I Saw You

Week of March 17th

Samuel I met you two years ago at Jerry Fest and what an interesting time we had. It was a great day, although probably not the most ethical for me. Starting with tequila shots in the AM and continuing to Garfield Bay to bask in the sun. I tried teaching you to back float and remember how magical the sun looked bouncing off the water and reflecting the blue sky. There are people that can come and go from a person's life without question but I've found myself thinking of you many times over. Maybe you're just a great memory I get to keep forever but who knows what the Universe has in store. I hope you see this. Xoxo Silly Blonde Girl

Beautiful chef I saw you when you were just finishing up for the night at the hotel restaurant you work in. Me, the guy working for the hood and vent cleaning company. We talked for a few minutes about last few minutes before closing the worst, and odd things and times people ordered room service. I would have asked you for your number, but we were both technically working, and the other guys I work with were giving me a hard time because I could hardly keep my eyes off you. If you read this and are interested post something back.

There you were as smug as can be I saw you standing there looking as smug as can be with another woman on your arm. Why were you telling me you were single and leading me on? While you were getting me to feel sorry for you & your sad life. Thank you for opening up my eyes so I can move on...

unicorns, panthers, and baby bears, oh my! You fill me with endless joy, yet leave me empty. Yes, yes our meeting was the best I've ever had in my life!

Sweetie, keep shining your light It's been two years since you opened up your life. I know afterwards was one of the most difficult, rough, stormiest times for you. You prevailed over hardships and obstacles. You have matured and grown so much since then. You came into your own and found your voice. There are so many out there who need someone like you; someone who understands them: who will be there for them in their darkest hours. So keep shining your light, sweetie. Know that I will always be there for you. You will always have my love and support.

Shout out: THANKS & STOP IT THANKS!!! This afternoon, 3/11, in the drizzling rain on my way to the Eastside library, I saw a pink jacketed woman picking up trash on the S. Altamont hill. That's no easy task as the hill is steep and has sidewalk only on the west side. On my drive back up the hill, you had reached the top, and had a cleverly staked stack of bags of trash. You are a great citizen.!! STOP IT, LITTERERS!! Keep your garbage in your car, stuff it in your pockets, whatever. What kind of citizen are you?

Was rescued out of my car by a beautiful person! Thank you to the young lady that rescued out of my silver car with the alarm going off in at Walmart on Broadway on Friday 3/11 around 3 pm. My car locked me in and the windows did not work. However, I was able to get my sunroof open. I'm standing up thru the roof and I waved her over. I was so scared and not sure if I even said THANK YOU! You rock!

Non-locality According to the principle of quantum non-locality, two particles that used to be next to each other still maintain a seemingly impossible connection when separated by a distance.

Cheers to the Inlander!!! Thank you for your blurb on the game Pandemic Legacy. So much fun and only got it because of your article. It offers a very different gameplay then most board games. Very fun to play a cooroperitivly compared to monopoly which usually which is the destroyer of relationships. This game brought us together attempting to save the world. It's seriously so fun! Try it!!!!

K Finn I know I'm stuborn, too independent, and (lately) hormonal, and that I haven't been good at communicating, so I wanted to put down in words how much you mean to me and our family. Our girls adore you and you're a wonderful father to them and I can't wait to see the relationship you'll have with our newborn son as he grows. You're a hard worker, you're smart and ambitious and always thinking of the next thing (even if your enthusiasm for household projects scares me). With the house, our jobs and three kids to take care of its easy for our relationship to get overlooked, but I want to change that. You are so important to me and I want our love for each other to be the foundation for our family and the rest of our lives together. So I want to move forward from here and keep growing and for you to know that I want you in my life forever. You are my whole heart. — J Finn

That shiny blinky thing Jeers! To the idiots whom drive and do not use turn signals! I don't know how many times I see people not using their turn signals. The automotive industry just didn't decide, "Hey, let's create something to show other people which way others are taking but then not use them and juat have it for show." I would be rich if I got a dollar for the number of people whom do not use their turn signal. And this is how accidents happen! Use your turn signals!!!

End Batman/Batgirl Banter Is anyone else annoyed with the back-and-forth banter between "Batman" and "Batgirl"? I feel like they publish something every week!!!

Lazy Consumers You may not fly a national carrier but we are the Only nation in the World(!) that has to take their shoes off to board a plane. That's because the Sheeple of the US have been told that since that is the Only way to protect us from terrorists we've bought into that completely! Really? No other yes NO other country does that EVEN Israel! The most hated country in the world! We're the most gullible on the list BTW. The City of Spokane and the Public Safety building has/is telling us the same basic message — has for years. The Lazy Spokane consumer buys into that completely! The guy that got convicted for killing Otto Zehm walked out of jail a week or so back with a big smile on his face. The 50 yes 50 Spokane police officers that stood and saluted him when he was taken out of the court room are happy too. They still have their jobs and still hold the citizens of Spokane with the same or more contempt that they did when they stood and saluted. The scared little sheeple that pays their salaries would NEVER say anything to upset them or question. They know what's best. Heard anything about what's going on at City Hall with the Straub investigation or the election? NO? Keep your head in the sand because if you actually looked behind you you're getting screwed!

Hello Batman You have no idea what a charge you give me in one phone call. Always on my mind and living in hope that your extreme tolerance will soon be overcome. You are a patient, kind, and loving man who deserves every happiness afforded you. Take off your cape and be where you belong. Loving you always, Batgirl.

Stolen Memories You would think that having a package left at the recessed back door would be hint enough, but apparently it did nothing but peak your curiosity. And stealing a package that's ten pounds, even, props to you!! But what you don't know is that package that you so deliberately was the last bit of my brother that I have not seen in four years and the uncle that my daughter has only met a handful of times. You stole a piece of my family, and I hope it was well worth it and you enjoy the carving that he poured his sweat, time, and love into. But hey, a simple bear that was made by my brother probably isn't much use to you, so who knows where that piece of my brother will end up. But still, good for you, you lousy piece of filth. ♦

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