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I Saw You 

Week of March 10th

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Starbucks on 29th Starbucks today South Hill 29th... aprox 10am 3/2/16 .You drive a dark red car, Auto-nation plate frame... are u a single, double or triple shot kinda guy? Looked you in the eyes and smiled. I had 3 coffees to go, waiting outside. Thank you.

Cute BMW driver So hello to the handsome guy who complimented my car at the gym! I was too nervous to say anything back. BTW I like your car! Also come back more often so we can talk more about cars.

re: goldilox Our lives may not always fit together, but oh, how our souls dance. Still wondering who decided that commitment means exclusivity?

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Hypnosis... What a tangled web of lies you weave, what a mess you've made. Please refer to Super Bowl 35 ;) How 'bout that pats game? Barely with the Panthers... Just remember, Who's your f***ing Balty, Baldy!!! — Sincerly, The Unicorn

I will remember you, will you remember me? When i close my eyes i can see all of my memories of you and each one is so precious to me. Memories of you are like stars that guide me through this dark night. Looking back at them i realize that you have always loved me, and i have always loved you. True love has a way of coming back again. True love never ends.

what great kids! There was a comment in another paper about how untidy the Gonzaga area is with all the students leaving things on the yards of the neighborhood, trash, and other things. It made my heart happy to see a dedicated group of young men roaming the neighborhood armed with gloves, bags and a desire to clean things up! Proof positive that not ALL College aged young people are irresponsible. A HUGE thanks to the ones that stepped up. The rest of you that are a part of the problem? Please grow up and take care of your own mess.

Thanks Baby Bar Cheers to the bartender at the Baby Bar on 2/20/16 who made the most delicious freshly squeezed Greyhounds that I've ever had in my life.

Wallet Hero behind Wisconsinburger Dropped my wallet in front of my house getting out of my car on Saturday night 2/27. Didn't realize it until the next morning and on a hope and a prayer I check the mailbox..... it's there. Whoever did that you are the best, and I hope you are swimming in blessings like a child in a ball crawl. (slow clap)

dive deep One man's trash is another man's's to the ones who seek to find, for the ones who think they can. This world will always benefit from those free enough to see treasure instead of garbage.

Wait, who's Tim? Just before Christmas I was walking from the parking lot at Mission Foods. You called me over and said, "Here, I want you to have this". I was dumb struck, it was a neatly folded up stack of money. I said, "Are you sure?" trying to hand it back, you said "Yes, I grew up in this area, I want you to have it." Your random act of kindness didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank You!!!

STA workers going above and beyond A few weeks ago, someone (as a joke, hopefully) loosened the lugnuts on one of my tires. As I was going down Southeast Blvd. towards Perry, that tire came off, and while I came to a quick stop on the side of the road, my tire continued to roll merrily down the hill. It took the better part of four hours to get my car towed to make sure there wasn't catastrophic damage, and not a single person stopped to check and make sure something terrible hadn't happened. However during that period of time, one of our beloved STA buses passed by. I'm assuming that the driver saw my tire somewhere down the hill, because less than 15 minutes later an STA employee showed up in one of their pickup trucks with my tire in the back and returned it to me, which made my life immeasurably better since I wasn't looking forward to buying a new tire. Thank you, STA and all your workers.

Thank You!! To the person who found my Iphone 6+ at the Knitting Factory during the Steel Panther concert Friday night, thank you so very much!! I was very bummed and was not expecting to get it back. I was so surprised when I received a call that it had been found and turned in. Again, thank you so much and I will pay it forward!

Hello Batman Time goes by but I still have the same feelings for you as I did when we first met. Day by day I continue waiting and live in hope. Some days the doubt enter my thoughts but are soon dismissed when I get a text or a call. You are very tolerant and I fear that we will forever be in this state of being apart. Loving you always, Batgirl

Cat Caller Alright. So there I was, minding my own business walking down the street after missing an appointment, headed home. I'm stuck in my own world when I hear it; some small, twig legged boy whistling at me. Or maybe it was the woman behind me, either way, it was a disgusting display. I've got news for you laddie, I'm a guy. However, that does not take away the fact that cat calling is considered street harassment. And women shouldn't be afraid to walk down the street without being harassed, gawked at like a dog in a show. You don't come off as impressive, you don't come off as kind. No, it's not a compliment, it's you showing what an immature, sexist ahole you are. Got news for you kid, you do that to my sister, friends, etc and they will tear into you. Cut the crap.

Snow tires I may not be a meteorologist, however it is March, I really don't think its going to snow enough to warrant having snow tires this month. You do not have to wait til April to take them off, quit being lazy, you are NOT that busy. TAKE THEM OFF. You are making our already crappy roads even worse. TAKE THEM OFF!!

Do Us All a Favor... Seriously, if you know a young mother or somone who is pregnant, DO NOT give them unsolicited advice. Unless we ask you, we do not care for your opinions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Nothing is more annoying than co-workers, in-laws, and total strangers constantly chiming in with their two cents. Most think they're being helpful others are just being smug and searching for validation. No, just no. Don't. Please. Thanks.

Stick to the Fluff I want to know about where I can eat and be entertained. Poor uneducated people and their sad and common lives are not interesting, well, unless they try and break into my car to steal my recreational equipment. Jeers to anyone in Spokane who does not respect the huge gap between those who have, and those who want.

Husbands who cheat I am amazed that men have these beautiful wives/girlfriends who are so far out of their league its unreal and yet they still cheat! My best friend is gorgeous, the kind of woman any man would be lucky to call his own, she is faithful, kind, generous, and an amazing mom and he has cheated on her multiple times. I mean come on, I'm a guy and I can keep it in my pants and off my screen (yes, cyber cheating is cheating!). All I'm saying is men of Spokane, knock it off!

Bad Karma Necklace To whoever went through my car last week, and took the necklace with the brass ornament that was hanging on the rear view mirror. I created that for my husband over 35 years ago. Sadly, he passed away about 2 years ago, but I kept the necklace in my car to remind me of him. You won't get much if you try to pawn or sell it, and your going to have pretty lousy karma if you wear it. So, how about just returning it, by maybe dropping it in my mailbox? It will mean more to me than it will ever mean to you. ♦

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