I Saw You

Week of November 19th

WSU on TV at The Star To the guy who was sitting at the bar in the WSU cap, watching the WSU football game on the TV at The Star bar. I thought you were pretty cute and wanted to say something. My redheaded friend commented on the game to get me to say something to you about it. I didn't catch her hint and missed my opportunity to say "hi". You can email me at cbeaudreau35@hotmail.com whether that night works for you or not. I hope to hear from you soon. Or you can reply here and reference "WSU football."

Saasha Rose The only reason for the Facebook notice was I was worried about you.. I have been clean now for 9 months and life is starting to make sense again. I have finally become ok with being alone and I really don't mind it. You are the only person I miss or have regrets about. Even if I never see you again I will always leave a light on and a place in my heart for you. Thanx for everything I wish you could have been around to see me sober. Be safe and remember that you are always loved and never alone. PS. Got my first phone in 2 and a half years... Love always David Lee

School carnival hottie To the blonde with brown-eyed mama: I saw you last Friday night volunteering in the gym at Seth Woodard elementary. Your beauty caught me off guard and all I could say was good night. You can whack my mole anytime. I'd love to meet you.

Michaels Valley Craft Store I parked, looked up and there you were. I thought O.M.G. wow! But, it's a busy day and I refocus on why I'm there. I get to the store and there you are holding the door for me. We glance at one another and I proceeded to look for what I was in need of. Is this random coincidence or is something else in play. When I left the store, you were there in the parking lot, you stopped and turned around and looked at me. It's a star-crossed and delicate balance between strangers. My point is something happened. The essence of pure angelic spirit contained ever for a moment, someone they didn't know, who had chanced to touch their hearts in some positive way, "who, that has ever loved, has not loved at first sight?" This white knight waits in the stage wings of the future possibilities in your life, email me: violetseed2@gmail.com

Powers that B Vans store hunk, you wanna get together sometime? I promise I won't hate on Tom Waits. -girl in red coat

H&M Aaron I've seen you a few times working at H&M (did I read that name tag right?), always wearing a white t-shirt, looking foxy. You've got a number of tattoos on your arm and the kind of beard a woman can admire. Last time I saw you, I was suspiciously flipping through the boy's section wearing a red bandanna, rosie-the-riveter-style, even though I am in no need of any kind of boy's attire. If you're single and interested, you know where to email: rosietheriviter@outlook.com.

My beloved Pepita Thank you for three months of learning and loving. You're a shooting star and I'm honored to have caught a glimpse of your beauty. I'll be here to catch you should you ever fall to earth. I love you. The Goat

Thanks City of Spokane! For putting in the new sidewalk on Bernard south of 29th. I am a pedestrian commuter and I frequently have to walk on that stretch of Bernard when it is dark out. For years I have had to dodge traffic when walking on the street as several houses had put bushes and landscaping all the way out to the street leaving no place for pedestrians to walk safely. So thank you city planners for the making my part of the city more pedestrian friendly!

France — Why you should care Haven't had ONE blog posted here in so long I'm guessing this will get the "Delete" button too. However.....Many here in Spokane actually DO care about World Events. The recent Paris attacks are shocking and MOST upsetting. Many here in Spokane have been to Paris (Many times) and have friends that live there. That is Not the only reason to take Very Close Observation of the events happening there. This is a Clear message that ALL countries involved in the Middle East are going to have to be ready for this to happen on Their soil. Spokane? Remember that two men here wrote the torture protocols for CIA torture. You think people don't take notice of that kind of behavior? Many in Spokane (I think wrongly) support torture. I've heard business people in meetings say so. Torture has been discredited with saving lives and sends the wrong message to other countries that we would find similar behavior appalling!

Stolen Things Cheers to the lady in the Shadle area who found some of my stuff and called me after it was stolen out of my car on 11/11/15 Wednesday morning between midnight and 3:30 am then went a brook in to her car. Thank you for calling me. After feeling violated you gave me a little hope that there are good people in this town. Have a Great Holiday.

Let there be light! Cheers to Avista for replacing the old high pressure sodium streetlights with the new LED streetlights. The difference is almost like night and day. Not only do they provide more light to keep our streets safe but they use much less energy. It's a win-win situation. Thanks for the upgrade!

Thank you! At last weekend's Folk Life Festival my husband and I met the kindest gentleman and his family. Upon learning that we would soon celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, he gave each of us a two-dollar bill. Such a nice gesture. Many thanks and we wish you and your family the very best.

Highway 195 We rejoice with the completion of Highway 195 after dealing with lane closures all summer and into fall. I only have one question. Did we as taxpayers have to pay more for the pre-installed ruts? Anyone who has driven the Southbound lanes north of Hatch Road find our vehicles being moved around the lane. This passed inspections? Will this be safe in icy conditions? Another job well done, NOT!

Re: toys in the hood I don't know if this was directed at our house, but if it is, I apologize. The truck is my elderly father's, we park it here for the winter so it doesn't get hit by the snow plow (again); and we moved my husband's car closer to the house after it was vandalized. We have them parked neatly next to the house, not all over the place. Please remember that some are honest, hard-working folks that are just trying to make a bad situation better.

The Broadmoor Laundry Room To whoever decided I didn't need my two loads of laundry that happened to be in the dryer... You suck... While it sucks that there were probably $300-$500 worth of towels, socks, underwear, and some of my most worn shirts and dresses that I can replace... There was a shirt in there that I just recently bought at a concert from my favorite band, a shirt only available at their shows, that I only had the pleasure of wearing once. If you have any urge to do something nice, I'd very much like at the very least that shirt back... Give it to the manager in the office. I doubt anyone else would want it... And it hurts thinking maybe you just grabbed what you wanted and tossed my memories. But I guess the shirt is right... "everything is so damn tragic"

Car Window Breakers Jeers To the people going around breaking in to peoples cars on Spokane's Northwest side of town. Get a job, we work hard for what we have and for you to come in the middle of the night and break into our cars and steel from us is not cool at all, and I hope you get caught. And to those of you who know who these people are and not doing anything to stop this from happening, you are just as bad as them. I hope karma will come back at you and give you all you deserve. ♦

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