I Saw You

Week of March 31st

Breaking Benjamin You were the cute blonde girl from CdA there with your friend standing by the rail in the bar area of the Knit. My friend and I were behind you and I mentioned that you looked familiar, but I couldn't place where from. Drinks sometime? cda_native_girl@yahoo.com

Green Faces and Mice M, I saw you for the first time near the mouse lair. You walked up to me as I was green from my mission to mars and one too many margaritas. Thanks for the mexican food suggestion. It worked wonders the next day.

Blue Windbreaker 3/23/16 at The MAX restaurant at the Mirabeau Park Hotel on Sullivan. You: tall guy in a blue windbreaker jacket. Me: sitting in a group with my family waiting for a table. You walked by and tried to get my attention. On your second attempt as you headed out the door we made eye contact and you gave me a devastating smile, which I returned. Want to get in contact? Email me at spokanewa509@yahoo.com and tell me what I was wearing!

My Irish Ninja! i love you too! you are my hope and you are my future! you are the man of my dreams! you are so warm and soft and kind and gentle-hearted, you are the sweetest dear heart of my life! you are the one i have always been looking for, and i found you, and you have always been there! you are my miracle, and you are my heaven, you are my rainbow, you are my sunshine, and you are all i have every prayed for! i'm not afraid of anything anymore because you are here now! i can't wait for the day to be held and kissed by you and to wake up next to your handsome face! i love you so much!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo!

Apartment 22 If your initials are JC you looked incredible in your jammies!

Was it me? To the guy who noticed the redhead in the dirty Impala: What color was that Impala? I happen to have red hair (most of the time), drive an Impala, and often take the Argonne exit for work. I listen to Notorious often and drive like a boss almost always. I specifically remember that day; it was the first super nice day so far this year. I will look for a reply...

Beautiful blonde at the coffee shop with the loving heart You were there all alone on Sunday sitting at a table and watching the four youth at a table across from you. I made mention that they were flamboyant. You said it didn't bother you. You wanted them to just be themselves and that's why you let them sit away from you. I apologized not realizing they were yours. You sighed and said you wished they were yours but they weren't. This is when you told me a little about them and who they truly were. There was nothing but love in your voice for them. I could see the tears in your eyes and asked why. That's when you told me that there were days when you felt like shutting down and never allowing another person in your life. Today was one of those days. Then you looked at those four youth with so much love. "See, if I do that, then that means I'm letting them down. I can't do that. These four just want love and acceptance so I would never do that. I love them too much." You called them over after I told you my name and introduced me to them. They were so well-behaved with excellent manners. I just want to thank you for taking care of these youth when others have turned them away. Please never shut down. I could see how much love you had in your heart for them. I know you wished you had room for them in your home. Maybe someday you will. I know you have a lot of room for them in your heart. Please keep loving them. Keep opening your heart to them.

Service with a badge Cheers to the awesome policeman I saw 3/16 on my way to work. He was stopped behind a disabled car on the very narrow eastbound shoulder of I-90 around freya as I was driving westbound into work downtown. The occupants of the disabled vehicle, a man & woman, were standing outside the car while the cop was on his knees, back to the freeway, changing a tire. It was a really kind gesture to see & I was reminded of how the police serve the community in countless ways.

Burger King window lady To the BK window attendant on E. Sprague on 3/10 at around 6:30 pm. Thank you so much for your kindness regarding my ordering snafu. It had been a tough week, and "a very long day." You were wonderful... and the fries were delicious.

KTM Driver Most of the time, people complain about all the a-holes on the road. Today I wanted to say 'thanks' to one of the nice guys. Sunday we were heading eastbound (home?) on I-90. We drove together for quite some way, clipping along at a perfect speed (fast), and you took it upon yourself to keep me out of cop's radar. If you knew how often I get pulled over, you would really understand my appreciation. You exited (272), I waved to say thanks, but really wanted to 'cheers' you, because you were THAT cool! If only you could give driving lessons to the rest of the population. Hoping you're on the freeway every time I am.

Patrick I will never ever forget your kindness, Patrick. I am a single mom, and college student, and was paying for my gas (4.75 in change none the less) and Patrick approached me while I was pumping gas, and told me he wanted to put $20 in my gas tank for me. Shocked, I politely declined. But Patrick insisted. As he was putting fuel in my car for me, I began to bawl. No one has ever done anything so kind for me before. A complete stranger. I asked if there was anything I could do for him to repay him, he told me to study hard, and be a good mom. Then put another $10 of gas in my car. ($30 all together) I am still crying at your generosity. I will never forget you Patrick. I will pay it forward. And please know, you made a huge impact on my life and my faith in humanity. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

My dearest Timothy aka Timi It's been 18 years since we went our separate ways but I have never forgotten you. You have always held a special place in my heart. You gave me something I never had and will never have again-the chance at being a mom. I discovered the joy and the heartache in it. There was always joy more than anything else. I promised you I would always be supportive of all your decisions. The day you told me it was time to return to your family and leave me behind was very difficult. However, I made you a promise that I could not break. Yes, it was painful. At the same time, I realized the blessing you gave me even if it was only for a short while. I am sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you. Please forgive me. I also want to thank you for allowing me in your life and giving me that chance to be a mom. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you.

Audrie with the Park Avenue Buick I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness and empathy there at Northwest Blvd./Ash will always be unforgettable. Truly a refreshing experience in a world full of con/ripoff artists. Thank you again Audrie,

my beautiful fiancee I want to say cheers to the love of my life. we have been together a little over 3 years and I could not be happier she is my world she has stood by me threw alot when I was in the hospital when I was in-between apartments she was right next to me I love u baby more then u will ever know and Im so happy to be able to spend the rest of my life with you love you forever Monique

Hello, lovely librarian To the bespectacled brunette at the downtown library: You lift my spirits whenever we speak. Whether we're talking about our dogs, movies, literature or ourselves, I enjoy being with you. Set down that book and let's get a coffee.

Jeers to the fat racist in the old cop car Jeers to the fat racist in the old cop car that screamed at the crosswalk on the corner of Freya and Hartson "Don't let that ni**er cross!" and threatened me and my wife. You are so pathetic. It's bad enough that you are a bigot, but that girl couldn't have been more than 13 years old. Shameful! I called the real cops and gave them your description. Ever wonder why your life sucks? It's called karma. ♦

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