it was the smoking hot guy with ink and a sexy side smirk behind the counter who got my motor purring. Sir, you are VERY handsome. I'm the curvy woman who paid cash and asked if your station did the authorization code thing for the pump. I wanted to compliment you, but chickened out, now here I am writing an "I Saw You." If you remember me and think I'm cute, get in touch. 20onpump8@mail.com


GRATITUDE: Thank you to the artist who drew a picture of Sandy in chalk at the breezeway near the convention center downtown. It was a lovely rendition. It reminded me to appreciate all she'd offered to our community as I took my walk in the park. Nicely done.

MOMMAS HELPING MOMMAS: Cheers to the momma behind me in line at the dollar store at the Y. I was checking out, and I couldn't find my card to pay for my purchases. You had two adorable well-behaved little girls with you, and I was going to have to go hunt for my card then come back, but out of nowhere you paid for my purchases. It was so very kind of you especially in a time when even $10 is expensive anymore and most people wouldn't show the kindness you did. So thank you again and cheers to you, momma!

SHE HELPED FIND MY DOG: On Sept 11th I believe I was out of gas you picked me up you had a dog named lucey you were very kind this was in loon lk wa I left my cell phone in your car please email me if u still have it tfdiedrich@gmail.com

RE: DEAR PALOUSE ROAD BICYCLIST: Cheers to all motorists who share the road and treat cyclists with courtesy and consideration. We're all neighbors trying to share the road safely. Cyclists are injured or killed in 94% of collisions with motor vehicles, so special thanks to drivers who slow down a bit and give more than the 3 required feet of room to pass. Reminder: Washington cyclists are permitted to treat most stop signs as yield signs. Letting bikes take the lead at intersections improves safety and intersection efficiency. Let's all be compassionate with one another and enjoy our scenic roadways together!

GOD BLESS THE ZAGS: On the surface, it might seem trivial or silly to claim that the quality of a town's sports team could "save" that city or fundamentally change its residents' quality of life. If this were true, the logical first thought would be that the difference would come through economic changes. Create a strong team, and a city will earn revenue from selling more seats and concessions that they can pass along into infrastructure projects and other economic stimulus schemes. But that's essentially never the case. Rather, the change that the successful Zags have brought to Spokane is an adjustment of the city's collective emotions. Sports are like religion: They provide a built-in community to residents. In a small town that has few other forms of community, Zags fandom stands out especially.


CAN WE STOP CALLING IT "CAMP HOPE"? Whoever christened Spokane's disastrous conglomeration of squatters "Camp Hope" must have been a marketing genius — local media lapped up this obvious misnomer without a hint of how ironic it is, likely prolonging the camp's staying power and bringing in more, and more cynical, trespassers. A resident of the camp recently compared it to "Lord of the Flies" — a dangerous, lawless place ruled by the most ruthless "campers." Everyone knows it's filthy, riddled with illegal drugs, plagued by violence. But no one dares mention this — that would risk self-righteous retaliation from all the Wokenites who fancy themselves angels of mercy. The lengths to which Spokane has gone to help the "campers" get back on track and the general resistance to these efforts at Camp Lord of the Flies should be a big clue to anyone who's still sympathetic to the squatters.

RE: HAVE RESPECT: What a great message in the Sept. 14, 2022, Inlander Jeers section about having respect for entertainers. A group of us went to the Labor Day concert at Comstock Park with the Spokane Symphony. Due to the cacophonous kids screaming as well as the moronic talk of their parents who weren't supervising them, we couldn't hear much. Being newer to the area, I wonder if this is a rare event or if the citizenry of Spokane just lack class. For those who are "native" to the area and crybaby complain about how the city is being ruined by growth due to outsiders, I wonder if perhaps the problem is actually... you!?!?

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Quick question. Aren't the governors who are transporting undocumented immigrants to other states involved in human trafficking? Just wondering.

GUY AT 1ST AVE COFFEE SHOP: You intrusively approached me while I was minding my own business and made me take my headphones off just to have you ask me stupid questions about my tattoos. I was in the middle of taking a test, and I clearly did not want to talk to you, yet you persisted. Even told me that I "have to tell you at least one story about one of my tattoos before you leave." No, I don't. You don't know me. Women don't owe you anything. I'm not obligated to explain anything to you, you weirdo, invasive, creepy, d bag. You should learn to shake that bad attitude if you expect women to wanna talk to you. Also, honey, you're way too f****ing old to be approaching 20-something-year-olds at the coffeehouse. ♦

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