I Saw You

Week of July 23rd

Rosauers in Browne's Addition @ closing on the 17th july You saw me as I was walking along the Beer Section..you said hello in passing... I said hi back... then you followed me thru the store... I turned and said that the store looked abandoned...you said, ''oh, they are closing soon?" You look Russian and seem to have an accent likewise..and that is soooooo wunderbar heiß....I was just beginning to feel the hunt we were in.....then I lost you when I went to the Ice Cream section...Oye!!.the last time I was hit with this strong a meeting was in Berlin on the Schoenhauser Allee UBahn stand.. .I went thru the store to find you, but you had vanished...I can still see you there very tightly dressed in black and looking like some well honed ballet dancer... beautiful eyes and a tasteable smile... I placed this here that the fates might be kind and line us up again.. .and be this so, I promise to capture you and share some more smiles with you..... Je regardais partout pour vous que je suis sorti , dans l'espoir de poursuivre cette nite chaude...steelorr@gmail.com

Sassy You are MAGIC. We had an instant connection in Feb at the GYM. What I thought was innocent flirting, has proven to be deeper. I watch you WHIP, I watch you NAE NAE, and I can't help but smile. I've never laughed so much with someone in my life — THERE'S THAT & THAT'S A THING. You've taken me places I've never been before. You're a 10... like a Bud Light PLATINUM, or an OREO SHAKE with no whip cream! You consume my mind, and I know it will NEVER STOP. I know if I ever needed anything, you'd be there, with a HAIR TIE ON YOUR WRIST. I want you to know that I CHOOSE YOU. I'm normally not good with SURPRISES, but you are the biggest surprise of my life — a DARK HORSE. I love you HUGE. Love, SALTY

Pita Pit delivery girl You: short blond hair, funny, Cheerful. Me: student at Gonzaga Law. You delivered my lunch one day, and gave me your back to sign the receipt; the next time I came in you gave me a knowing smile from the grill. Do you remember me? Do you feel something between us? If so I'd love to take you for coffee sometime.

Well done Sheldon I saw you standing tall against the world on your shoulders. You are a strong man with a giant heart. You bright blue eyes so full of age and wisdom. I saw you fight for your beliefs, I saw you cry from your mistakes, I saw your smile full of pure happiness. A genuine man full of creativity and integrity. Me, I'm just the little girl with bright green eyes full of love and the same giant heart you gave to me. I love you Dad!

Water Chestnuts @ Rosauers You were in line in front of me at Rosauers Monday evening getting stir-fry ingredients, and I told you about Best Asian Market on Division. You were lovely, and seemed so nice and rad. If you ever want to talk more I'd be down for coffee! Hope to see you again one day! Email me at rosauersshopperdude@gmail.com

Post Falls Nurses at Wallace Blues Festival Thank you for taking this orphan in on Saturday night. Sharing company is always better than not. The party plan has been slightly altered for next year. More Blues (oh, yeah), less brews (uh, huh) and I will bring my own chair! Cheers from "The Guy Who Doesn't Dance".

Anniversary Gift Rescue  Big Cheers to Joshua at Hobby Lobby. I am completely inept when it comes to creative design and crafting. Thanks for preventing my 1st-year anniversary gift from turning out like an ADD kindergartner project. She loved it!

Pizza for a returning vet Thanks to Papa Murphy's near Shadle Park for the pizza! I mentioned it was my first pizza since I just came back from Afghanistan and they comped me. I am astonished at how thoughtful that was.

Dutch Bros Staff A heartfelt Thank You goes out to the Dutch Bros staff at the Division & Magnesium and Francis & Nevada locations. I had recently taken my faithful companion on some "bucket list" rides, some of which included these stands. The people we dealt with became aware of the nature of our visits and were very thoughtful and compassionate. He enjoyed his special treats very much, so thank you for your kindness and for contributing to our long list of happy experiences! In memory of my Luke

Glad you're here Wow... new Hillyard Bistro.. I saw an interesting variety of plants outside of your place... when I came in... Wow... awesome everything. Art of all kinds.. Plants of every variety.. Tasty menu... a beautiful waitress. Thank you for coming to the community.

RE: Learn to read (and drive) Irony. I love irony and apparently so do you. You are very concerned about the sign that warns I-90 traffic of merging traffic. You are so busy with that, you miss the huge Yield sign for your merging lane. While you are learning to read, read the law. You are to merge in. Traffic is not to stop or slow to let you in. You must merge in at the flow of traffic in that lane. Yes, there is a short on-ramp. You know it. Maybe you need to take a different route so you can mosey in. You pull in front of someone and they hit you, even from behind, it is still your fault. RCW 46.61.190 requires merging traffic to yield to the traffic already in the lane On ramps are acceleration ramps. You are not to accelerate after getting on the highway.

Blind Barber Jeers to the long-haired, redheaded blind barber at the men's haircutting place in the Valley. I went in the other day to get a light trim. I was very specific and told her no hair on my head was to be shorter than 2 inches and that it was not to be tapered in the back or on the sides as I was growing it out. she went so far as to pull out a ruler and measure it on her comb. When I was done, I could have been on a Marine recruiting poster. I went off on her, and she agreed I did not have to pay. I wrote an email on the company website, and got no response. This tells me they only care about my money! Believe me, if you see a guy on a barstool in the Valley that used to have blond hair over his ears and it is now high and tight, he will be more than happy to tell you in person where not to go, unless you want to look like your hair was cut by a weed whacker!

Who do you think you are....Really? What was suppose to be a celebration with my family for my college graduation, turned into a not so pleasant experience. Having dinner at a Wandermere restaurant on 7/18 we encountered a very rude group of young ladies with family out for a bachelorette party. These ladies were extremely nasty, condescending and just plain rude to the staff and managers at this establishment. Not once but 4 times did we count that the staff tried to ease the temperaments of this party and continued to do so as they continued to berate the staff and managers. This group were so loud and vile that other patrons made comments as the left. Then they announced that they were owners of a particular pub and that they were going to have people fired for this night out. Screaming in the lobby and in the parking lot "do u know who we are??" Well, I do know now who you are, and by your actions makes me not want to go into YOUR establishment nor give you any of my business. I have been coming to this restaurant and have always had great service and great food. Maybe next time you go into another establishment, treat your servers and managers better and you end result may surprise you.

Obnoxious man Jeers to the man on July 20th at 5:30 pm on Mission and Argonne who yelled obscenities at a 75-ish-year-old woman. She had accidentally moved into your lane of traffic. Did it make you feel like a man saying such disrespectful filth to a elderly woman? Obviously you are perfect and have never in your life made a mistake. It must be awesome being you!!! My condolences to your mother, wife, girlfriend, etc. How proud they must be. ♦

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