I Saw You

Week of October 15th

Hello Nurse!!! I had an esophagogastroduodenoscopy recently. You make me hope the results are malignant, or inconclusive so I can see you again. You are strikingly gorgeous, witty and kind and I'm sure you're taken. If not I suspect I'm way outside the type of guy you would consider, but might I just say, I would love a chance to court you. Nurse C..... You said to make no life-altering decisions for 24 hours after my procedure. I said so no giving out my "numbas" to nurses? You said it wasn't recommended. Then insisted upon assisting me in getting dressed sense my equilibrium was inhibited from the "sedagib" you gave me. You are much bella.

you stole my pen?!?! You were in a sundress at the courthouse. I was as fresh as i'll ever get. You sat down and asked me for a pen and we both chatted about our documents. You told me your name and i jokingly said I'd best avoid you just to be safe. We sat in awkwardness making idle chit chat while we filled out our forms and draphed up our lengthy dissertations... You have beautiful handwriting, but it doesn't compare to the light in your eyes. I would have loved sitting next to you making small talk all day. P.S.: You can keep the pen but only if you use it to give me your digits. If you're single that is. Tell me what was unique about my outfit if you think this is you.

Russian Dan in the Long Grey Coat Russian Dan in the Long Grey Coat, that was a very interesting conversation we started. I would love to continue it. I know things were very hectic that night and I didn't have time to talk. I would love to make a new friend in Spokane, who is also new to Spokane. Let's continue our conversation over dinner. Maybe at Neva or Ararat, or it could be my treat at Deng Chu (the Chinese Lantern Kitchen) for something amazingly different :) You know where to find me.

Law of One I saw you, or was it only a dream, you were in the park walking barefoot through Riverfront Park. You were picking some pretty fall leaves from an oak tree. You had the Law of One under your arm. I asked you what part of the book were you reading now. You said you were in a part where Ra was explaining the spiritual nature of sexual relations. I asked if you had gotten to the green ray energy exchange part, and you said you hadn't. But you said you would let me know if you needed any help with the hands-on part of the learning. Let me know when you need that help; garydrhodes@comcast.net

Do you need a ride along? Holy Hannah. To the really good looking lady with dog in the car (PS: you are a knockout). You were buying a couch, we offered to move it (North Maple/Ash), pity the couch was sold. Do you hit yard sales often and would you like a ride along partner? There are probably three more weeks of yard sales :). Does the dog bite?

2 Diet Pepsi's Hi, you were the one sitting w/ us loud & silly girls at PJ's on 10/9. You got me 2 Diet Pepsi's. I didn't get a chance to talk to you & say Thank You. Meet again & this time I'll buy? Email me at shyoneatpjs@yahoo.com.

Happy Birthday From the first night I saw you seeing me you've become my everything and all I see. It;s now going on 15 years and I still love you so MUCH it almost brings me to tears I wrote this for all the world to read to say Happy Birthday my Love your all I'll ever need. Signed your wife SideBurn B!x?H

Thank you I can't tell you this to your face so I will in here. Over the past few months we've been hanging out, it's been wonderful. You have really helped me in many ways w/ my mental health. You are such a good guy & any gal would be lucky to have you. I hope we continue down this path & who knows where it may lead. Cheers to you!

Purse in the Dog Food Aisle After setting my purse down to herk a huge bag of dog food into my cart at Costco, I managed to leave it behind. The panic that set in when I realized it was missing was horrific! But you, whoever you are, found it and turned it in. Thank you! Please know you are greatly appreciated!

If you found a cane ..... Cheers to you if you found a "LEKI" collapsible cane somewhere in area of Sullivan road and Valley Y on 10/9 ... it has a Seahawks' dog tag on it that has my contact information .... and I'llbuy you a starbucks coffee or some other good drink if your allergic to caffeine ...

Circus Good Samaritan Thank you to the good samaritan at the circus this weekend who turned in the purple wallet! It contained most of my life in it and I was sure it was lost for good. But you turned it in, with all of the credit cards and cash still in it! I appreciate that there are still good people in the world who are willing to help each other out! I'll pass the good karma along!

HELLO BATMAN Sometimes all you need is one person that shows it's okay to let your guard down, be yourself, and love with no regrets. A true love is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No regrets and no lies. I long for the day we will be together. I love you. Batgirl

Handicap parking I understand that you need a handicap parking spot. That is not a problem. BUT, when you sit in your car, with your grandchildren playing in the adjoining parking spot with the rest of your family, you are not being fair to another handicapped person. It is a violation to park in a handicap spot and leave someone in the car. This is not a joke. If an able bodied person parks in a handicap spot it is a $450 fine. No ifs, ands or buts. If you want to take a chance go right ahead. We all walk, or roll on the same planet, have some consideration for someone other than yourself, you inconsiderate fool.

Man's Best Security Blanket Those dog owners that go everywhere with their "service animals" don't fool me. You are not visually nor audibly impaired, yet you reserve the right to bring your small breed along into stores, public buildings, and other areas prohibiting animals. I like dogs. I have one myself. But I don't feel like I need to bring my dog everywhere I go. Especially disturbing is when your lap dog sits in the cart where my produce might be next time. What exactly is the service your quivering rat of a dog provides? I sense more abuse of a system easily manipulated for arbitrary personal comfort and equanimity.

YOU STOLE MY CAT Shame on YOU for stealing my cat. You did NOT have permission to rehome him without my consent. Return him immediately or face the consequences.

RE: Rivalry gone wrong I sincerely feel your pain/ anger, but don't hold your breath for the police. A friend had her car broken into/ ID stolen. She had the perp's fingerprints all over the car windows, and store video footage of them using her debit card to buy about $700 of groceries & gas at a local store. All this was given to the police & reports filed. Result: NOTHING, NADA, ZERO. I do hope that you get results, though.

Heartless! To the person or persons that kicked mine and my friends mom's memorial down the cliff. It was the one place we could visit our mommies and someone So Heartless, Destroyed it. It was close to the edge of the cliff on the side of the road, just a little off the trail on Assembly/NW Blvd. We buried two little containers with their ashes and made them both a rock for their headstones, a bunch of small rocks that I wrote sayings that circled it and planted a flower in the middle with solar lights above each of our mothers. It was beautiful! I go their to talk to my mom and it's been kicked down the hill. Who does that? Why? Would you want someone to destroy your mother's memorial? I think Not.. This made me much more sadder that day... KARMA IS A REAL BITCH. ♦

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