I Saw You

Week of June 11th

That voice at Quest I see you frequently in the early morning hours on the floor doin' that thing you do (work) lol. My kid told you my little secret, yes its still on! Maybe we can talk sometime other than while you're workin. Email me at questcrush@hotmail.com

Under my skin "I met you at the Volume music festival, you in a green dress, me black pants and a white tank top.Your eyes made me stutter, your smile is ridiculous, and your blushing drives me wild. Us hanging out was a little unorthodox but you definitely crawled under my skin. I didn't like having ""feelings"" but these damn butterflies wreck my stomach every time I see your name in my text messages. You are just what I'm looking for and I'll see you soon.

Nice to STCU You were driving the car in front of me on the afternoon of June 3rd at the STCU main branch drive up ATM. You had forgotten your receipt, so I made sure to pull up next to you and return it. Your wonderful smile caught me of guard, and introducing myself was tough since we both seem like the type of people who don't like to keep the cars behind us waiting. So please don't keep me waiting and respond in the "you saw me" with the color and type of car you were driving so I can hopefully STCU around!

Girl with a quail tattoo Our time together was serendipitous as we walked on Cedar. I asked about the quail etched on your forearm and discovered our common affinity for the portly birds. I should've introduced myself or at least asked your name. I'd like to see you again.

To my future husband Since the very beginning you and I both know we were made for each other. You of course were more stubborn when it came to committing yourself to me, only because you like doing you! The fight was intriguing to me and I couldn't resist. I fought for your love and craved your love knowing we would once be where we are now. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with someone who shares the same feelings. Forever Bobuh, I will be Mrs.Willams.

Rebel Scout Master! Tim, you are the coolest Scout Master ever! Thank you so much for making sure our girlies have an adventure-filled, and rebellious, Wednesday. Whether it's launching rockets or playing poker, our young ladies are having a blast being members of Rebel Scouts. You are one kick-ass fella! Jasmine

T.S.R. I hope that you are happy. I hope she gives you everything you need. I hope that you can make the life you always wanted. You deserve happiness, even if it is never with me. I will think of you every day and I will always love you. Always. Me.

To that someday again love Well I don't know about any of you, but I know that I am hoping to find my someday again love. I have been divorced for a short time now and have met a few guys that I wouldn't mind seeing more of. There is one in particular right now that I'm hoping ends up being more than just a good friendship. We've been talking for a while and seem to have some similar interests and Friday will be our first actual date, if you don't count the coffee meeting. I can't wait to see where things go with you and it helps that you already have a son of your own so you know the pleasure and pain of caring for a child. I hope that if you're reading this you know who you are and this should be the start of at least a good friendship. G.M. from C.T.

HELLO BATMAN Thinking about you today and every day. No matter what I love you now and forever. You need to put your cape on, jump into your batmobile and see your batgirl. I have a chainsaw if you need one. Loving you. Batgirl

Playwrights' Festival audience member To the beautiful, curly-haired young woman who attended the Civic Theatre's Playwrights' Festival on June 4th with her shorter haired, blonde friend: You started off the post-show discussion on my play (the last play of the evening) with a beautiful, sincere compliment & I am so sorry I let slip away the chance to thank you before you left. So I will just have to say it here: Thank you so much, your kind praise really meant a lot to this playwright!

Happy Birthday Miss Happy Birthday Miss sexy girl. I hope all is good for you. I know we can't be together but I think of you often and hope that you are happy and well.

My Friend My dog was one of my best friends, she was the first face i saw getting home from school, she would lay on the couch waiting for a belly rub, she would always lay by me when i was sick, and she would always be by my side, rain or shine, when I was happy mad or sad. Well, not today. Today you struck her with your vehicle. Today you drove off to let her be found by bystanders. Today you took my friend without remorse. That is something I cannot forgive.

Awaken to your surroundings! Jeers to the couple at Lindamans on the South Hill Thursday June 4th at around 5:40 pm. I was in line with my son waiting to be helped. You stepped ahead looking into the food case insisting you were not cutting. Then when the next available employee asks who the next person is, you go ahead and order and ask what items are in the case. I mean really have some freaking manners! I am from the younger generation and still understand the concept of common courtesy. Can you look outside your little world and realize others live in it too! Your rude action makes me want to scream and awaken your mind to the world of respect!

Flower picker Ok, I can understand the "hey, your flowers are beautiful. Would you mind if I pck a couple?" I live on N. Ellen Rd in the valley and TWICE now either flowers and plants I planted in my front yard go missing! It started a couple of weeks ago when my peonies started to bloom. It's a small plant and last year there was only one flower on it. This year there was 2. They just bloomed a couple of days before I noticed that some jackass decides to go onto my property and CUTS... not picks my peonies. And just 2 days ago someone went into my yard and dug out the sunflowers I had planted around my mailbox! They finally grew about a foot or do tall and there are now holes where they were! If you want plants so much, either ask me for some seeds I have left over or go buy your own! I am sick and tired of whoever thinks its funny to steal my stuff! Its my property! Stay off! If I catch you doing this again, without asking, there will be hell to pay! Stop takng my plants!

Sailor you aren't my brother While shopping at Costco, you saw my Army, Armor cap, you were a squid & L.A. cop. You tried to teach me 'Swahili and Mexican'. I was appalled by your racism and more so that my wife is Latina. You are nothing but a bald swine.

Spokane Attorneys I have joined the growing legion of people screwed by local attorneys. I had an accident where I was rear ended at a stop sign. It tore apart a shoulder repair I had weeks earlier. Their insurance offers me a $1500 settlement. I was forced to quit my job because of the pain. Tough case? I don't think so either. Three attorneys have turned down my case. I've been told "Oh, I'm not doing personal injury cases anymore", (even though their ads claim they're Clarence Darrow and will fight for you). Many others have shared similar experiences. Their calling? Make the easiest money possible. Shame on you!!

Jeers to cyclist ingorant of law Jeers to the cyclist on Aubrey White Parkway who told me to "get to the other side" of the road when I was legally running on the left. I appreciate your zeal for safety, but you are ignorant of the actual rules. Where no sidewalks are provided, pedestrians must "walk or move only on the left side of the roadway." Google "RCW 46.61.250" to see the relevant Washington state law.

Don't forget cancer This jeers is directed to the Inlander and the local media. Recently an event was held here in Spokane that is trying to make cancer a thing of the past. We have made the ask many times to the various media outlets — with very little response. There is no company large or small that can state that they have not in some way been affected by cancer. We relay for life!! We relay for everyone — so even though no one could be bothered to spread the word about this worthwhile event, our efforts will be available to you, your family, you co-workers when cancer makes it ugly appearance. ♦

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