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I Saw You 

Week of December 31st

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Unplanned Christmas Date Thank you to the perfect stranger for being my date at the movies on Christmas Day! You asked to sit next to me and the smell of your cologne was fabulous. I meant to ask you why you were they by yourself (like me), but I am an old-fashioned girl and was waiting for you to ask me. You shot out of the theatre so fast I did not get a chance to say thank you. So, if you ever want to meet again for a movie at the Spokane Valley 12, I would love to watch another movie with you ; )

To Saasha Rose Garvin I know now I have no right to ask you or anyone for a second chance or even a first or last chance for that matter. Just need you to know that I miss dancing with you. The way you always tried showing me the right way to do things. Last but not least I miss holding on to you when we slept, and I love your cool peace toes. Hope that you might find it in your heart to come see me soon, even just to have coffee. I really do need you in my life. — Love always, David Lee McLaughlin

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Amazing crew from The White Elephant Thank you Doug Esmay, and all of the crew at The White Elephant. They made my 3 yr old son's Christmas as bright as a star on a tree. Then they went even further to make sure that the rest of my families Christmas was just as bright. We had a house fire and lost a tremendous amount. Doug and the crew came up with enough gifts for our whole family to feel the love this season. I don't know how I can ever repay the sheer joy you have given us! I can however promise my family and I will always remember and cherish the efforts made by you wonderful people to restore our faith in others, and the power of love! — Thank you for a Christmas Miracle! Sincerely, The Skocilich Family

Renewed faith in the human spirit So much gratitude for the couple with the old beagle that helped me with my truck in the snow on Ben Burr Road. You both were so nice and you just made my day. Thanks to the gentleman that took the time to pull me out of the ditch. It warmed my heart and gave me a reminder, through times of turmoil and hardship, the human spirit is ultimately kind and gracious. Cheers to the hearts of all.

Coffee on a Rotten Day To the "regular" customer who loaded a gift card to be used on following customers at the Starbucks on N. Sullivan in the Valley: I was having a horrible day and being given the news of a car repair I can't afford while so close to Christmas. I decided to splurge and try to cheer myself up with a hot drink and pastry. Imagine my surprise when the barista told me my order was taken care of. Thank you so very much. While it may have been a little thing for you, it was just the surprise and smile I so desperately needed. Merry Christmas!

Hwy 2 Dec. 10 accident To Amy and Linda, I lost your number but not your help and consideration on that night we needed you all the most. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. You all made sure we got to the hospital and tried hard to get Officer Sanders' attention at the accident. And what I did not know was that you all had lost your dear aunt that same morning in an Auto accident as well, and yet took the time and care to see that we were cared for. Again, Thank you all and a very very Merry Christmas and a very healing happy new Year.

PSB saves Xmas! Big cheers to Perry Street Brewery for lending me the missing faucet to pour my beer on Nitro in time for Christmas. You guys are holiday heroes!

Random act of kindness You were behind me in Kohl's department store on Christmas Eve. You bought a wallet as a gift for me. I'm not even sure I got your name I really want to tell you thank you again!! If there were more people in this world with a heart as big as yours, this world would be a much better place! Thank you so much !!

Hello Batman Happy Birthday! Saving your birthday present for you. Realizing from recent events that life and time are very precious and shouldn't be dawdled away without some happiness involved. Soon you will be at the six year mark. Do you choose to spend another six the same? Loving you always no matter what happens. Your Batgirl.

Paying it forward To my wonderful customer who tipped me on Christmas Eve. I want to thank you. I know you are going through some hard times and you still find it in your heart to pay it forward. So cheers to you for being the kind person you are.

Festive Spirit... NOT To the drivers going to the NorthTown Mall 12/21/15 around 5 pm. My daughter's car broke down on the corner of Wellesley and Division on a snowy, cold and wet afternoon. And not one person got out or stopped and asked if she needed help. A young, small girl got out to push her vehicle in the slush and snow, and instead of even asking her if she was OK or if there was anything you could do for her, you ALL swerved around her and splashed the snow and wetness upon her. Honking and impatiently trying to get to your destination. Oh the Holiday cheer is upon us! My children have turned into young adults who always stop and ask if a person needs helps, even if they are unable to help, they ask. Thank you for confirming my lost faith in humanity. Enjoy your Holidays and Merry Christmas to you!

Big Man Jeers to the guy in the white pickup driving past Manito Park on Grand around 4:45 Tuesday evening. My family was crossing Grand in the crosswalk when you whipped out from behind a car that stopped for us and came toward us. I was waving my arms to make sure you saw us. We couldn't really run out of the way of your approaching truck with the ice on the street, and you were coming up on us fast! You stopped in the crosswalk and got halfway out of your car to angrily yell at us that you saw us and were trying to stop but couldn't because of the ice, scaring the two 10-year-old girls that were with me. If it is too icy to stop, maybe you shouldn't be whipping around cars toward people in a crosswalk? Did stopping on the crosswalk to yell at a woman and two little girls make you feel like a big man? The addition of yelling "F--- You" to us was the cherry on top of our interaction. Your vocabulary and demeanor are as impressive as your driving abilities.

Broken trust Jeers to me for hiring you, our company hired you thinking you could do the work, we put a lot of trust into you and all you did was steal, lie and cheat. Yes, we have the proof in all matters. We felt sorry for you because you swore you had lupus, but it was just an excuse to smoke pot on the job and not do your job, all you wanted from our small company was more money when you clearly couldn't give us any reasons why you deserved it. When that didn't work you started an affair with the boss. I hope destroying people's relationships, trust and good will was worth it. Because in the end you still can't do the work your seeking, unless its a position on Sprague.

Brian Setzer concert spoiler To the fat middle-aged guy in the first row of the Brian Setzer concert Saturday. Your pathetic narcissistic display (jumping up repeatedly and pointing to the band members like you were directing them, forcing your Santa-hatted woman companion to a offer a cheap flower bouquet to Setzer) was not just a minor distraction to the people behind you who came to see the band. It was not just annoying, it was rude. You lacked any awareness of how ridiculous you looked, both to the audience members forced to suffer your antics and to Brian Setzer and his orchestra, who were doing their best to put on a great show. Next time, stay home and strut around your apartment to a CD and let the rest of us enjoy the real show. ♦

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