I Saw You

Week of September 17th

My Old Best Friend I saw you the other day once again by yourself, but as beautiful, happy, and hardcore as always. It made me think about all the good times and memories we'd had. When we was both was down on our luck, and when i was getting my butt whooped on Fluxx. This storm was big for me, it took some time for me to recover. If the damage is done then so be it, but I really wanted to say was, "I'm Sorry!". I was selfish, confused, and angry. I should of been thinking more about your feelings instead of my past. I should've remembered to respect you, to honor you, and to have cherish the company i was blessed with. Well, i wish you the best in everything... Mahogany!

Wife beater boy To the sexy man in the sweaty wife beater.. Keep it up. I wish I could still see you walking in to the gym, best part of my day. Make me sweat and get weak, get nervous, can't speak. Boy of my dreams. Wish I could be yours Big D, love always, Me.

Figpickels  It was a while back that I was in your wonder emporium. You mentioned my shirt was really cute and so are you. I was in with some friends; as soon as we left I wanted to go back and continue to talk with you. Awesome coworker of yours was juggling outside. Maybe catch a movie or coffee sometime? Maybe just be kids and play with Play-Doh and bubbles who know. Let's have a ball :)

Car problems on Country Homes Thank you to every person that stopped and offered their help Saturday after a freak accident on Country Homes Blvd. A special thank you to Dick and Susan (who only have sons) that were driving behind me when it happened and immediately came to my rescue, and then came back half an hour later to check on me, simply because if they had a daughter they would have wanted someone to check on her as well. I don't have any family in the area and was unable to reach my parents during this crisis, but seeing how many citizens were concerned about me and willing to help was a great reminder of the wonderful community we live in.

Dear BBBBandits, Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing me with so many moments of dance-y musical joy. You will always be one of my favorite Spokane bands. While I will sorely miss your live shows, your cassette tape will be a permanent fixture in my tape deck. Thank you!

The Gift of Longhorn BBQ  Cheers to the random customers who brought me Longhorn BBQ on my shift a couple weeks ago; It was so unexpected and completely made my day! Thank-you for being extraordinary and generous!

Honest Business  Cheers to Tom at Red Line Coins. If you are looking to sell gold or silver this man will give you an honest and fair price.

AAA+ 9/9/15 Cheers to the guy who called AAA for me the day i locked my keys in my mom's van! Sharp and Hamilton is not the ideal place to leave your keys visible and hanging from your ignition. After about an hour of failed attempts of trying to open it myself (with sticks and various other things I could find laying around outside) I was sitting on the curb defeated, pondering my next move, when by chance you were leaving work and were parked right next to me. I believe you mentioned you worked at GU and your name was BoB. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! :)

Catch Of The Day Cheers to the gentleman who works at the Mission Safeway who was on the 26 Lidgerwood on Sept. 12 at 10:30 who was able to catch the elderly lady from falling after she lost her balance getting off the bus. Your quick reaction and reflex prevented an accident and from her severely injuring herself. I was impressed by your calm attitude, your humble mentality and continuing on to work as if nothing happened. It was refreshing to see someone with such traits who stepped up to catch that sweet lady before she could have hurt herself. I felt you deserved some sort of recognition, so if you read this, I laud your abilities and your reaction to the situation. P.S.: I am the one who sat in front of you with the Saints jersey and was eyewitness to the entire thing in front of me.

RENEWED FAITH A HUGE thank you to the person at the Five Mile Rosauers who found my ATM card and took the time to turn it in. And to the employees at Rosauers that put the card in their safe. You renewed my faith in the fact there still are caring and thoughtful people in Spokane!

Z-Funk Productions Triple CHEERS to everyone who made the Perry Street Shakedown what it was this year. Saturday night's turnout was a people-powered music revolution unlike I've seen in my 35 years living in Spokane. It was water for my soul... Left me feeling proud to live here & hopeful for the future of our city. The sheer volume of people in attendance demonstrates how thirsty Spokane is for CULTURALLY RICH, family oriented art and music outlets. Way to bring Spokane your shine Z-Funk!!! We needed you. Som's smile was raining down on us bigger than life. XXX ~PVL crew

Dutch Bros Rock Star "Let me tell you about my barista. Always uplifting, joyful and full of life. Full of knowledge, no better tasting coffee than hers!

Just want to thank you, your exceptional customer service brings everyone back. Keep being awesome! Rock on ""Victoria on Sharp & Division"""

Cheers to Moving On Cheers to Mike Bookey for articulating what many of us 12s were/are still feeling. It was a moment I will always remember. I will remember exactly where I was standing (behind the couch, because I could not sit down), what I was wearing (my custom Hawks 12 jersey with KNUCKLES on the back, of course) and that my mouth and eyes were wide open in absolute disbelief. I looked around the room at all my friends and we just stared at the TV in silence. We all realized it was over, time to move on. But now? Football is back! With my jersey on and a beer in my hand, I will go back to yelling at the TV, flying my Seahawks flag proudly, and cheering on my team I hope can make it all the way again. Go Hawks!

Re: Fetch Hating Jerk The grassy field at 11th and Sheridan is not a dog park. However sweet you think your dogs are, they are REQUIRED BY LAW to be on a leash within city limits. I live near this field and regularly walk through it to get to Perry Street. I have been chased and bitten by unleashed "harmless dogs" more than once in this field. No one is above the law. If you want to play fetch with your dogs off leash, go to the dog park. Don't whine about being held accountable for breaking the rules.

Jerk store To the two jerks who slowed down on Nevada to stare at the crying baby in the stroller, but didn't stop and only prevented the family from crossing the street, congratulations. You, in my opinion, are officially the worst of Spokane.

Cheers to my husband Cheers to you for working hard to provide an amazing home and stable environment for us all. You have overcome so much without anyone helping you and most of your family and friends turning their back on you. You are my hero and the love of my life and I am so proud of you .

Too Slow for You To the jerk that was yelling and following and blasting your horn at me for going too slow on Haven near Ace Hardware, tuff shit. I did it just for you. Wanted to mess up your day and see you get all red in the face. and I did good. And you are still a JERK. ♦

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