I Saw You

Week of March 24th

Bartender at Barlows You: Beautiful brunette bartender with the coolest haircut. We talked about everything from classic literature to English soccer. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I came back after to work to visit you again. Your wit and ease of charm were impressive, you are way more than a gorgeous face. Coffee sometime?

Mo Redhead Mo Problems Driving down I90 on this fine spring day, sun shining window down, that was when I saw you. Your glistening red hair whipping in the wind, you too enjoying this lovely weather in your dirty Impala. No judgement as my car, equally covered in dirt, and my red hair and beard potentially equally glistening, sped down the freeway. As I passed I caught a glimpse of you, our eyes met, you cracked a smile (or smirk perhaps) I quietly said aloud "damn" as I continued to admire you. I began to slow as you illegally passed the same car I was, but in the right lane, ignoring traffic laws like rules don't matter with your carefree sassiness. I was intrigued. I was able to see you yet again as we both merged onto the Argonne exit, as if by fate. As you rolled to the light I took a chance and rolled my window down to express my feelings, but to no avail. My voice overpowered by the sweet serenade of "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" by the Notorious BIG blasting through your open window. Now speechless I watched as you turned in the opposite direction and sped away, my heart sank. Perhaps it is meant to be sweet redhead with no name, mo money and mo problems, if by chance we meet again...I'll let you by the first and second round and would be honored to be your problem.

my pockets will always remain big I saw you in the treasure house... so many great memories, even though it wasn't always just you and me. Cheers to the grandfather clock appearances and your beautiful green heart that remains an open door.

Handsome Xfinity tech I saw you bright and early Sunday morning, 3/20, in my apartment. You and an older gentleman came to fix my internet. It wasn't broken. I saw you checking me out in my Jammies. I didn't say anything because you were working but I wanted to get your number. You had the cutest smile and most kind eyes. If you want to talk come by and give me your number. Apartment 22.

Lex Pistol My charming slice of imperfect perfection: Not quite a year has passed since we realized that we are soulmates on some level, but I swear you and I were destined to always be the kindred spirits we so clearly are. You are the most divinely well rounded, intelligent, masterpiece of a woman I have ever met. You are electric. The type of girl that is the muse behind thousands of paintings and photographs. The beautiful enigma that sparks endless songs of love and longing. The heroine of every film and novel. A goddess to be truly worshiped. Your talent knows no bounds. Thank you for being so utterly unapologetically you. It's exactly what I, and this entire crazy world, needs. Best friend, I love you. And that's most absolute. — Em

G ACE Well sexy man, here we are, approaching our 6th year together. It's been a wild ride! Laughter, romance, tears, fears, anger, lessons, joy and love; unconditional love. This winter has been especially rough on both of us and with spring just a week away, I think we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Now we are on a new adventure together, hustling and grinding away to prepare for our first baby. There will be more challenges and obstacles to come, but that only means we keep "leveling up" in life. Because you and I, we ride through everything together, and we still enjoy each other's happiness and company along the way. I love you more than words could ever express! Love Always, Your Chestnut Beauty (Your "Diamond in the Rough")

Hello Batman Camping gear all ready. You can park your Batmobile in the batcave. Thinking of you. Love, Batgirl. As for the person who is tired of my persiflage, don't read them.

Thanks to the Generous Airline Passenger You and I had both volunteered to be bumped from the late evening flight from Salt Lake City to Spokane last Wednesday. You told me that you had gotten a ticket voucher for your flight out and were hoping to get one on your flight back to Spokane as well. But when the airline decided they needed only one volunteer, you let me have the opportunity. So, Mr. Saunders, although the the hotel shuttle took forever and the bed was uncomfortable, I still had a good night, thanks to you.

Happy Birthday Handsome! There are so many things I could say here about you, but there would never be enough characters to state it all. But I will say that I never knew what it really meant to love someone until I met you...now I truly understand. All we've shared....and so much more to come! Thank you for this precious gift of 'us'...I adore you. It took a lifetime, but He made sure it was worth the wait. Te amo, Honey. Oh and by the way.....Happy Birthday!!

Classless local celebrity Jeers to the classless local newscaster and extended family at the Boz Skaggs concert on March 13. After receiving two expensive tickets, I was lucky to attend. Unfortunately, this newscaster and extended family sat right behind me and were obviously drunk and would not stop talking very loudly during each song. The older woman, whom I assume was a Grandma, thought she was hilarious and never stopped talking to her companion, not in his ear, but loud enough to be heard over the music. Several attempts to politely 'shush' them only increased the volume and then the small child with them joined in by sitting on the lap of the man right behind me and proceeded to kick my seat as if she was at soccer practice. Way to show some class! Thank you for leaving after the first encore; perhaps next time you don't drink so much, or better yet, get a CD and enjoy yourselves at home. You should be ashamed not only of your family, but of yourself being a local celebrity with immediate recognition; it increased the conclusion that you really are classless, surrounded by the same.

Where Do I Fit In Your Heart Now? Remember when you used to text me for years (the first 4 or 5) sweet nothings and calling me "gorgeous" "angel" "beautiful"? These days I'm the only one initiating the sweet nothings, the cute name calling. Why? Is it because you used those lines on someone else 3 years ago behind my back? That only lasted a few months before you turned your attention back to me. Why did you stop again? Are you now using that effort on another interest like last time? Or is this just something you don't care to do anymore? Or am I just ugly to you now? Please help me understand. Don't get defensive or scold me for asking such a thing. Just give me an honest answer please. I don't know where I fit in your heart or head anymore.

Blond Hair, Black Audi To the blond in the black Audi @ Starbucks on Hawthorne Friday morning. Nice car! There is one flaw however. The Blinker does not seem to work. We followed the same path for several turns and not once did your blinkers come on. I would go back to the dealership and have them check the blinkers. After all, It is a huge safety issue if your blinkers do not work. Sincerely, The guy in the Blue Chrysler.

Dearest Batman Dearest Batman, Just a note about the recent path you've taken. Me and the gang at the Justice League are beginning to think that Batgirl may have you pussy whipped. HELLFIRE BM, even your old flame Wonder Woman referred to you as a "eunuch" the other day as we were knee deep in battle with Brainiac and his army of clones. (THAT was quite a party buddy, sorry you missed it.) In fact, the powers that be at DC are saying they're about ready to hand over your slot to that snot nose Robin. So, PLEASE, for the sake of the super heroes credo AND the American way drop that little horn dog you're so blinded by and let's get back to beating the crap out of some well placed bad guys. Okay then, Text me. LOL Green Lantern ♦

Polly Apfelbaum: Frequently the Woods are Pink @ Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU

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