I Saw You

Week of August 27th

Re: Arizona  Yes it was nice to see you again! Yes I'm rather unhappy and I'd like to chat more! Maybe you can catch me on fb at least? ;)

Re: Valentines Roses in December First of all, thank u Buddy for making my dreams come true by putting me in the I saw you section. From the first moment I saw you, it was love at first sight. Since then you've been the ace to my card deck, my Melon flavor Gatorade, and my cherry little life saver. You're the balloon to my blimp, you're my creme brulee and of course you're the wind through my trees. If I could make a word up for how stunning you are, it would be be gorgeous. You rock and roll my soul, I love working with you, you're nnot only extremely sexy, but your insides are just as beautiful. I want you to know if a zombie apocalypse ever happens, I'm coming for you first. Well, if you read this reply, what do you say to going and getting a pina colada and finding some rain? Your one and only, Miss Luigi a.k.a player 2

Hey, I'm a creep too!!! This is so cool I am so excited. Wait let me explain. I saw at Colville Post Office. You were humming a song. I got as close as I could....OMG it was Creep by Radiohead. I love that song. At least I hope it was Creep or this is going to be creepy. LMAO! I think you are everything I look for in a mate. I will stop by soon, I just need to find something to mail.

WSU Interior Design @ Walmart, N. 8/22  You, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'5". We talked while the cashier searched for the anti-theft on a bottle of Makers Mark. Kicking myself for not asking your name. Respond here if you happen across this?

Valley Kohl's Crush Friday 8/21. Spokane Valley Kohl's around 1:30 in the home department. Me: Brunette with frameless glasses, plain navy blue shirt, and jeans carrying clothes. You: young, dark haired, handsome employee wearing a light shirt and tie with black pants. We made eye contact by the Yankee Candle display when you excused yourself for being in the pathway. I was smitten with you, coffee? kohlscrush@gmail.com

Beautiful Blonde I saw you in your sexy Porsche Cayenne, roaring down the road with a million-dollar smile and your aviator sunglasses. It made me happy just seeing you enjoy the experience. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

Fabulous boots at Boots 8/23 To the gorgeous waitress with dreadlocks, tattoos and fringed boots at Boots Bakery on Aug. 23. I'm the dancer who came in for the film shoot. I would have liked to talk to you in person but by the time the shoot was over you had a long line of customers to take care of. Would it be presumptuous of me to ask if you'd like to see a show sometime, or perhaps a film at the Magic Lantern?

RE: Beauty Lisa Sounds familiar! Tell me one thing that lets me know I'm the Lisa you can't get over;)

Brandi Carlile show: Cheers!  My dad and I had a helluva good time with you two women at the Brandi Carlile show. Jessica, you've seen her 9 times, I think; and Lynelle, it was your first time at the Knit, I believe. You two haven't known each other very long, but you sure acted like sisters. I just wanted to say that my dad and I had a lot of fun talking with you two and enjoying the great music. And to think I wanted to bail after seeing Anderson East. I'm so glad we stuck around. You two were a blast — let's see a show again! nothinglikethepnw@gmail.com

You Don't Know How Good You Have It ( long exhale sigh!!!) Back again in the city I didn't know I loved so much. I'm only here for a short while before I return to my new home... Spokane!?! You might not realize how good you have it. Yeah yeah, it might not be Seattle, but come on! You have culture ( as "interesting" as it may be) and community ( it's as easy as "Hello"). You've changed, developed, and grew since my departure, but the core components are still driving. Love you all!

Runner, runner Cheers to the woman on Tubb's Hill who exclaimed, "Good work," on my run! I was on mile 7 and definitely needed the boost.

re: burnt wind Thanks so much for your jeers, not sure if it was me or not, but your letter had me laughing so hard I cried...it was cathfartic...awesome.

Beam us up, Mr Scott! Your intellegence astounds me, your strength is like nothing I have ever seen before, and the encouragement you offer is a contagious blessing. Simply put, you continue to amaze me as time goes on, and I find you udderly irresistable! I do love you so, and I am beyond thankful for you.

Steer Inn Employees Cheers to Steer Inn employees... My dad and I have always stopped here on our way home from church on Sundays 'for a single chicken that we split between us. In January my dad had a stroke and for a couple of months wasn't able to come in. As soon as my dad was able...we started stopping in again, not just after church but whenever we come into town. You are my dad's favorite spot to stop. We so appreciate all your hard work and wanted to say "thank you" for always having a smile on your face, a nice friendly word to say and a helping hand whenever we need it. Thank you!!!

Dusty Runners Thank you to the cautious drivers who slow down when passing pedestrians on gravel/dirt roads. As a runner, I can not thank you enough for being considerate and avoiding as much dust kick-up as possible. The dry weather lately has made the gravel roads so dry also, and some drivers fail to recognize that driving 35 mph *actually does* kick up enough dust to cause a coughing fit and irritated eyes. So thank you to the example-setters who treat pedestrians like other humans and don't leave us in the dust, literally.

Late, still seething  Jeers to the Inlander for pulling Hightower and Borowitz from the printed fish wrapper... I always remembered to pick up the Inlander when they were in it; now my record for retrieval is spotty at best.

Loyality out the window Fifteen years I gave you loyal service, and you terminated me. Your reasoning was lame at best, even the Unemployment Department found no just cause, "no misconduct on the part of the employee." You accused me of tainting your reputation, when in truth it is my reputation that has been tainted. You have done a fine job of tainting your own reputation by making promises to your guests that you are not keeping. Isn't that the real reason you terminated me because I wouldn't lie and cover up that fact that you are cheating your guests out of what they have earned? Making promises that you are not keeping? You have tainted your own credibility within the industry. That is not something I did. I am an honest person, with high integrity and what your doing is wrong. My gues's trusted me to be fair and honest with them, and according to you on my evaluations I was a "role model" to others. Apparently that was all fake too, as it didn't matter after 15 years of loyal service. Well, you knocked me down for sure, but not to worry because I have gotten up, stronger then ever. can't wait for your competitor to open. As they say, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

Roofied at a concert It's been a month. My sis and I are convinced something was slipped into our drinks. We are in our 40s, experienced drinkers, but both ended up helpless at exactly the same time, unable to see for hours but clearly hearing everything going on around us. Was it the annoyed couple in front of us? The heavy girls behind us that didn't appreciate our concert enthusiasm? The cute bartender serving our drinks? We will never know. We would've ended up in jail, or worse, if not for an old friend driving us home. Women, be careful. Check out online videos that show just how easy it is for someone to do this to you.

Graffiti at Riverside State Park How sad that we can't even have a place of such natural beauty kept that way without someone defacing it and marring the landscape, all because a selfish "artist" decided that it was okay to spray paint the rocks in and around the river. I'm all for artistic expression, but this one makes me sick to my stomach! ♦

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