I Saw You

Week of August 20th

Valley Twigs 8/14 You told me to have a great weekend as you were leaving... missed you in the parking lot. You: cute lady, great smile in orangish-colored shirt. We made eyes across the bar. Would like to have a chance to buy you a lemon drop...

Swinging Doors Shock  Saturday night you were ribbing me about my handling of my crying granddaughter. You were very sweet and I wondered minutes later why the heck didn't I ask you for your number. I wish I would have.

Beauty and Inspiration Beauty at Inspiration Point in Riverfront Park. I saw you at the airport first and you asked for a ride. My heart jumped. We went to lunch. Had some fun. Headed to river front park and the walk was great. I wanted to kiss you so many times but I was afraid. Then I couldn't take it any longer. I places my hands on your face and said here I go. WE KISSED. It was amazing. To this day you still take my breath away. I love you my sweet honeysuckle.

To my lady To my lady with dreads, your my dearest friend, my partner in crime, my helper through trials, my beloved bride. I love you more than words can explain, I'd lay down my life to keep you from pain. I love you lady, and everything you are, the stars are nothing compared to how beautiful you are. I'll love you forever even after I'm gone, my grave will produce roses with the name Savannah thereupon.

HELLO BATMAN Thinking of you every moment. Wish you could retire your Batman suit for a trip to a warm beach. Take off your cape and mask and join me for a life of stress-free happiness. Loving you, Batgirl.

Happy Sweet 16!!!!!!! MSF you R my Blessing from God!!! I am so thankful He gave U to me 16 years ago at Deaconess Hospital. Please do not ever forget you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I'll love you for always. Mommy

Happy Birthday  "I once thought it was a cliché when people said that not a day goes by without them thinking about someone. I no longer think that. I will always remember how I dropped my bag, turned and gave you that first kiss back in November of 2001. Not a day has gone by since without me thinking of you. I love you and I always will. D

Mrs. Maria on Ruby Two years ago, we began a wonderful relationship. Aug 10 was our first anniversary of marriage. You have made me the happiest man in the world, and fill my world with love, with your wonderful personality, beautiful eyes, and infectious smile. You make me want to be a better man, and I will forever strive to do that, and make your dreams come true, as best I can. And you will forever be my Polynesian Princess Queen/Bride! Cheers to Maria and Happy Anniversary! With All my Love, Scott!

Jr. Here's to "Yuck, it tastes like acetone!" wine, and buying a bottle anyway. To the beautifully bold shirt peeking out from a seriously subtle jacket. To the dive joint across the border with the yummy veggie pizza. Who knew?! To tattooed gorgeous girls, wise enough to not waste a smokin', swingin', samba, slurring 8 measures in: "I'm too drunk to dance this!" and bowing out gracefully. To a steady stripper beat that only Hip-Hoppers, and Jazz Drummers know down to their bones. To makin' out in the front seat, 'round back. No lights. No cameras. Only action. Here's to lively Springs, hot Summers, and busy Falls and Winters. Here's to rememberin' when 30 seemed old! Here's to you for never, ever forgetting, ain't no sunshine when you're gone. - G

Wrong way alleyway Jeers to the morning commuter downtown who insists on driving the wrong way down the alley every morning. One way means one way, not your way just because it's more convenient for you. Sincerely, everyone who drives the right way trying to get to their parking lot.

Cashing in on caskets Jeers to the funeral companies. You take advantage of a necessity in a completely vulnerable situation. The prices they charge for everything involved — caskets, cremation, everything that goes into ceremonies — are outrageous. Why can't there be affordable and beautiful options? Of course people want to honor their loved ones, but why should they have to end up in dept before they are even done grieving?

Bike Responsibilities A friend and I go out on the bike trail every day. We are on mobility scooters. Very seldom do we have anybody tell us "passing on your left" or "passing on your right." People need to let someone in front, you're there. Say something or get a damn bell. Another thing: under the Monroe St. Bridge on both sides of the bridge. a sign says "Bikes need to be walked under the bridge." No one pays any attention to this sign. Bikes come both ways as fast as they can. There are not only scooters and wheel hairs, but also people with kids under the bridge and along the trail. If people don't watch and respect others, someone will get a kid hurt, or someone else. See how you feel then.

Riverwalk Soccer Moms Slow down!! The speed limit on Indiana (in Riverwalk) is 25 MPH, NOT 40!! It doesn't matter what time of day, but it's usually the same people. Mom's in their SUVs, with the kiddos strapped in, drinking their Starbucks, while on the phone!! Seriously! Could you set any worse example?? Slow down people! Riverwalk is a family community! There are kids and strollers and soon... bus loads of children! Go out on Mission if you are in a hurry!!

Jeers to Pears There is a reason they don't make pies out of pears... EVERYONE knows that Peaches go better with Cream!!! Peaches... you know you are my heart and my soul and I know you will find your way back to me. There is a reason we can't and haven't walked away from each other. You are the owner of my heart and my one true soulmate. I am forever your Princess and you will ALWAYS be my Frog!!! Love, Cream

Burnt wind To the man at the intersection of 2nd and Maple who not only farted so loud I could hear it, but also caught a whiff of what smelled like a burning tire mixed with hot garbage coming from your car... you should probably see a doctor about that.

Drunken Movie Women Jeers to the two drunk women who decided talking the through the whole Straight Outta Compton movie Monday 8/17 at 6 pm, was even remotely acceptable. It says within seconds before a movie starts, do not talk or text both are distractions. You two literally talked the whole movie matching the sound. When it was quiet you would whisper quietly, when it was loud you would whisper loudly, when there was police violence you very loudly made your political opinions known. Someone told you to shut the f—- up (which you matched by yelling for them to shut the f—- up), the theater staff talked to you (and then you started TALKING not even seconds after they left) and then a dude dumped his ice on you for having ruined the whole movie talking. Nobody paid to hear you two to drunkenly whisper/talk over 75% of the dialog, and quite frankly, I wish I would have had enough in my drink to dump it on you too.

Lake cruises If you're planning to go on a cruise on a lake, don't waste your money. The staff was rude, and made no eye contact with me or my boyfriend. I wouldn't call it a buffet either, they ran out of vegetables before half the guests had gotten their plate. They give you a tiny piece of meat, sized for a child. And to top it off they ran out of forks, leaving us to eat our salad and meat with a spoon. After trying to get ahold of the manager for a week, he finally calls me and refuses a refund. I'm sorry but that was not worth the price. So if you take a chance and go on the cruise, expect to leave hungry and disappointed. ♦

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