I Saw You

Week of February 25th

I think I missed half of the concert This may be a long shot but I saw you at the Brad Paisley concert on Feb. 13. We were sitting in section 216. You in row E. You were looking mighty cute in your Texas Aggies hat. With whom I would presume your children. I kick myself for not having the courage to give you my number. My email is passionatezagsfan@yahoo.com. I would love to see a concert with you.

At Last... I saw you on Friday, January 6, 2005 at 5:54 PM in Boswell Hall on the NIC campus. You: handsome, smiling, talking to another student. Me: older, grandmother of two, gun-shy. You rocked my world in an instant. After 19 years of being single and raising three daughters, my walls were securely engaged. But for reasons I can't explain and for inexplicable signs that I've thanked every day since, I knew I could trust you. R: as we celebrate your 60th birthday together on March 1st I want you to know how truly loved you are by our combined families and our five grandchildren. You've touched so many lives through your wit, generosity and genuinely kind soul. Here's to the past 11 years and the next 40 that we intend to spend together. I love you, RGB!

Stuffed Mushrooms I was rushing to make stuffed mushrooms for my birthday party and you let me go ahead of you and your Sriracha at Super 1. I was so taken off guard that I told you my entire mushroom recipe (which is not out of character), and you told me that you use avocado oil, too. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Valentine's Day at D. Lish's Hamburgers! A HUGE Thank You(!) to D. Lish Hamburgers on Division Street who delivered up a large delicious meal (at a great price) and fantastic hospitality at their annual Valentine's Day celebration last Saturday night. My husband and I went in for the usual great meal deal and were instead seated by a tuxedoed man to our own numbered table, which was decorated with a Valentine's motif, candles, and a tablecloth made out of runner paper with crayons to color with — fun! Our server brought all our food (two doubles with two fries), starting with onion ring appetizers and ending with oversized, decorated heart-shaped cookies. To add to the fun was a little girl dressed all in pink with wings and a cupid's bow, walking around, greeting each guest. What great people we have in Spokane to go to this much trouble just to make a little holiday something special.

To my Beautiful Wifey & My Next Friend... CareBear, You told me I was "Your Rock!" last year and it meant the world to me.. I really do try! I never feel like I do enough as a wifey, for you, because I make triple less than you do. I will never fail you, I will always be faithful, to you as your best friend and wifey duties allow me too.. (For people who are judging us as Wifeys.? We are best of friends.. ) to you as my Bestest Friend! Here comes the tears as my Heart Speaks to you ;-() It took me 15 years. I will always support you and will tell you of your wrong after. I will always be your Wifey, through sickness and health, until death, do us apart. Then I shall live through your strong spirit. As you are a stronger woman then I am. Your loyal friend and your considered my family. Your also forgiving, spiritual, caring , says it how it is, but won't give up no matter the situation, or until it's time to learn on your own, and when we do ourselves. She has done all this with her loving arms. You say I'm your Rock? I say No way and No How! You are the best and mostest and best wifey, a woman could ever know and have in her life.. Thank you! I've had the privilege to have had you, Over the years throughout for the almost sixteen year's, as of 9/11/16. When our Hubby's left us, to keep us safe! and came back different. Never Forget! As our tattoos say. The men we fell in love with turned different to the worst. Not a loss! But a gain, as we found each other, to not only lose our loves, but help each other through it and be their for each other, With our mommies passing, a couple months apart. You truly are a Wifey!! The Bestest Friend a woman can have. Thank You!

Thank you! Jaime at Troy's tires — I was the super stressed-out girl with the battery problem in the Explorer. I know you were busy and you didn't have to help me, many many thanks! I've stopped in at Troy's a couple times over the years and you guys have always been so helpful and always on my level. Sometimes it's hard to be a girl with car problems & I always feel respected at Troy's. Can't say thank you enough. Five gold stars.

Sexy I want to give a Cheers to one of the best friends in the world ! Dee Dee, you have been there for me in all my ups and downs, I am so happy to have you in my life! Even though you have your own problems you are always there for me, I love you and can't thank you enough!!!! TC

The only thing they clean is your wallet Worst company ever. You cleaned nothing for three hours. Your boss did not apologize and acted like an arrogant ass on the phone. Try some customer service sometime. You say, oh we don't itemize our time unless you ask upfront. Class act.

Turkey on the South Hill The Trapping Turkey article in the last Inlander a guy talks about leading the neighbors on a turkey egg hunt. Once found, they coat the eggs with oil so they don't hatch. My question is who are you to do this? Hey guess what, I don't like my neighbors cats coming over and using my flower bed as a potty, maybe I should put out a bowl of antifreeze for them to drink? Or maybe your dog barks at night, hmmm what should I do to it? Or you for that matter. They were here before you, What's next, are you going to move West of town and then complain about the airplane noise?

Bird Brains So the South Hill Turkeys — That's not a biker gang — were laughing the other day about how stupid the South Hill Spokane drivers are. They've seen it all! The other day on Bernard about 22nd a guy Literally got out of his car to stop traffic both directions to let the SHT (South Hill Turkeys) go across Bernard ONE AT A TIME! Probably 20 of them. The turkeys are STILL laughing over that one! Here they have survived for hundreds or thousands of years and Now the humans think they need to completely stop to let them pass! Sure! slow down! no one want to run them over but interestingly enough they will actually get out of the way----it's genetic! Survival of the fittest. Which is more than can be said of the idiot class of driver in Spokane! Who at ANY time could (should) become the Dodo bird of drivers and go extinct! Only in Spokane are the turkeys smarter than drivers of cars. Go SHT!

Entitled Much? Dear Customer, You do not get to ask a store employee if you can plug your phone in to a store electrical outlet, then get mad when the store employee politely tells you that your 4 year old should not crawl on the floor to find the outlet because it is not safe and he might damage expensive machinery (about $25K worth of machines over his head). And THEN tell your friends and the store manager that the employees are rude. And THEN walk past the employees and shake your head consolingly to your 4 year old and tell him he wasn't crawling on the floor and he did just fine. By telling your son he "did just fine", you are merely enabling another generation of entitled prima donnas who will continue to treat others like crap. Thank you for listening, Mrs Customer ♦

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