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I Saw You 

Week of March 3rd

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Goldilocks I saw you two years ago when I first moved in, but you're with her and I'm with him. I know it's silly, but I wish I could talk with you by the dumpster again.

To the Generous Gas Station Attendant It was about 6 years ago or so when I was trying to get to work but realized on my way that I didn't have enough gas to get me there. Literally. I stopped by Divine's Auto Center on Mission in Liberty Lake since it was on my way. I was in a hurry already and was shuffling through my purse for the few dollar bills and coins I KNEW I had in there. But I didn't have them in there. I ran out to my car to try to round up some change in order to get a few miles worth of gas for my '86 Plymouth, which surprisingly, still had a fairly reasonable MPG for being older than I was! I couldn't find anything. I went back inside to thank the attendant for being so patient with me while I embarrassingly searched for payment. She then grabbed a few dollar bills from her own wallet and asked if I could return it to her once I got paid. I assured her that I would. I returned about a week later and she was not there. I explained to the person working at the time what had happened and made them promise to return this to her and thank her again for me. But I've never known if that money and the message made it back to you. I'd hate for you to trust less because you thought I hadn't returned. I'd like to thank you again and make sure you did receive the money, as I'm sure you needed those few dollar bills as much as I did. I remember that story periodically throughout the years but have never thought to reach out to you. I would like to personally thank you with a drink, lunch, or maybe even a gas tank fill! ;) Please reach out to me if you are reading this.

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1,000 Thank you's To the guy on the 9th and Madison around 3-4 pm on 2/27. I'm so grateful to you for what you did on the phone and being present for a truly difficult and awful situation. You know and I appreciate it more than words can say. Because of the public display made, it woke me up and I've made the steps to creating a better life for myself and words cannot express how important your actions were. Lets me know that people still care in the world. I hope someday, someway I can repay you. Sincerely, the girl in the black beret.

here's to this friendship It's lovely how strangers who never talk can matter so much in a moment of hardship. I want to thank you for putting yourself in the middle of that collision this past sunday. You stood there, directing traffic, and waited long enough for me to regain myself. Your compassion and friendship really meant the world to me. I am so thankful for you.

Thank you! Thank you very much to the Spokane Police Officer who pulled me over on Driscoll for speeding and gave me a warning instead of the well-deserved ticket. It was very nice of you. Appreciate all you do. Thank you for your act of kindness this day.

SPOTLIGHT Cheers to the film, Spotlight, and those brave enough to act upon its truth. Know you are supported in that courageous stance. To those of you living in the shadows of shame and fear, having been preyed upon, to no fault of your own, you are not alone. You deserve, and are assured, peace, protection, safety, and security in your journies out of darkness, even if you've created private, calm, non-exposed lives for yourselves. The chaos you may have known in battling the challenges inherent in the wakes of crimes against you, can be eliminated. Reach out if you want, or need, any form of assistance. We are here. Until every pedophile priest, living, or dead, is exposed and convicted of their crimes against you, we will not rest. Until every living pedophile priest, or former priest (retired, re-assigned, hidden) is "rotting" in a prison with the likes of Sandusky, Morgenstern, and the multitude of other child abusers, we will not rest. Until the statute of limitations for abuse crimes against minors is abolished, in every state, we will not rest. When children are mature enough, aware enough, brave enough, and able enough to come forward, we can not fail them by claiming it's too late to speak. Until we've eliminated the blight that is this pernicious, perverse, criminal reality, we will not rest. To Catholics who have turned their knowing eyes in disregard, search your souls. It is a quite dirtier cross-shaped smudge on your collective record than the Lenten ashes you wear so humbly. Offensive? The most. Do right by those you know who've been victimized. Only your God decides your eternal fate. To those who've worked tirelessly, saving and aiding one victim at a time, whatever your role, you are the beacons in the storm. We look to you as leaders who've shone the "spotlight" on these crimes and led by example in doing right by each other. Bless you, and each, brave enough to speak the truth. We stand with you, by you, and for you in this battle.

Bad Security Guard A BIG F.U. to the parking security guard at the Social Security office for making fun of me and my car. First of all, it is NOT my fault that your parking lot is weird. Secondly, It is NOT my fault (or maybe it is) that I can't judge distance very well even though I wear corrective lenses. Your lot is oddly shaped and there is a giant dumpster place right in the middle of it. I tried to back out to the other lot you were referring to and cars kept coming in and out so I couldn't go anywhere. You said "people do this all day everyday," Well I'm NOT everyone!! Then you said to park in the right-hand corner and "Get outta the way," OK so I did. Then you said "Are people gonna be able to get outta there?" How the hell am I supposed to know? You're the flippin' security guard who told me to park there!! The best part was when you told me to park in a parking space that had mostly metal pylons in it and you said "People park there all the time." I told you my car was too wide. Then a blue Chevy came up that was new and trim and even HE told you he couldn't get in there. I finally escaped your parking hellhole and went to the next lot over. The moral of the story is to be nicer to everyone and earn that uniform you wear.

Hickey-Hater No, they're not the awesome thing to walk around with, but when another person is tastefully covering up their very faint leftover love mark and you purposefully go out of your way to belittle them, try to get them in trouble with their employer and make their day an all-around poopfest, that only reflects on *your* character. Don't take whatever is going on in your miserable existence out on an innocent person that's just trying to do her best at a job that she's wonderful at.

See that big red sign? Jeers to SPD and their driving skills. One of your officers nearby blew through a stop sign, causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. I was pulled over and scolded for going too fast in a neighborhood I drive through every day. You knew you were in the wrong, because you didn't even take the time to find my name on my license. If you want respect, treat people with respect and learn to apologize even if it's embarrassing for you. "This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect."

Wish all dogs could go free, however.... Friday, up Steven's Creek to do a little climbing. You and your female posse coming down with your black dog off leash. I stated politely that my dogs aren't on leash friendly. You couldn't call your dog back so we had a little flare-up between your dog and mine. You sneered at me and than continued to prove you have no good recall for your dog. Off leash, my dogs are fine... but rules are rules. ♦

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