I Saw You

Week of July 30th

To the Spokane Policeman and Paramedic that helped me I had drank too much, and was having a terrible night. I tripped and fell and bloodied up my face pretty bad. I just wanted to thank you both for being so caring and not judgmental. You guys got me home, safe and sound. I hate to think what could have happened to me if you guys weren't there. So I just wanted to say thanks. — Brett

Hello Batgirl... This is Cat Woman and I have a little tip for you. Batman is all yours if you really want him. You see, he and I are not together as he seems to have led you to believe. We may share the same house but that is all. He sleeps downstairs and I sleep up. I can only imagine his story is the same one he's been using on all of the women he sleeps with. Something like "She's so mean to me, all she does is pick fights and spend my money." Or maybe it's the one about how I have boyfriends, etc. Whatever, doesn't matter. It's the same sad story he used to feed me before I got pregnant and had to marry the pig. So if you want to take Batman and go camping, please feel free. Please! Cat Woman would love it you could find a way to keep him.... meow.

Twigs valley - 7/22 Thank you again for the compliment on my eyes, you have pretty eyes too. You: very beautiful lady in pretty dress and great smile! Me: in cargo shorts and martini... We noticed each other when you walked out onto the patio with your friend. Would love to hear from you.

Red light  July 20th You beautiful young lady with gorgeous smile driving a white Audi downtown 3rd & brown you were next to me and I told you to turn up your music so I could hear it you said it was already loud..... Single? Meet up for some coffee? Hope to hear from you let me know what I was driving. Latenightredlights@mail.com

Wellesley Drive So this is probably a long shot but you in the white SUV caught my eye on 7/23 when we kept passing each other from around SCC all the way to Northtown Mall. I sadly drove straight while you took a left. I would like to meet you for longer than a passing glance. If you do happen to come across this tell me what I was driving at passing.glance07@gmail.com.

Please Don't Hit Me Drivers: You come up to an arterial and want to turn left. You indicate your intention to turn with your turn signal. You have a stop sign, and are waiting for a break in traffic. But before you get to go, I come up across from you, and I am going straight across, indicated by lack of a turn signal. When a traffic break comes, I get to go, even though you got there first. BUT, you think "hey it's my turn, I got here first!" You have a baffled, angry, or scared look on your face when you almost hit me. This near-collision traffic situation occurs about once a week to me. Look, the rule is, at this type of intersection, the vehicle turning left onto the free-flowing traffic yields to all others — it's not like a 4-way stop. And this is true even if I am traveling by bicycle. I'm bound to be the one who gets injured, being on a bicycle, but you are going to be at fault, with all that goes along with that. I know sometimes it doesn't seem fair. But the traffic rules should help us all know what to expect from each other, so we can avoid the pain and expense of running into each other. (RCW 46.61.185, Drivers Handbook p. 3-22)

Femme fat-al I must admit I'm a fool for your wild charms and seductive ways. Tell me was that swimsuit painted on you. My jaw on the floor, heart in my mouth. Thanks for posing such the seductive tease. I'd like to wash the sin rite out of your mouth. And tell me what was the inspiration for that swimsuit. Signed trouble

Fiery Eyes You were wearing a bright green top and black skirt walking down Pacific Ave Monday afternoon. I was the goof in the purple shirt. You glanced back. I was stunned and before I could gather my wits, you disappeared like an ethereal sea-nymph. Come back to the surface now that i've got my sea legs.

Concert  Thanks so much to the Melissa Etheridge fans who left early and gave us in the back their front-row seats to rock out to Blondie and Joan Jett! What an awesome experience! Thanks!!

Thank you for your concern Thank you to the woman who drove past me at the bus stop on 17th and Lincoln heading downtown on Monday, the 20th and then turned around and came back to make sure I was okay and not hurt. It's wonderful to see that people still care about each other and that they will go out of their way for others.

Respectful boaters Last weekend at Priest Lake in the vicinity of the Luby Bay Campground and Hill's Resort, most boaters w/wakeboarders and skiers turned down their high-powered 4 speaker sound systems so that those of us on the shoreline were free to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Jeers to the others.

Your retinas will thank me Cheers to self-tanning lotion! For giving me the freedom to bare my legs and be cool this summer without risking blinding my fellow Spokanites with my appallingly white, cheese-stix-colored appendages. You are much appreciated!

Re: Re: Learn to read (and drive) You may be able to read but your reading comprehension leaves something to be desired!! Yes, drivers already on the highway do have the right of way. This is not, however, a free pass to be an oblivious jackass and not let merging traffic in. Per the Department of Licensing's Washington State Driver Guide, Section 4-28. "When other traffic is trying to merge into your lane, move to another lane to give them space when it is safe." Oh gee! This would explain that sign warning of upcoming merging traffic. No, this common flipping courtesy is not legally required. It's more of a common sense thing! People are merging, there's a lot of traffic and no room. Hey! Let me get over. It's really very simple — and it's exactly what I do when I see others trying to merge.

Common Sense Jeers to the woman at Winco that found it necessary to bring her dog into the grocery store. To be fair, it is not only this woman but all people that believe it is necessary to bring their "service" animals into grocery stores. I have two dogs and do not feel it is necessary to bring them everywhere I go. I also do not let them in my kitchen because I believe their hair and dander does not belong in my food. If I were to walk in the grocery store with no shoes or shirt on I would be asked to leave because it is unsanitary. Do you seriously believe your dog should be there? For years I have accepted the fact that certain people need service dogs however, I find it hard to believe all these dogs are service dogs. Hey I have an idea....why not make all service dogs wear the coats to indicate they are service dogs and make the owners pay for them. I bet we would see a lot less dogs in the grocery store.

Love thy neighbor? No thanks I'm tired of hitting red lights and seeing every excuse on cardboard. Tired of seeing those who disgrace our service members. If you can be on a corner for 4-5 hours, you can put more effort into life and get your pouting face off the corner. "anything helps" Yeah so does a job. There is plenty of work out there even for disabled people. And you would most likely make more than $20-$30 dollars a day.

Spokane Attorneys Regarding Spokane attorneys: yes what a joke, when I injured myself on city property and tried to get help from these so-called personal injury attorneys, I was totally shot down. They kept telling me you can't sue the city, they say some RCW laws prevents them from suing. But lo and behold, here is a man who fell on a sprinkler and hurt his ankle, not only did he sue and won but got free golf for himself and his golfing buddies. Maybe I didn't have a good retainer for these so-called personal injury lawyers. ♦

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