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I Saw You 

Week of January 7th

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NorthTown Mall/December 29, 2015 I want to thank YOU (Nurse off Duty, Paramedics) at the NorthTown Mall who helped my daughters. One of my girls passed out and the other was so scared and you all came together to help them until I got there. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! It is a blessing to know that we have good people in town. We will be forever thankful!

You're melting me, Melissa You're astoundingly hot and I had to say as much last week at your orthodontist office. I'm not an impulsive guy but I had to let you know I recognize your beauty. If you're available I'd like to see that adorable face again.

Snowboarding My brother and I saw you stuck in the ditch in your Subaru with your friend on the highway coming back from snowboarding. We were in the black truck and pulled you two out. Just wanted to know if you ladies made it home safe. Drop a line in here and maybe an email address. Thanks

Indian Eyes When I wake to when I fall asleep you are on my mind. You make my world go round and I am very gratetful to call you the mother of my child. I love you my indian eyed girl. circle and squares forever!

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Tweaks McGee It's been six months since I've seen your face, but I just can't get you out of my head. After the way I left things, I haven't been able to bring myself to get in touch with you. I know you'll see this, so I just wanted to say I miss you. I miss cruising around listening to metal and old country music, f---ing with tweekers (shout out to Tweaks McGee), and talking about everything from family to aliens to music. We had a lot of fun and we had a different kind of connection. I made a few mistakes with you, but the biggest regret that I've got is that I didn't just say f--- the consequences and really tell you how I felt. If you want to reach out, you know how to get in touch with me. If you feel more comfortable, email me at If not, just know that you are an incredible person and I wish you the best in all you do. You deserve the world, don't settle for anything less.

Dolphins fan I saw you at the Hayden Thomas Hammer in your Dolphins jersey! You're so handsome!!

Pleasant Brunch at Central Food 1/3/16 You: very pleasant looking redhead, wearing a purple knitted cap, driving the black Subaru Forester and having what seemed liked a nice brunch with a friend. Me: the big gentleman with the mustache and glasses having a nice brunch with my good friend. I liked the very pleasant look you gave me; as you returned to your table, and the wave as pulled out to leave. I hope to see you there again for brunch, maybe we could say hello?

The Kindness of Strangers I wanted to thank the wonderful group of complete strangers that helped me when I overturned my Jeep on Market Street north of Mead last night. Everyone that stopped was concerned about my welfare (and I'm perfectly fine, not even a bruise today) and banded together to get my vehicle back on its wheels, out of the ditch and towed down to a parking lot where it could sit safe and out of everyone's way overnight. I don't know any of your names, and none of you know mine, but your selflessness, kindness, and willingness to help someone you'd never met renews my faith in the essential goodness of the human nature. You may never see this note of thanks, but I am seeing all of your kind faces in my mind this morning and appreciating the very best of the human race.

Thank You To the neighbor with the snowblower who cleared our driveway: Thank you not only for moving the snow but for teaching your two little ones the importance of helping people. You warmed my heart, lightened my load, and made my day!

SPOKANE APPLE STORE PEOPLE I was in the Apple Store on Sunday, January 3, using an iPad to make a song for my YouTube channel. For the last few weeks, I have been doing this. You are all some of the friendliest people I've ever met in Spokane, and I'm glad you all like my music. However, if you remember at all, my new bike has stolen from the tree in front of your store that day, and I was really upset. I go everywhere on my bike. This is maybe the seventh bike I've had in the last nine months, and my foster dad doesn't trust me with bikes anymore because I accidentally destroyed them all except for the latest one. That bike was a Christmas present from my foster family. I want to thank thee people who work at Spokane's Apple Store for all the support you have given me, and for the sympathy you showed me when I found out someone hijacked my bike. But I may not be able to come in as much as I usually do because I now have no bike. Thank you all.

Ode to jack Could've...should've...would've... I saw your eyes peeking out of the box, and I understand why you won't even look at me these days. I choose love, regardless of the pain behind these eyes. I hope our smiles will meet again, as the countdown aproaches "zero." Btw: I am still here, oh I love you, your lissie.

A petty crime... Jeers to the person who walked by and keyed my lovely, rare orange Hummer truck on Wednesday night. You must be so very proud of yourself...sticking it to people with nice things like that. What you don't realize is that I am a blue collar worker, and you have no idea how many lives I've saved and butts I've wiped to be able to afford that beautiful truck. The world is a cyclical place, and the negative will come back your way someday; I hope that when that day comes you need me to save your life too...because I will. Why? I have no hatred or jealousy in my heart...and I pity you, for you harbor that hate and are a miserable person for it. I hope you are happy that the same hands that have returned a heart to beating have now wiped the tears from my eyes when I found your handiwork. I worked so hard for that truck, it is the nicest thing I own. I am not a rich woman as you assumed by my vehicle, but I am rich because of the love I have for humanity. I hope you too can feel a similar love someday.

Texting Boor at the Fox 12/31 To the man in the blue plaid shirt accompanied by the fake blond cow chewing her cud in the second row right center at the New Year's Eve Symphony — USING YOUR CELL PHONE IN A THEATER DISTURBS EVERYONE AROUND YOU AND DETRACTS FROM THEIR ENJOYMENT OF THE EVENT THEY CAME TO EXPERIENCE. Perhaps your resolution for 2016 could be to work on getting a little class and learning some manners.

Stealing my son's $70 winter coat I sent my husband and son to The Man Shop on Sprague 1/2/16 at 4:30 for a haircut. My 13 year old son put his brand new coat on the coat rack to get his hair cut, meanwhile another child close to his age grabbed my son's coat and took off along with his parents. No word from the Man Shop on this mistake. Just saying. This is a huge expense on a working family that doesn't need any thing extra. Hope you are enjoying my son's brand new coat. ♦

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