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I Saw You 

Week of December 24th

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ANDYS BARTENDER You said your name is Jackie. I just want to let you know you're absolutely gorgeous. We talked. We had a moment. Let's have brunch? — Chi

seahawks yuk I saw you, now all I do is see you in my dreams. I know I'll never have a chance; we are from more than opposite sides of the tracks, fence, social class, opposite sides of the cell. I am more than glad I met you thank you you have changed me and helped me to find my self my real self I thought I lost forever. Even though your choice of football teams sucks, you will always be the coolest. Maybe in another lifetime. Hopefully in the next life.

To Saasha Rose Garvin The day I quit using does not really matter much to me anymore, but it was the day I looked into my mother's eyes a and saw a wave of peace come over her eyes. Now I see what you meant about the small things in life can mean more and should not be taken for granted. (Sorry for all the times I took you for granted.) Saasha Rose you will always be a big part of my life no matter how far or close you are. Happy late 27th birthday, sorry I forgot it. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and all your wishes come true. Love Always David Lee

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Jeep with WSU plates Sunday Dec. 6, the evening service at Life Center. You sat in the back by yourself in your grey rain boots. I came in late and sat at the other end of the row from you. We had apparently parked near each other, as after the service I walked out to my truck just a little ways behind you. I think you got into a silver (?) Jeep with WSU plates. I'm sad I didn't say hello and ask how you resist jumping in every puddle you see with those boots on! I've looked for you the last couple of weeks at the evening service, but nothing. If you see this, maybe I'll run into you there again?

Red Dreads You saw me, my red dreads a birds nest atop my head, in my best attempt to keep the crazy under control. You have seen me at my worst and at my best. You have given it all to our beautiful children and me. You are my better half. The life I share with you is better than anything I could have asked or hoped for in this life. Let's do that coffee date and maybe we can grab a watermelon to share in a gas station parking lot? I love you, my blue eyed beauty.

Happy Birthday Cody Cody, May your birthday bring you as much joy as you everyday bring to others' lives. From the day that I met you, you spend your life in a caring and loving way. You are a shining star among us. May you find love, joy and happiness in your years to come. Love you to the moon and back. K

A Heartfelt Thank You CHEERS to all who were there for me when my husband passed away. There was always kind words, phone calls to check on me and visits. There were those who came and did yard work or cleared my walkways, not to mention the food that was brought to me. There were volunteers who were there to give me needed rides and volunteers who were there for home or auto repairs. Oh yes, CHEERS to the man who gave me $5 for groceries because I let him go ahead of me in line. Plus CHEERS for my family who gave 150%. I am so grateful and hope I can be there for all who were there for me. Jan

Sweet Tiki My love! It's been almost 6 years since we got together as teens and seeing you is still the best part of my day. I'm so impressed with how hard you work and I'm so proud to be your girlfriend! You are so sweet and kind to me and you make me so happy. Thank you for everything you do! Crow

Hello Batman Glad you understood my message. Your reply was perfect. I am still waiting for my handyman. Enter the batcave and take off your cape. Your birthday present awaits. Loving you through another year of waiting. Your Batgirl

Millwood drivers Sometimes, I take the 94 bus home from work and cross the street at Argonne and Knox. I am really tired of people almost running me over when I get about a third of the way across the street. Valley drivers spend half the year going 10 miles below the speed limit on safe, dry roads. They'll sit at green lights for up to 8 seconds before they finally go. They take forever to change lanes or make turns. Unless I'm on foot, apparently. Then they're suddenly in such a hurry that they will run right over anyone who needs more than three seconds to get off their half of the road. I know you people need signs to remind you to yield to pedestrians, but come on! Slow down for the guy with the limp, please.

Irresponsible driver Situation: the driver in front of you was trying to pull out of the parking lot and I was trying to pull out of a parking lot across the street. He and I got an opportunity and took it, but but you didn't stop like you should have, and instead took off like your being behind him meant you had made a proper stop causing me to almost t-bone your car. You had kids in that car! If you're going to drive at all, let alone with kids, please drive properly and safely. Especially with snow and water on the road. I hate to think what could have happened if it turned out differently.

Inconsiderate, dangerous driver To the man with a beard & knit type hat on in a blue older model sports car with a large white stripe that was on the freeway by Argonne exit headed east on Friday the 18th at 11:15 am. Who are you to take other peoples' destiny in your hands? You sped past me on the right & swerved in front of me just as a person in the left lane signaling was getting over also. Luckily you swerved & didn't cause an accident. If you would have collided with that car I would have hated to think of the pile up there would have been & lives lost. Please, please everyone be courteous & conscientious drivers. Our well-being depends on it.

Dog walkers - there is no such thing as a poop fairy! To the man who brings his dog twice a day to poop in the grassy area at 33rd and Cook — please pick up after your dog. And to all dog walkers who fail to pick up after their dog: picking up their poop — no matter where they leave it — is YOUR responsibility. It doesn't just go away!

Star Snored The Star Wars Marathon. The hum of the light sabers seemed unusually loud in the theater. Turns out it was just the snoring people next to me. Somebody paid money and drove through the snow just so they could set in for a short winters nap. I planned ahead with my money, time, and travel. Thus, I stayed awake for all the movies that I wanted to see. Save the seats for people that can take the punishment and just stay home. Or next time I'll bring the warm water and the permanent marker.

Boys in a bubble They're just trying to shove multiculturalism down our throats! These were the words of a group of well-dressed young men smoking in the street. The worry is that they will have to take time out of their nightly drinking binges to learn more about the world during the daylight hours. There are jobs where it does comes in handy to learn about other cultures. I come from three different cultural backgrounds and the more I know the better my life becomes. Different colors, religions, and ideas make this world interesting. The word minority doesn't mean what it used to. The word culture doesn't either. Don't get left behind.

christmas light thieves Perhaps you are too young to realize the negative karma you've brought upon yourselves, so maybe try this. Don't spray paint or damage the led display lights to make them look old or whatever, use and display them prominently and enjoy them this season, then just let them reappear in our yard after the holiday season. If you see this, please act to change your future, you don't need Santa to keep you on the naughty list. Happy Holidays ♦

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