I Saw You

Week of September 10th

El Scorcho Seeks Glowstick Girl I first saw you, Glowstick Girl, on Jan. 5 at Starbucks on Division. Remember? I saw you so many times and places after that, all the way to the sunsplashed beaches of Kauai. And now here we are, nine months later — both of us sidetracked by life, sidetracked by problems and distractions. But I still see you in my thoughts, every single moment of every single day. And I hope beyond hope that we can take our eyes off the past, take our eyes off the difficulties... and focus our eyes on a future together. Because without Glowstick Girl, El Scorcho is lost. Yes, I still see you. Do you still see me?

The couple that got the homeless guy the cheesy fries 9/4 @6 pm at Pig Out  We were sitting right next to the guy you gave the food to and we just wanted to say that we did see it and it truly warmed our hearts and made us want to start doing more to help out, just like you guys did. It was just incredibly awesome that you did that. He was just there and in obvious need of help. So thank you for being an inspiration and such awesome people!

Still giddy I saw you four years ago; you used to come to work to grab change for the restaurant you worked at down the street. You worked with one of my friends and asked her for my number... we started dating despite my move across the state for the next year. I fell madly in love for you and moved back to Spokane. I wouldn't take back any of the memories we made together, and after a year broken up, I can't tell you how happy I am to have you back in my life. You are the sun in my sky and so much of my inspiration. I can't wait to see what happens next with you.

Couple of Kooks Blue steel, that was the face you made when I first saw you. I said, "I like your socks." You looked at me like I was a little crazy. You were so charming. I like the way you talk, even the way you dance. Cats, cows, and camping, these are the things you like. I could tell right away, we were meant to be best friends. So runaway with me, run into the trees. We will go fishing, talk about silly things. I like your socks. I like your stories. I like the way you say my name. To see you each day, see you pass my way, I will not forget that moment.

Angel Face Cheers to my buddy, my bestie, my soulmate of a friend. Thanks for always being there for me, not only through the good times,but through the hardest times of my life. Thanks for not giving up on me when I needed you the most. You complete me like Jerry Maguire. One love... Rose Luigi O

Key Find Big thanks to Olive (and Ben) for sniffing out my lost keys in Grant Park! I lost them the night before playing ball with my dog. I had been combing the grass all night. I'd be happy to throw you a bone (or a beer) at the tavern! Cheers

Ice cream man 9/04/15 Cheers to the ice cream man who came to our neighborhood today! After several parents in the area pitched in buying ice cream bars for groups of kids, we had still seemed to miss a few kids. We didn't see them but you did, and immediately went over to them and passed out ice cream bars until every child had one. It was a great act of kindness and we all hope that someday karma will reward you for what you did! Best wishes

Couple that fed the homeless kid at Pig Out Fri, 9/4 Friday evening Sept. 4 at 6 pm my husband and I were siting on the ledge of the flower bed at the park during Pig Out, right in front of the fountain there at Spokane Falls Blvd. and Howard St. There was a boy who was in I'd say mid to early 20s. It was clear he was homeless, he wasn't holding a sign asking for money or anything at all, he was just sitting there when this younger couple came up with a big thing of cheesy fries and gave it to him and said "I hope the cheese is still warm for ya." It just really warmed our hearts to see this cuz that boy ate it and you could tell he was very hungry. You don't see that kinda stuff happen too often. It makes me want to do more... so cheers to that couple that gave him the food.

Helpful people Wanted to say Thank You to the trucker who helped my daughter on Aug 31. Her car broke down at the Sprague rest stop. Nice to know there are people out there that still help others. She got home safe.

In my head I wish I could remember or pinpoint the reason we aren't in each others' arms every day and night. It's been a while and I hope you have found exactly what you were looking for. You deserve to have everything perfect in life. Your good Karma will come around to you and fulfill your dreams. Even though we both may have tried to move on, I will never be able to let you go. Every day you consume my thoughts. Every day I wish to see you. Every day I wish I could hold you. Every day I wish things were different. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. If I never get the chance to talk or see you again, always know in your heart that you are "the one". Love Always

Dutch Bros Hottie To the girl, you know who you are, that makes my heart jump. I always look forward to seeing you... even though I suddenly forget how to speak in your presence. You're the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on. Thanks for making/serving my favorite coffee, it goes great with the butterflies that fill my stomach when I see that you're working.

Hello Batman Live for a time when seeing you lasts forever because you have retired your cape. Never too late to live in the happiness you deserve. You have earned that right many times over. Catwoman will only miss her remodeler and will have to hire another. Missing you. Love, your Batgirl.

Fetch Hating Jerk Jeers to the jerk(s) who must have looked up my gf's license plate # in order to get information about my dogs and file a complaint that we were playing fetch on 11th & Sheridan (a huge, empty field with no signs other than "No Golf"). This is a popular fetch spot and my well-behaved dogs are more than deserving of fetch and Frisbee. Also, maybe if we didn't pick up their waste, maybe if they were barking, I would understand. All you did was come off as a passive-aggressive snob.

Boo PAC-12 Network Jeers PAC-12 Network! Why did we have to watch the end of a blowout game nobody cares about between Cal and Grambling instead of the start of EWU and U of O? Know your audience.

Rotten to the core That is what you are. You come during the night while I sleep and steal the drive shaft from my truck. Now I am left to borrow money to fix the damage and try to find a way to work while repairs are being done. Thanks A-holes!

Careless shove of grocery cart Labor Day morning about 5:45 am. Me in my car, just getting ready to leave Safeway on NW Blvd. You just pulled up got out of your car and gave a nice little shove with no thinking obviously, about where the cart may end up. I get ready to start my car look up and to my horror see an empty grocery cart that had been carelessly shoved coming at me on my drivers door side. With no time to stop this from happening I watch the cart as it proceeds to run along the entire lieft side of my car. I got out and noticed alot of small scratches that run the length of the drivers side of my car. As a firm believer in karma, you will at some point be paid back by the karma queen. It truly doesn't pay to try to keep your car from looking good in Spokane. Sooner or later your going to get it!

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