I Saw You

Week of August 6th

Is Your Door Still Open? I had the time of my life and I never felt this way before. I swear it's the truth and I owe it all to you. I miss it. I miss laughing and feeling better the second your door opened and always trying to shut your screen door! LOL. Is it still open to me... and will it still shut by itself? I miss you!

Beauty Lisa, you are a one of a kind Beauty! We've met several times and I cannot get ovter you! I wish some things were different I'd take you away to some place warm! Until I see you again ;) (soon)

Your Dad Your Dad was my cousin and you tried to get in touch with My Mom quite a while ago, and she didn't tell you anything. I know this seems lame, but I would like to get in touch with you because you are part of MY Family. Please respond to spokanevalley56@gmail.com and we can perhaps discuss your/our family. I would love to talk with you.

Eastbound 90 Sunday morning You veered into the stream somewhere after Freya. I liked your style, peering here, veering there, anxious to get someplace. I think you started to notice when I waved at you in your mirror. Then we did a little traffic dance all the way to Pines. I'd have invited you to have some coffee, but I had to get someplace. But don't think I didn't see where you were when I turned right. Tell me the rest and coffee is still an option. jpg37@live.com.

Java Jolt my day Cheers to all the Zips drive-ins if they bring back their Java Jolts. Those things are the BEST iced coffee drinks in the fast food biz. All the other fast food places' coffee drinks taste like toilet water. You don't want your customers to suffer, right? Of course not! You want to be the best year round and that means having Java Jolts year round. I know your competition has iced coffees year round. Cheers to you when you bring 'em back. VZ.

Angels were out on Sunday To the incredibly kind drivers on I-90. On Sunday morning, July 26, my son and I left home in the valley, heading to Costco. We entered I-90 at Barker Road going west. Just as we passed under the Evergreen overpass, a large 5 point buck came bounding out of the ditch on the north side of the interstate, attempting to cross the road. He leaped through the air and was right in front of us when we hit him. He completely shattered our windshield and caved in most of the front of our car. Using the right side mirror, I slowly moved to the right shoulder and coasted to a stop. We started to exit the car and before we were completely out, several cars had stopped behind us and the occupants rushed up to see if we were alright, which we were. We couldn't believe how many kind and compassionate people were out that day. After the first few left the scene, more people stopped to also check us out. Our thanks to all of you for your care and concern. Also, a special thank you to the man and his son who removed the poor deer from the traffic lane.

Re: Hillyard Bistro Thank you for introducing me to this great little place love the food and you were right the waitress is beautiful.praises for the new Hillyard Bistro.

Good Samaritan Many thanks to the woman who flagged down a cop to report a thief who had just stolen my bike the night of 7/29 at the Davenport Grand. You are a rock star my dear!!! I have yet to find my bike, but people like you make up for the people like those who stole from me. May the universe shower you with blessings!

Motorcycle crash on I-90 I would like to thank the people who stopped to help me after crashing my motorcycle on I-90 Tuesday morning. If you saw it happen it probably shook you up too. This story has a good ending thankfully as my wonderful daughter was able to be there for me and as bad as it probably looked I got off miraculously easy. A broken clavicle, scapula and a couple of fractured ribs. I thank God for the outcome and for the great people in Spokane.

To "sweet" Mike at Dave's Bar & Grill.... Mike, you were sitting at the table next to ours. Upon leaving, you leaned towards me and remarked that my husband and I looked so sweet. I was overcome and could only respond back with, "You are sweet to say that!" After you were out the door, the waitress informed me that you had bought our lunch! At that, I was overwhelmed, and asked the waitress, "How are we going to thank him?" She replied, "He reads The Inlander." So, sweet Mike, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You made our day! We will "pay it forward" too, by doing as you did. God bless!

Moving Forward Watson, cheers to being so supportive and great with this move. I'm so excited to be moving in with you, LilyPotter, and Mia. Here's to many more nights of vegan dinners, cucumber beer growlers, and you and I together!

To the 2 older gentlemen who drove us home from the laundromat on 08/03 I wish we had gotten your names. You noticed us waiting for our cab and offered to take us and our laundry home, we just wanted you both to know that what you did was amazing. The fact that you went out of your way to help others regardless of your own hardships while you're dealing with being homeless speaks volumes for your character. I wish there were more people like you guys in the world. You're in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you both. Keep holding on to the good and throwing out the bad.

My badass wife You're strong, you're passionate, you're wicked smart and you don't mind getting dirty — for love or the revolution. Together we are stronger, up for anything. It hasn't and will never been easy, but that's okay: We don't need it to be easy all the time. We just need each other, a case of wine, bread and our doodah bear.

To "Learn to read" OP Ah, yes. Courtesy. Those of us who travel that area a lot deal with 2 kinds of people. We get over to let them on and they refuse to let us back over to get off at the next exit, so we stay in OUR lane. The rest of them feel the need to merge in to OUR lane at 30 mph and accelerate when on the freeway. That is an acceleration lane. You must be going the speed of traffic when you merge. I often merge from 195 to I-90 as well. I am doing 65+ when I hit that Yield sign and have already found the hole to get in with while coming around the curve. So many in this town are becoming entitled to every courtesy. Feel free to force your way in front of me. I use dash cameras in my vehicles and when you pull in front of me at 30 and I hit you at 65, you will get to pay for my truck, lost work, and medical bills. Of course, then my favorite part. The punitive damages. Then, you will learn the law. Driver's guide is not RCW. RCW trumps Driver's guide EVERY time. So, I say forget reading and learn to drive.

Treated Like Dirt "You hired me for a temp position. I was pleased because I believed in your products. Working very hard, I accomplished the work in a timely manner each day. The other day I walked into your business hoping to find something for my wardrobe. Imagine my surprise when you treated me like dirt. You did not greet me when you saw me. I initiated your one word response when I said "Hi" first. You barely answered the 2 brief questions I asked you and kept your back to me while I was standing by you. Wow... guess I won't have anything good to say about your store in the future when I had touted your products, previously, to every gal I knew. I hope you treat the rest of your customers better than you treated me.

Bad medicine There's this nurse who is having an affair with a doctor who is married. Not the worst, yet she is making judgments on who gets certain treatments and who does not based on if they are sleeping with someone or not. Isn't that hypocrisy? Furthermore, drinking on the job is strictly against the rules, yet this nurse brings alcohol to work regularly and then lies to HR when they ask about it. Do you want your nurse anywhere close to alcohol? ♦

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