I Saw You

Week of September 3rd

Big 5 / mouth guard You name is Larissa: me thinks? You were so kind and encouraging when I told you about roller derby, you tried to convince me to try on skates. I got my skates now, and I would like to get the girl. I am usually no good at this, but here I am making everything else I want happen, so here it is? Would you like to couples skate with me? Or perhaps we could watch whip it and drink coffee, either way would love to hear from you.

Library Goddess I first met you at a punk show, couldn't get you outta my head. Found out you work at the library, new interest in books. I know you love sushi and dogs and camping. You have seriously made my life a ton brighter. You are the most beautiful person I know and I hope to get to know you even more intimately in the future. Chicago?

WOW, it's that woman again First time was maybe two weeks ago 8/12 or so when I saw you on the corner of Washington and Boone about mid-day, and again, just now on Francis walking west. My God you're so attractive. All things around me cease to exist for that briefest of moments. Your tan shin goes so beautifully with that long straight brown hair. I believe you had white ear buds in today 8/28 around 10am.. Dressed smartly in black with a red pack on one shoulder, and a determined walking pace that made sex appeal take second to you. WOW, Please call me Bob when you email me because that's my name, bobwayno@hotmail.com

Sturgis Rally I met you, husband and wife, in Rapid City during the Sturgis Rally. I was riding red/white with Idaho plate and staying with friends in their room. We talked about riding together and you gave me numbers (I think I gave you mine too?). My trip really went to the wayside, and somehow I lost your information. Please call or email me? thecnicvu@gmail.com

Hottie watering your yard Me and two of my girlfreinds live by you. We were running late to school one evening and took A street. Seen you in your yard cutting your lawn in shorts and flip flops. You are hot. On are way back from the library you were out front again in shorts and tank top. All three of us were sitting drowling with are jaws dropped. We have made it a point to drive by your house anytime we go anywhere. We actually started arguing who should walk up to get your number. After weeks of driving by and fantasizing about how good your lips would taste we drove bye and seen a very beautiful and extremely fortunate woman who gave you a kiss. Our hearts and jaws dropped. So now we all know we can only stare from the car as we drive by. All we ask: will you water your yard the rest of summer in just a pair of your sexy shorts. We still take the A street roundabout everyday. Ladies if you want to see a true sex symbol take the A street and Wellesley intersection. If you read this man of my dreams, God made you perfect in so many ways. Kisses! Stacey, Amanda, Katrina

That bro moment in time I sat there patiently waiting to turn off on to 29th from South Garfield St., in my big, lifted, sexy white crewcab f150. When suddenly I saw you approaching, you where in your very own big, lifted, blue mid 2000's model f150. It was absolutely beautiful and just tearing down the road. I leaned half way out of my window and gave you the biggest thumbs up I possible could, you then instantaneously esponded with a thumbs up right back at me. And I that very moment in time, our eyes met, time had stopped and we had ourselves moment, a definite broment.

Valley Kohl's crush Friday 8/21. Spokane Valley Kohl's around 1:30 in the home department. Me: Brunette with frameless glasses, plain navy blue shirt, and jeans carrying clothes. You: young, dark haired, handsome employee wearing a light shirt and tie with black pants. We made eye contact by the Yankee Candle display when you excused yourself for being in the pathway. I was smitten with you, coffee? kohlscrush@gmail.com

Beautiful Blonde I saw you in your sexy Porsche Cayenne, roaring down the road with a million-dollar smile and your aviator sunglasses. It made me happy just seeing you enjoy the experience. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

Fabulous boots at Boots 8/23 To the gorgeous waitress with dreadlocks, tattoos and fringed boots at Boots Bakery on Aug. 23. I'm the dancer who came in for the film shoot. I would have liked to talk to you in person but by the time the shoot was over you had a long line of customers to take care of. Would it be presumptuous of me to ask if you'd like to see a show sometime, or perhaps a film at the Magic Lantern?

Re: Made your day To the man in the white car: could you explain a little more so I know if it was me that made your day?

The key ingredient A super generous man called Dan gave my man a ride to Rockford and back all cuz he had the can... Thanks Dan. from a new and thankful fan.

Re: random act of kindness Two weeks ago I was waiting in the drive thru at Starbucks on 2nd & Division. There was a white Honda SUV ahead of me. When I pulled up to get my drink, the person at the window said the person ahead of me paid for my drink. The Starbucks employee said the driver of the Honda had seen me with my veteran's cap in the sideview mirror. Whoever you are, I'll always remember your act of kindness! A grateful vet.

No mo' Peaches fo' me! I am glad I got the Beauty of our time together, short as it was. We were volatile, passionate, young and wild in love... or something like it. But, your puppet master sees a threat, so no mo' peaches fo' ME! Good luck my Prince. I miss u already.

My shelter A year ago, we married, bringing our family (and families) together — what a crazy bunch, huh? We can't know many things in this life — certainly not what tomorrow will bring — but we can choose to spend our days with lovely people, our tiny private islands in the vast, chaotic ocean. Thank you for keeping me anchored.

Shame on you! To the blond woman driving the white SUV with the bold scentsy distributorship ad covering your rear window... I was right behind you, pulling out of the Rosauers parking lot in Spokane Valley on Thursday morning, Aug 27, at 11am... SHAME ON YOU! Not only is throwing your garbage out your vehicle window (just as you were making your right turn onto University right off Sprague) a display of disgrace toward our clean community, you also reflect the same disgrace on scentsy (the company you apparently represent). When I honked my horn at you, rather than get out & pick your trash back up, you sped off! Shame on you!

Concert Common Sense Jeers to the two men at the Huey Lewis and the News concert on Aug. 30. My girlfriend and I understand that you enjoy Eddie Money and that you paid good money to get in; but your constant swearing, bad attitude and standing up obstructing people's views really made the concert unenjoyable. People were telling you to sit down so they could see and you continued to stand anyways, being a complete jerk. We even heard you on your cell phone saying how bad the venue was and how you "may never come back again." Newsflash: I don't think you'll be missed after your performance last night. Before your next concert, wake up and realize it's 2015 and that there's something called "common courtesy," when you're at a concert.

Coffee Catch 22 To coffeeshops by the bus plaza block: If you are out of your drip coffee, and it will take you three minutes to brew a fresh cup for another drink, please inform your customers BEFORE you take their money. If you ring us up and then tell us, we may have to decide whether we're going to miss our bus or run out having paid for a beverage that we are unable to receive. ♦

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