I Saw You

Week of December 22


"MASKLESS" IN THE HALL: We passed in the hall at our workplace last week. You weren't wearing a mask, and you pulled your jacket over your face as you passed me. It made me laugh. Thanks for making me smile!

12/12 NORTHSIDE WALMART: You backing up and realizing I was behind you. You stopped and told me to go ahead, but I needed to go into the adjacent spot on the other side of you. You started to drive away, then you waved and flashed an amazing smile that has me hooked. Single? Coffee?

YOU REACHED FOR MY CUCUMBER: To the sexy man who reached for the last cucumber on the shelf. Thank you for your generosity. It seems like you're a man who's not overcompensating. Finally, a guy who drives a Prius and will give a girl a plump cucumber without needing anything in return. Cheers to the strong gentleman you are. # K2

LAS VEGAS TO SPOKANE: We were both heading to Spokane and in the Las Vegas airport. We spoke briefly in line and right away I felt a comfortable connection with you. I don't know anything about you and have no way of contacting you but wondering if you felt the same. I hope we can find each other.

BLUE-EST: Re: Holiday Blues. Blues indeed! THE bluest Big Sky over purple mountain moguls majesty! The sunniest, shiniest, sandy-est, blue-est water beachy-est, San Diego!... and Maui!... ZOWIE!!... Maui! Trust issues? Not at all. Do I trust you? Not at all. You betrayed that trust, repeatedly. Take it more slowly? It could barely have gone more slowly. Merry Christmas to you, too, and a Happier Newer Year. A happier newer you. A happier newer life.


MAYBEEE: W. Glad to hear she's not with you anymore!! YOU, are waaayyy too wild for her. A serene bean, that one! Look me up to hook me up...up!! Same number, as when we "were." Slidin', and glidin', Baby! Call me... Maybeeeee...!! XoX


THANK YOU, OZZIE: Thank you, Ozzie Knezovich, for your straight talk and taking on both the radical far left and the radical far right in our community and country and calling out their hypocrisy. And yes, despite what many have written or said, it was you who finally prodded some action after a year of nonintervention by ALL concerned on Camp Hope.

TEEN DOING GOOD FOR HUNDREDS OF KIDS: On 12/15 Shay Kenway, a 17-year-old, held a holiday event at Stevens Elementary gifting 400+ new books, cinch bags, pens, pencils & other small gifts to every student at the school. Shay & his program Reading = Freedom, which he established in 2015, has now gifted more than 1,500 books to kids in Spokane. CHEERS TO THIS GREAT TEEN!!!

CHEERS TO INLANDER WRITERS! Nate and Daniel, the in-depth and nuanced article on Sheriff Ozzie was a win for great journalism! Thank you!

THE LITTLE THINGS: To the young lady driving the silver RAV4 on the evening of Dec 16, at around 5:00, up Grand toward St. Johns Cathedral: It was dark, cold, and with fairly heavy traffic... but you stopped for that cat with the bobbed tail so s/he could make it across the road. Thank you, that small moment reminded me there is good in the world — even in the smallest moments.

SEMPER FIDELIS: We will always be for each other, no matter the politics.

NUTCASE: Cheers to the Jeers section for sharing the "riches beyond understanding" letter last week. This unhinged TDS sufferer has absolutely lost his/her/they/thems collective mind. "Hots for Putin?" Who? Really? In actuality none of that letter makes any sense as do most liberals and democratic socialist America haters. If this letter is indeed genuine, I suggest the author seek professional help soon. Remember, hatred corrodes the container it's stored in. ... Find God and get well soon my brother/sister. Try not to be contagious with all that hatred and denounce satan verbally and only hate the haters of our awesome country. God bless the Grand Old Party


SPD IS AWOL: The Spokane police are primarily to blame for the rise in reckless driving, hit and runs, and a litany of other crimes. Why? By not enforcing basic traffic laws. Missing or expired plates say the driver is not insured and probably unlicensed and maybe has a warrant for arrest. So why are cops looking the other way?! This also means the city & state are not getting much needed revenue. It's not a staffing issue. What exactly are cops doing if not enforcing the law?

KOOTENAI COUNTY NUTCASE SHORTAGE? KCRCC believes so, and will be trucking Marjorie Taylor Greene — poster girl for Jungian Analysis — from the backwoods of Georgia to its annual CrackPottery Barn — "If it's crazy, you bought it." — grand opening at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. Don't they know Matt Shea is just a short PanzerKampfWagen IV Uber ride away? And budget savings could be used to purchase additional firearms. So much for highly touted Republican corporate efficiency.

THE OFFICIAL STORY: Someday perhaps we all will be wiser when we notice our news was all sponsored by Pfizer.

INVASION OF THE BODY POLITIC SNATCHERS: Longtime residents of Coeur d'Alene have watched in horror as their town gets overrun by a particularly virulent invasive species. Giant Trump flags flap year-round in their front yards. Ubiquitous bumper stickers scream "F*** Joe Biden!" from their cars and trucks. Their QAnon cabals hold weekly worship services to sing the praises of thugs like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon. They plot takeovers of local governments and school boards, threaten librarians and teachers, caress their holstered pistols in the grocery store aisles. ... Sane and civil people of Coeur d' Alene, how do you think this slow-motion coup will end if you just keep quiet and avert your eyes?

WINTER DRIVING IN EASTERN WASHINGTON... ...is rarely for the faint of heart! It is also definitely *not* for the Stupidissimos... SLOW DOWN!!! Otherwise wait until you're mature enough to handle a potentially deadly machine! (The USA should raise the driving age to 18, anyway!) Oh yes, and ALL the *transplants* from warmer climates who moved here to spread their crime, their drugs and who influence much higher housing prices: LEARN TO DRIVE ON ICE before you depart your meth labs and your mansions! The rest of us are sick and tired of trying to avoid death by veering out of your way as you slide all over the roads while intoxicated. Jeez, dudes.

SPOKANE DOES SUCK: I can't wait to move the hell out of this trashy hole and never come back. The people here are DEPLORABLES in every sense of the word. Rude, uneducated and f—-ing miserable. This city is going nowhere fast. Peace out, Spokompton! I will NOT miss you. Worst place I've ever left lived by a long shot. You're full of nothing but deplorables and bad memories. I'm getting the hell out and never looking back!

RE: RICHES BEYOND ALL UNDERSTANDING: I find it very disturbing that you did not mention Kanye West once in your rant. Anti-Semitism must be called out always, regardless of your politics.

RE: I'M A CUSTOMER TOO: In my years retail I've encountered countless "Privileged White Women" (and men) who interrupted while I was midsentence with another customer. The audacity was stunning! Regarding the clerk at Huck's: They may not have had the confidence to speak up. It took me years to build the confidence to verbally prioritize the first customer. However, you, too, could have told the other customer to wait their turn. It may have felt like racism to you — and maybe it was — but I suspect that it was more the ass-hat behaviour of the PWW than anything.

A SNAKE: I hear a lot of things about politics these days, especially Donald Trump. I was neutral until this last year when I learned THE FACTS of his actions and actually listened to one of his moronic speeches. Here is the major issue, in my opinion: We don't need to make America great again... we are already awesome. Why should we put our fragile lives into his hands when he, repeatedly, over and over, and on live, prerecorded television, makes false statements? ... I am a Republican; however, WE SHOULD NOT RE-ELECT HIM. ♦

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