I Saw You

Week of December 8


ROSAUERS HUNK: To the tall muscular man bagging groceries at Rosauers on 29th. I was impressed by your skills. It's impressive how careful and gentle you were bagging my groceries. I especially loved the way you made some eye contact with me while putting my preparation H in the bag. I'll be back stud, just as soon as my hemorrhoids clear up. ;-).

OUR EYES MET AT BENNIDITOS: We sat in such a way that eye contact was inevitable and felt a spark and perhaps a burst of "Hmmm, yeah." You enjoying your beers and dinner, and I in a conversation, you have black hair and black glasses, and I wear glasses and have silver/white hair. As I watched you leave, our eyes met again. I would like to see your eyes again, and maybe I will have the courage to engage in conversation with you.

HOLIDAY BLUES: My Christmas wish is that we can work through the trust issues and come back together someday. Let's take things slower this time. I'll always be your princess.

WENDY'S DRIVE-THROUGH: Friday morning 12/2, I waited impatiently in the drive-through until you passively put me in my place. You drove a tan/gold SUV. Thank you, and I won't forget it.

XC SKIER, TIME TRAVELER: We stopped to chat while cross-country skiing — I was so impressed with how you kick and glide. You mentioned that you spell your name with an "ie" and joked about a time-machine you are building for you and your dog Riggins. You glided right into my heart, and I am kicking myself for not giving you my number. Does your time machine have room for one more?

AMBULANCE RIDER'S LOST ITEM: Woman fell in street, 5 Mile Rd. and Ash St. on Dec. 3 at 7:25 pm. She cut her head open, and an ambulance came to pick her up, but an item was left behind. I'd like to return to owner.


GOOD PEOPLE: I'm happy to see people reconnect again and reaffirm their friendships. Many of us have separated over the years because of political differences. I've never seen the fervor we've experienced over the last few years in my lifetime. I never really cared about political opinions we differed on and always enjoyed a brief conversation about it. We respected each other. Anyhow, I have returned to that, and many of my friends have to. We've only been hurting ourselves and each other. Please step back and realize this, we're better off working together.

YOU BOUGHT OUR CLAM CHOWDER! Friday, Dec. 2, 5 pm, we were having a GREAT homemade bowl of Clam Chowder at Das Stein Haus at Five Mile Shopping Center. When we were ready to pay, their amazing and friendly staff told us the gentleman that had been sitting at the next table purchased our dinner. What a Very Merry Christmas Surprise. Thank you, You Merry Gentleman, for your generosity! In exchange, we will pay it forward. Merry Christmas!

THANK YOU, ELECTION WORKERS! On behalf of the majority of grateful citizens, thanks to all the election workers who carry out the foundational work of our democracy. You do this despite low pay and the criticism of an obnoxious minority who cast baseless doubt on your integrity. We see and appreciate you!!

THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE: There's a lot of hatred out there these days, and it truly feels like the good in the world is being sucked on out of it, but there is good in the world. I'm a man living with a brain issue that might end up ending the short life I've lived so far, or I might live a long life of suffering; I don't know yet. I've had my fair share of run-ins with bad luck, some nasty people and some horrible situations. Things that I felt like giving up. But my illness has also provided me something good. The people around me, even folks who don't know me, reach out to show me the good in them. They don't ask for anything back, demand anything from me for their kindness. ... There are a lot of good people out there who do good year-round. One of the very best people I know in my life, she's helped me through almost every stage. Loss, pain, happiness and misery, she was there when I needed her the most. She took time out of her day at work to bring me to the hospital, and came and picked me up. She always makes sure I know how much I'm loved. And the other lady in my life, the one who held me as a baby and loved me, she takes time to be around me every week. How lucky am I to have such amazing people, and see so many amazing acts from strangers on the street?


VOTE: I overheard a conversation wherein both parties were lamenting some issue or another and upset about the action or lack of action being taken by elected officials. Fast forward ... both folks said they didn't vote... EVER. If you don't vote, not only do you forfeit your only chance to make a change, you give the folks or issues you oppose a better chance of victory. No matter your political or social bent, voting is a right and a privilege, for which our veterans have sacrificed. Don't sully their efforts because you're too lazy to fill out a ballot and drop it off.

IT'S ONLY THE AQUIFER: All that white and blue Snow Melt chemical on the sidewalks ALL over town. That plus the thousands of gallons of chemicals the city pours on our streets. You think that chemical is made of Unicorn Urine? Where do you think that goes? Yes, if you guessed the aquifer beneath our city or the river running through it, you'd be right. So where is all the hand-wringing and arm waving for THAT pollution? Yet there are those out there that are using silica (sand) rather than the Snow Melt. Plentiful, available and infinitely MORE environmentally friendly. Oh, and you don't track chemicals into your living area, and your pet doesn't have to walk in it with sensitive feet (I threw that one in for the leftist pet owners). We've signed up to give money to nations impacted with pollution, and there are VERY militant protests of fossil fuel burning cars but nothing on polluting street chemicals? But if it goes into the aquafer, that's OK? Hardly!

SHOVELING SNOW INTO THE STREET: So it's that time of year again. Jeers to any of you inconsiderate, moronic neighbors that still shovel snow into the streets! Just push it off to the side into your yard like a normal person and act like an adult who shouldn't need the Inlander to tell them it's rude. You look like an ahole who doesn't care about anyone and probably has manure for brains. Have some respect for yourself. Hopefully you get stuck in your own pile right in front of your house so we can all laugh. Sincerely, The Rest of the World.

GU SCORING @ WARP SPEED: Such a small gripe in light of world events, but at all the GU BB games, the scorekeeper changes the score as soon as the ball hits the net. Soon after, I look at the scoreboard, and it's already been changed (I think...maybe....having not seen the change). Watch ESPN or any other sports channel, and the scorekeepers wait exactly one second, so we GU fans can have the satisfaction of watching our score increase.

PEOPLE AND PETS: If you can't take care of pets, you don't deserve to hold their lives under your thumb. For those of you moving up here from warmer climates, please understand that it gets cold here during winter and pets die in the cold. How would you like to freeze to death helpless? Please, PLEASE take care of your pets.

CHARITY IS NOT A CRIME: To whoever was upset at Tom's Turkey Drive, shame on you! Charity & caring are NOT CRIMES!! ... You are probably one of the sour grapes who don't appreciate someone buying your coffee for you in the espresso line.

WAIT, WHAT? Wait, wait, let me see if I understand the person who's upset with Tom's Turkey Drive. Several big corporations and several banks come together for five minutes for the community & you're upset?! Did I take crack? No sorry that was you. Who are you? The Grinch? Cobra Commander? The Wicked Witch of the West? Only a supervillian would be this pissed off about so much good being done each year. Maybe you feel guilty you didn't participate.

YOU MAKE ME SMILE: To the selfless, who, without a second thought help push vehicles that are stuck. What, honorable, humble and beautiful people you've always been. Thank you — it's because of you humanity is alive. Happy holidays

WHERE'S THE LOVE? Every week, I find myself looking forward to the I Saw You posts in the Inlander. Lately, I've been reading a lot of political hate [from both sides]. Turn off the tv, take a break from cyber bullying, and go spend time with people. I bet you'll find you have more in common with people than you think. Set aside your right to be offended and try to learn from other points of view. You can still disagree...RESPECTFULLY. Work to emphasize the similarities and learn from the differences. You will be pleasantly surprised if you try [not promising it will be easy]. ♦

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