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Week of January 28th

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"Must be nice" To the sweater loving Seahawks fan with just enough hair who pours the perfect No-Li pint and has been consistently checking this section of the Inlander weekly for years: we see you. Your constant kindness and lighthearted spirit is appreciated more than you know. You deserve endless Wolffy's, flannel everything and for it to always be relaxation and catch up Tuesday.

New Blond at Busty's You, new girl at Busty's Top Espresso! Man, I thought your sister was hot and now there are 2 of you! Wow... I'm never going anywhere else to get coffee, beautiful girls, sisters and good coffee!! Thanks!

Salad I saw you at the Rocket Market on 10/25. Best three dates ever. I have since fallen completely in love with you. Your eyes and your smile melt me. Your wit and sarcasm keep me on my toes. You are the complete package and then some. Thank you for slumming it with me. I will take it as long as you continue to give.

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A newfound love At the Outback Steakhouse. You wearing a Broncos beanie eating prime rib and coconut shrimp. Me eating prime rib and lobster tail. You have beautiful eyes and a even better smile! Nothing makes me happier than seeing that smile. I hope we can connect once again! Your secret admirer.

RE: Flailer I think I saw you flailing in the neighborhood. I felt really bad watching you struggle to get across the street but it was a hilarious end to a hood evening. Thanks for the laugh and I'm glad you're alright! Hit me up and we can get a drink. Do you work across the street?

Montana Jimmy at Excision I've never had someone move to music with me like you did. In all the noise at the end you disappeared so quickly. I know I'd love to meet you again and actually speak to you. Coffee or a drink? It's a long shot I know, but I don't want to leave so much unsaid with a man like you after a night like that.. I'm in the "went" list on the Facebook event. Find me. Katelyn I.

Missing sales clerk I went to Dick's Sporting Goods out in the valley with my family on Thanksgiving. You were a sales clerk there. About 5'6". Long, wavy, blonde hair with a black hoodie and sweatpants. You have such an amazing smile. I was the tall, lanky, dark haired guy wearing green down coat and a yellow beanie the first you saw me. Then I took the beanie off and you saw I had a buzz cut. I hope this rings a bell but I'll understand if it doesn't seeing as though it will have been a week by the time you get around to reading this. If it does or it doesn't and you want to maybe take a chance, I would love to take you out for coffee sometime. My email is

People watching Chiefs Game on Veteran's Day. Our first I Saw you was to the guy, who was clearly at the game, (with some military affiliation) escorting some young men and women to the game. Either wear the UNIFORM or don't! This guy wore his BDU shirt and jeans! If you are not proud to serve, THIS is how you an Idiot! The UNIFORM is meant to be worn properly and YOU are not cool enough to choose which items you get to wear! Thanks for setting the example for our younger generation. THEN...the people in front of us, who after taking their couple's selfie, proceeded to play on their phones the entire game! The best was that SHE was checking out dating sites!!!! Not even sure what the other woman was into, but none of them can Dougy!!

Witness to accident: Friday, May 29, 2015 My name is Patty Aguilar. On Friday, May 29, 2015, me and my 68-year-old mother were at the Costco on N. Division eating in the food court when my mother slipped on a puddle of water. She was taken by ambulance to Holy Family Hospital. There were a few people in the food court who came to her aid and saw the incident. My mother's medical bills are approximately $10,000. Please call me immediately at (509) 455-6822. Thank you for your help.

Lucky 13 Happy anniversary I love you with all my heart here's your chance to be a min then there our family wouldn't be the same without you

A TRUE ANGEL Cheers to Terry and all the compassionate people like her who take the time to come to the aid of people in need. So many of us are too "busy" to even notice when someone needs help let alone get involved. And the elderly are especially vulnerable. I was once told you become invisible as you age and I see it often. Here's hoping Terry's compassion is contagious. Spokane needs more people like her.

Turn Your Headlights ON Jeers to anyone who does not have their headlights on all the time. If it's 8 am and foggy, noon and snowing, or 4 pm and rainy, don't you think your full headlights should be on for everyone's safety? I don't understand any reason not to — it might be your own life (or your passenger's) you save.

You're Not On Fleek Jeers to the girl with the half-shaved head and the obsessive eyeliner problem who pretends to be sweet and innocent, yet is nothing but a homewrecker. I hope you find joy in being the "other woman." What you allow will continue and all you are proving is that you are weak and pathetic. He's all yours honey, until he drunk-dials me again in the middle of the night crying over how boring you are. You give all women a bad name. Enjoy my leftovers.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Jeers to the blonde gal with the purple glasses, black hat and big mouth. You're disgraceful for yelling and swearing on the STA bus about how your "sister's boyfriend" is cheating on her with some other girl. It was like watching an episode of "Cheaters" unfold right in front of me. Honestly, if you open your eyes, people are going to think you're an idiot for approaching it the way you did. I bet the 30-some-odd people on the bus probably thought along the same lines as these words. I'm glad I got off when I did so I didn't have to see the ending of this, and I certainly hope the driver kicked you off for being a nuisance. Next time, if you catch someone in the act of cheating, why don't you do it in a less public place, or better yet, tell your sister and send her the picture that you took of him (which I saw you do on your phone). Let her deal with it; it's her boyfriend, not yours! Learn to stick your nose out of people's business rather than sticking it in the middle of someone's intimate business on public transportation.

Enough Already Can we call a halt to all the intrusive questions every time a person visits a grocery store, big box store, coffee stand, etc? I don't mind in the least when I am asked how my day was, or general conversation about the weather, the Cougs and/or the Hawks — that's just common courtesy when you're spending a few minutes paying for your stuff but come on people! In the last week I have been asked "What are your plans for the rest of the day?", "Where do you work"?, "Are you having those yummy looking steaks for dinner tonight"?, and a new one today, "Are you going to use those new dish towels to dry your dishes"? What? What? When did it become common practice for the barista, check-out clerk and bag boy/girl to ask such personal questions? What if what I was doing for the rest of the day is visiting my dying mother? Is that really what you want to hear? I'm finding it more and more difficult to not be rude when the third degree begins. What I'm doing for the rest of the day is really none of your business. Just stop it. ♦

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