I Saw You

Week of September 24th

Let's Do It Again We met today 'on the street'. I must say the conversation with you, although brief, was by far the most stimulating conversation I have had in too long! Your name is Cara. I hope to hear from you. You know how to reach me. Best wishes. 'Dakota'

Saasha Rose True change comes from within, Not from outside ones self. True love last a life time, one could only hope someday comes in this lifetime, But is willing to wait for the next. I will never give up on u or ever turn u away. Thank u again for always having faith in me and never given up love you always. David Lee.

My heart goes out to you To the couple who brought their dog to the vet today and had to say goodbye... I am so sorry for your loss. I can tell your dog meant a lot to you and I hope you can find joy in the memories you created with your pet. Take care.

North Barnes & Noble You: cute stock boy with the bald spot. Me: mysterious stranger.I saw you stocking the shelves 9/17 with Steve Jobs biography books. Those books were thick, just like my attraction for you. You lifted them so well. You must love books. I also love books. Coffee?

Pizza and cheese cake We were talking a lot on line, almost every day. Then I saw you at the Bigfoot. We had such a good time and some laughs. It was really inoccent night. But ever since you have pulled away. Dont know if something turned you off. I really hope note. Was a little drunk and nervous. Even asked to kiss you, what a dork. Please give me another shot at getting closer to you. And I promise we will have cheese cake. .and pizza after:-)

Your compelling brown eyes Friday lunch at Taste and I was mesmerized by your beautiful brown eyes (and everything below them). A gift from your Scandinavian father, you said. We talked, inside and crossing the street, but not enough and without sharing how to meet again. But you know where I work and I will have a Tasty lunch at noon every Friday, hoping you return.

nYne Bar 9/18 Pool Partners We teamed up to play pool where my friend was singing some tunes and we talked and connected well I thought, you said you were a football coach at Rogers High School??? I gave you my number but I lost you in the crowd after and I don't know if you got it, I am interested and want to get in touch with you and get together for some pool again soon! Please get in touch with me if you're still interested in talking without filters about life?? :)

Dear Shane/Sean: I met you at Hauser Lake on 9/20/15 when you were so kind to help me load my kayak on my car. You were fishing with your son and I was too shy to talk much. I think I missed a perfect opportunity. Would love to hear from you. Coffee at Starbucks?

Correction I sent in "Compelling Brown Eyes" the other day and I meant to say "Captivating brown eyes", which is what I actually said. Also, I've decided not to publish an email address so if you choose my missive for publication, can you please change those two items? Thank you.

Unexpected Hero I saw you over two weeks ago at Manito Park. Out of nowhere you appeared at a heart-wrenching moment. Your kindness and help during such a distressing event can never be repaid. I am so grateful for your presence that day, whoever you are. I hope that you feel somewhere in your own heart the gratitude that I have been sending you every day since. I will forever be grateful. I wish all good things to you.

Singing Mike I just came from the Rockwood Image Center on 5th & Sherman. My brother is battling stage 4 cancer. Out the door is wheeled out an old black man in a wheelchair. The receptionists seemed to know you well and called you Mike. You came out singing a song I grew up with. Surprisingly I never knew the artist. The song was "We Just Disagree." I looked up the artist and his name is Dave Mason. There you were, singing and smiling, and you brought a smile to my face that was much needed. I wanted to join in, but lost my nerve. I wanted to give you a big hug. Thank you for making me smile, I needed it. You are an angel. "So let's leave it alone, cause we can't see eye to eye... There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy, there's only you and me and we just disagree."

His & Hers @ Subway Just want to give a shout out to the Subway at 1422 W. 3rd Ave. What a nice surprise to find our Subway sandwiches labeled "His" and "Hers" when we got home last night (Monday 9/14). How sweet! Thanks not only for making our sanwiches but making our day. We'll be back again soon.

you are LOVED "I know you are scared to have surgery and are worried about what changes are on the horizon. You have more strength than you know. You have the strength to carry on with life, love, and have the courage, and determination to accomplish your goals. I will be by your side for every step and if you fall, pick you up and help you carry on. Love you in this life and forever.

Thank you, SFD and AMR! A few weeks ago I had to call 911 while volunteering downtown. The team promptly arrived were not only professional and effective, they also were kind, patient and not judgmental. Your calm, pleasant disposition and your help were so appreciated! It's great to know you're out in the community, making a difference in so many lives every day. Thank you so much!

I've got your back Babe Mike, we have had some of the weirdest, most trying times together over the past few years but I am so thankful we've had each other. I am so proud of you for going back to school to become the type of awesome teacher our school needs. It won't be easy but I know you'll kill it, and I'll always have your back while you conquer your degree. And I know I can always count on you to support me in my endeavors with nonprofit and business I've decided to tackle. All my love forever — Alicia

Tire-Rama on Hamilton Cheers to Travis and his crew. They had my truck in getting new tires and went to pull it into the bay and it would not start. They pushed it in and his mechanic found an aftermarket kill switch that was keeping it from starting. They bypassed it and got it running in no time flat at no charge! They sold me a nice set of Cooper tires with an extended warranty at a great price! Thanks guys, that is why I do business there. I recommend them to everyone!

Awesome  Cheers to the guy in the giant blue truck and cowboy hat who was dancing up a storm while waiting for the light to change. You made me smile and dance too. Also cheers to the other guy in a white car for giving 5$ to the homeless man on the corner. I hope your day was awesome. A few bucks is a small price to pay for good karma. This town is full of great people. #spokanedoesntsuck

Spokane street designer High Drive As a South Hill biker I sure enjoy the newly paved High Drive with bike trails, leading to Hatch and on to 57th. All great except the corner at the Rocket Market, where the bike trail disappears at a bad time. C'mon man.

S. Hill Turd Bags/Citizens Yeah, you know who you are. "Responsible dog owners" We see you dutifully picking up after your dog, assuming someone is watching, You're responsible, right? Then a few yards down the trail or street you toss your turd bag to the side...of course you intend to pick it up on your way back...yeah right! Now that it's inside a bag it's preserved for all of us to enjoy for months to come. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, bad citizens.

TIPS THE SCALE Jeers to the city of Spokane street dept. for their piss-poor job of patch work on Sunset Blvd. Comments by upper supervision of "we're just trying to save money", and "we didn't think about motorcycles" rates high on a CRAP-O-METER scale. Can only imagine the mess when they try to plow snow off that. If all they can muster is a half-assed job, then just leave the damn thing alone ♦

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