I Saw You

Week of October 8th

All American hottie I saw you getting gas on September the 11th at the Fred Meyer on Thor and Freya. You were driving an '88 Suburban and everything about you screamed red blooded American. Well, I can't get you off my mind.

You on here, bro? To the owner of the black LGT that waved to me on Progress; sorry I didn't wave back, I didn't see it until the last second. Want to meet up for some 'za and 'da?

My reason for reasons, my love I have loved you for a lifetime it seems.even though it's only been 12 years I have not a memory that doesn't seem like you were there. Even memories long before we met I swear I felt you there. You and me were meant to be and I am thankful our roads crossed paths. I don't know what would of been of me if you were never a part of my world. I have always been a brat but lately I have been going though some weird changes and find my self being rude 2u and just want to say I am sorry you are amazing and handle my manic ways with grace and the way you encourage and care, dude it seems unreal. You are "wow" my saving grace I appreciated and am so thankful for you daily. It is nice to have someone who really cares, I never had someone that loved me until you and our kids you are my family ,and I just want to say thank you, Thank you Jesus for this man, this beautiful man whom just seems not of this world, at least not in this age. You are a godly man; integrity and honor were wrote about you. With all that I am and will ever be I crave you I devote my soul to you. I surrender my time to you and invest my heart to you. With you I found me and there is no me that exists without you to me. Forever and forever we will be and with each day I promise to love you a little more here is to the obstacles, and trials and triumphs to come with you hand in hand to take this life and rock the shit out of it. Adventures only get better.

On the menu? I've seen you more than a few times at a little strip mall right next to NorthTown Mall. You work at my favorite Mexican eatery, and although I love the delicious food you guys make, I have to admit that I come in as often as I can, hoping to see your handsome smiling face. I think your name is Ryan, but I could be wrong? I believe you're the manager of said Mexican eatery, and you always make me feel welcome whenever I come in. I visited your place of employment on 10-1-15 to order my favorite thing off the menu, and I was pleasantly surprised to see you working the tortilla station. You can butter my tortillas any day ;)

C'est La Vie The last couple of times I seen you, you have smiled, it is good to see you smile, and to hear you laugh. wow. I hope we run into each other again. P.S. you look like you are doing well these days. #howmanyselfiesdoesittaketogettothecenterofatootsiepop. Slainte!

Church I was standing outside my church, on Arden St., a couple of weeks ago, waiting for my ride. You stood behind me with some of my friends & we talked briefly. When I turned again to look for my ride, I heard you say, "she's a nice lady". I'm a widow & am wondering if you are "free" also, for a nice friendship? If this sounds like you, & you remember our brief meeting, I'd like to talk again. Hope you get in touch.

Yak lady x 2 So she dosnt respond fine...i saw her again she was wearing a beautiful grey sweater and a odd scarf that I wanted to barf on but I still adored it. She was asking her daughter about music... oh how i love a woman that has taste... Maybe a taste for me plz respond. I love u even though I dont know u which can change soon

I am not George nor are you. You are not 18 — shazaam, your body is. Love country music and country dancing — my bud likes coffee. You had rings on every finger. You are not George either. Both George and I looked for you the rest of the day. I dance swing. Estate stale on Riverview Drive you had a red car and we both drove into a dead end, thought you knew where you were going. Hope to see you again. You had us smiling the whole day.

Little surprises To the person that left a note on my car for coffee on the 29th. Sorry I missed you. Your note was a very sweet offer & quite a delight. I wish people were like that more often! However, I do not recall who you are based off of the lack of description you left. Maybe you'll see me around again..

My "new dog" savior Thank you to the people/person who picked up my new dog who got out on me. It was on the north side around Monroe and Rowan on Wednesday the 30th around 2:30 pm, very small duch/cha mix, mostly black. I had only had him about a month as I had to put my other two dogs down due to illness. Thank you so much for bringing him, not only to SCRAPS but then back to me as well. YOU ARE AWESOME!!

RE: In my head Have no doubt that it is me. Still have the same routines, same stops and places. In fact, ironically I saw you driving this morning while going to pick up the newest copy of this. And to answer your question about who? I will always Love my Beautiful Sunshine!!!!!

Man on the 25 bus headed downtown When the girls were taking pictures of the lady on the bench with the clown makeup and shrieking, "What is that?!" you replied calmly, "That's a real person." Thanks for speaking up.

Dent-A-Car Coward A pox upon the jerk who left the foot-long paired dents in my beloved blue Subaru in the doctor's parking lot of SHMC on Wednesday, Sept. 30 without leaving so much as a note. Karma's a bitch, honey, and I hope you're in your shiniest, most expensive Beemer when the uninsured, hit-and-run dent-devils help karma bite your ass.

Re: "More Cow Bell" YES you are a cranky old man and YES just stay home next time! Queen is a rock band, and the performers specifically asked the audience to stand up, clap along, and dance! Most attendees (myself included) were not spring chickens, but getting older doesn't mean you can't get into the music. A 70-ish man in front of me was on his feet and rocking out the entire time! Save your suits, ties, dresses, and heels for a sedate symphony performance. Freddie Mercury would turn over in his grave if Queen fans went along with your sorry-ass wishes!

Bully mom to the "mom" at the wagon in riverfront park 10/03/15 who put your hand in my daughters face. Completely unacceptable behavior from an adult. First you deny it (when I flat out watched you) then you justify yourself by stating she tried to cut and I need to teach my daughter how to act in public. I don't doubt she tried to, despite every time she came down and me reminding her to be respectful she IS 3 and sometimes her excitement gets the better of her (like ALL kids) and she needs gently reminding. I couldn't tell you how many times I went up there with her (on other occasions) when there has been several kids running to cut or not waiting patiently and my gentle "please wait your turn" is respected. When it is not i would never feel it would be appropriate to put my hand in a child's face!! The fact you do is pretty disgusting. You thought you were pretty slick yelling at me as I walked off about how I need to teach my daughter. My daughter is taught. The fact she is 3 and tried to cut after getting overly excited says nothing negative about her or my raising her; however you putting your hand in her face shows you as abusing your power as an adult. way to go mom. be proud.

Rivalry gone wrong?! Hey all! I am a 49er fan in Washington! You read right! But that doesn't give someone the right to smash my rear windshield in because I have a SF decal on the back of my car! It is a game, and rivalries are all good and fine. But when it comes to damaging personal property or harassing someone who has done nothing to deserve it, that is just low. This activity is a disservice to all the great Seahawk fans out there, and I'm sure not encouraged by most level-headed individuals. Great news though! All was caught on the company cameras, and the police have all the evidence! So just a matter of time before this idiot is brought in. ♦

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