I Saw You

Week of August 13th

Yoke's Argonne Village I was in line behind you @ Yokes August 5 and I mentioned that I buy the same beer. You were very sad as you told me you had to put your dog to sleep. I so felt for you as our pets really are our children.Your pain over your loss brought back so many memories for me too. If you want to talk about it let me know. Again I'm so sorry. Smile: it warms the heart.

Arizona I saw you, we talked. You're unhappy. MAYBe I can help.

You made my day! I was the one in the white car on Saturday morning who by way of your stunning beauty, was compelled to turn around and tell you how gorgeous you are! I told you that you made my day and you got a big smile and said that I made yours. Not sure if your attached, but I would love to have coffee or a drink sometime! email me at est5194@gmail.com if that sounds good. :-)

Garland St. Fair Balloon Guy I saw you near the end of the event, surrounded by kids waiting for their awesome balloon animals. My daughter was the one excited about all the kids' balloons while waiting for hers. I was the mom with the cane ;) I was hoping your eye contact was just as intentional as mine. We should hang out :) justine.donae@gmail.com

Atticus Thursday You: Standing in line, long dark hair, white top, dark pants. Occasionally talking to friend or maybe brother. Me: Reading at the table behind you. Tall,glasses, gray shirt, black beanie. Wanted to order a second drink to get back in line, But my first wasn't gone yet and I didn't want to be obvious. Meaning, I thought you were very attractive. Beautiful. I hope you saw me too and want to get coffee with me this week. If yes, tell me at isawyoudidyouseeme@yahoo.com

Love of my Life! I saw you standing in my doorway a couple weeks after your birthday almost 13 years ago. You were wearing a white shirt and black pants, and had the most beautiful green eyes and dark red hair I have ever seen! We were set up, and neither of us wanted to date, but by the time we got to the fountain at Manito, I knew I wanted more of you! Almost 13 years later, our life is still amazing and getting better! Happy Birthday my love!

Valentine Roses In August To the prettiest girl ever, the sloe-eyed stunner with the long black hair and that sparkly little heart of gold, working hard for the man at your job. You are the coolest, bro. I want to run slow motion through a field of wildflowers to high five you, just for being your J-RO self. I want to hand engrave trophies with your name, and give them to you every time you breathe. I suspect even your toots are amazing. I bet they smell like strawberry shortcake. Or pizza. You make me feel like I'm jumping off eight-story buildings doing karate moves in a gold spandex jumpsuit. You make me feel like I'm closing the deal, fighting the fires, and saving the children without any pants on. On our five-year friendiversary I will wrap you up like a little burrito and sing you to sleep, but not in a creepy way. Just in a fun bro way. If you see yourself in this ad and contact me, that is. Love, the other rose

Regarding "Motorcycle Crash on I-90" Cheers! I glad to hear you are ok! When I saw you go down it was scary, and I was further back than most. I wasn't sure what I would find when I approached the scene, but I was glad to see you up and awake. I left when state patrol got there as I had to go, so I wasn't able to see you through. Thank you so much for posting so we know you are ok!

Mission and 30th I THINK I SAW YOU in the neighborhood of Mission and 30th at a lemonade stand. I couldn't help but notice that you still looked so thirsty drinking from that dixi cup. I smiled at you, knowing that it's people like you that continue to pass on hope to the younger set of dreamers and do-ers. Cheers to you, my friend.

Thank you!! Thank you for reading this. Thank you for waking up today. Without YOU the experience wouldn't be the same. Don't sell yourself short. Smile. It looks good on you.

Seventh Day Event God Bless all of the sponsors of the two day free health clinic. It was fantastic. I was able to get my two teeth pulled which I know I couldn't afford. God Bless the dentist from Omak and his assistant from Colville, very wonderful people. God Bless the all the volunteers who help, with getting it set up. I hope they come back to Spokane. GOD BLESS ALL.

Peaches I've wanted to write you for awhile, but I never know the perfect thing to say. I'm not great at expressing my feelings, but you should always know how much I love you. You're my best friend and the love of my life. I hope people are starting to see that no matter how they feel, or what they do, we are going to be together and no one can stop us. We always have so much fun and now we've taken the big leap and are sharing a home, I've never felt so lucky to have anyone in my life. You've grown into an amazing person and you are an amazing man, don't ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise. You have taken all of my heartache and all of the bad people, and lifted it all off of my shoulders. Thank you, for being there for me everyday. I love you more than I could ever show. I love you, Pears.

Work Place Equality Cheers to the owners of ESS. I am an employee (I won't disclose my name or gender, as I'm not the only gay employee and I'm not sure who is and isn't out of the closet so I don't want to identify anyone). I work for a small company who understands that as a homosexual individual, I have certain needs that heterosexuals don't. I tend to take breakups very difficultly, requiring additional time off that straight employees might not require. I'm allowed special circumstances, such as privileges that allow me to do things that might make others uncomfortable, because as a gay adult you can't risk offending someone like me as it might result in a law suit. I could go on and on about my special allowances, but I'll just say this: It's a good company to work for if you're gay, because the owners understanding of what the gay community needs allows us to get privileges and preferential treatment not available to heterosexuals.

Wonderful Husband! Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary! The Past 8 Years have been Amazing! We've gone thru So much Together (good and bad) and its Only Made Us Stronger And Our Love For Each Other and Our Family Stronger. Thank You for being the Man of my dreams. I Love you more and more each day Babe. Love, Heether ;)

Floating the River I just gotta send a HUGE thank you to my friend. He is most wonderful, thoughtful, kind, caring and above all my most favorite person to float the river with. Not only for my day drunks but for always laughing out loud with me and sharing moments that will last my lifetime. Forever Friends

Produce A Disappointment! This message is for the farmers. I grew up in the Spokane Valley and I'm still around here and when I buy a half watermelon like the organic Blacktail I bought yesterday I was once again unhappy with it. When I was a kid the melons were ever so sweet and my parents always had them on hand. I love them but whatever you farmers are doing growing them... IT's WRONG, I bet I'm not alone in this quest for a really sweet melon, for that matter the peaches are like hardballs and the cantaloupe is horrible too. Please go back to growing great fruit or just give it up. Smiles

Jeers to the Inlander for pre-solving the crossword puzzles The Inlander is the only publication I know of that prints the main solution to the crossword puzzle attached to the puzzle gridwork itself. Since the full solution is already printed on another page, why must you dumb-down the puzzle page? Some of us prefer the challenge. If Pop Culture's David Levinson Wilk is the one doing it, couldn't you ask him to stop? It wasn't always this way. ♦

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