I Saw You

Week of October 29th

Red hair hockey fan! Thanks to the gal for being friendly in sec 118 row f. It was fun to share the "dance man" with you.. any time you go out again let me know..

Beauty At Corbin Park To the petite beauty walking her husky — I commented on how pretty your dog was. If only I had the courage to tell you how pretty you are. We exchanged smiles and a few words and went on our way. I hope to see you there again soon, you are astonishing and would love to get to know you!

Canadian Prime Minister at Garageland I saw you at Garageland on 10/23 dining with an adorable little boy (son or grandson?) His chicken and waffles seemed to give him more energy than you could keep up with as you chased him through the records area. We exchanged glances every time you brought him back to the table. I am the redhead with friend. I will be at Gararageland on 10/30. Would you like to split some of those waffles and a craft cocktail with me?

Metasequoia I saw you by the pond, watching the wood ducks in the moonlight. Your green top shimmered and swayed as you dug your feet into the muddy ground where the reeds grow. You were young and strong. Welcome home.

Mt. Spokane Meant to Be I met you on Mt. Spokane on May 9. Where else would I have met someone so perfect for me? Fate brought us together, pain tore us apart. We misunderstood the meaning of true "verbal" communication for text. I would have rather wrote in dirt or smoke signals, and I know that you know, nature is our element everything else is foreign to us. Please except my apologies. I would take you back in heartbeat. Let's hike.

The special mom and son at spk arena sat/17 What a joy to see all the bonding time you are making with your son and great memories. What love you have for your son. The event was just a distraction to the wholesome relationship you are making! You made my day! WAY TO GO!

Trust in hitchhikers Thank you A, for not giving into the taboo idea that hitchhikers are all bad! I threw my thumb up for a ride, even though it was a few blocks up Bernard, and you stopped for me! I just wanted to thank you for being human, and kind and selfless. I hope more people follow your lead. -A

Watch Returned A BIG THANK YOU to whoever turned in my black G Shock watch at the Slipknot concert! I knew better than to wear a watch to the concert but forgot to take if off before going in. That watch has been through multiple deployments to the Middle East with me. Faith in humanity restored!

Forza Valley Mystery Man So dreamy. Thank you for making me a a wonderful latte. I really hope to see your incandescent smile :)

Chinese Lantern Festival Thanks, Spokane, for putting on the Chinese Lantern Festival. What a treat to enjoy right here in our own downtown. It was great to see so many people in Riverfront Park last night (10/24). Not only are the lanterns made of cloth, you can see their reflection in the river. Beautiful! If you're reading this and haven't gone yet, the festival was extended. Don't miss it ± get there before they are gone.

Jeers to the jeers Jeers to the jeers section for not running my "jeers to my pants" jeers. My pants were upsetting me and something had to be said. Am I not just as much an American Hero as Handicap Parking, Man's Best Security Blanket, or You Stole My Cat? And yet my complaints seem to not be of equal importance. My mom said my jeers was both apt and astute. She also said I'm handsome so that proves she is a reliable source of information. To deprive Spokane of my jeers is like putting a pterodactyl in a cage, it may seem like a good idea at first, but eventually it could turn into Jurassic Park 3, and that's a disgusting waste of an hour and a half. Unfortunately the revolution will not be televised or printed in the jeers section, but I know why the caged teradactyl sings...

Parking Police of 5 mile To the guy on Northridge Ct. who took it upon himself to break the mirror on my truck after leaving a note on my vehicle stating to stay on my side of the fence, even though I was parked on a public road. Did it ever occur to you that I don't have two parking spaces but a narrow driveway that leads into a carport for one, and maybe parking my other vehicle under the carport makes it easier for me to get my kids in and out of the vehicle safely? As if the struggle wasn't already real. I'd love to buy you a beer. Maybe no one ever does anything nice for you.

SMARMY THIEF So, this was the final straw I finally saw the TRUE REAL YOU. The low life, scumbag, loser of a person you really are. You had taken advantage of me before but now to try and sneak and do it behind my back and steal from me? From my family, and from my daughter. You don't belong in society, you don't deserve a life on the outside. Then to have your nasty, trailer park, dub-t, mess of a girlfriend or whatever it is that she is do your dirty work for you is crazy. I hope you and her get what's coming to you, plus some. I don't know how you sleep at night knowing what rotten people you both are. I will run into you again. Oh yes, I will!

Service Animals Such a slippery slope. Do not tell us that your pet is a "Service Animal" when said pet is wearing a a hand lettered HUMAN t shirt stating " Do not Disturb my Service Animal." You are not funny, you are taking advantage of a situation. STOP putting your Service Animal in a shopping cart. A properly trained SA is not bothered by noise, smells, interactions, and doesn't BARK! I wish we could do more to enforce this gross abuse of the system, but as retailers our hands are tied. Time for change I think.

To all the Butthead Spokane Drivers Spokane must have the rudest and most flagrant law breaking (road rules) drivers in the whole country, apparently speed limit signs are only there for a suggested speed, or then there is the tailgating down a residential street and getting the finger if one does the speed limit. I guess my favorite are the ones who do not stop at stop signs or feel because I have stopped and looked both ways then you are part of my rear bumper and go thru a stop sign. Just because I stopped at a stop does not mean you did and so to you that means to go thru it with me. The last 2 months I have seen two 3 car accidents where the middle car was actually pinned between the other 2 cars. People slow down and obey the road rules.

Highway 2 Loser driving #23 There is nothing quite as sad as a little boy pretending to be a race car driver in his sister's little white Miata. You cannot even make a left turn onto a divided highway for God's sakes. Hurray you have 101 horse power and four bald tires, that must give the girls in Loserville a thrill when you come piddling by at 34 mph with your greasy hair flapping in the slight breeze. Stop sitting around revving your tiny little engine and pull out into traffic if you have the balls. It was sad to watch, you were unable to enter a highway with a 3/4 mile gap between the cars. My riding mower is quicker and corners better. Dude you can barely drive. You couldn't make a proper left turn onto a divided highway, can you be more tragic and pathetic? It took your little fart pipe car a mile to catch up to my old station wagon and you probably had it floored the entire way, lucky for you I only went 45 mph. Mad that I passed you, you gave me the finger. I honestly thought you were celebrating catching up to me. Lucky for you the light was red or you would still be driving. Here is a couple of suggestions for you, loser. 1. Get a driver's handbook from the DOL, they are free. Have your mom read it to you. 2. Painting numbers on your sister's car is just sad. Seek help. ♦

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