I Saw You

Week of April 7th

Cute girl in new Subaru You: Beautiful brunette driving down division on 3/26 in a new white Subaru sedan. Me: Brown hair, tan, with brown glasses driving a white Mercedes Benz coupe. You drove by near Francis and we checked each other out a few times, then moved in and out of traffic together until we parted on the south hill. Let's meet up and race around town. KiteFlyingSoxiety@gmail.com

That adorable smile Beautiful Thursday afternoon, parked by Safeway on Evergreen; you in your black Mazda park right next to me. You in your grey beanie and your eyes sparkiling in the sunlight. We exchange looks... that cute adorable smile took me away; I didn't mean to stare. I got nervous and drove away. One day maybe I'll see you there again:)

Nice Toyota!! To the guy I waved through the intersection of Queen and Addison with the really nice Toyota Truck on Thursday 3/31/16. You were good looking and I'd like to meet up for a cup of coffee some time. Hoping you see this and respond quickly, you had a dark goatee and a ball cap on. Didn't get to see much in passing, but you definitely caught my eye.

Dance the night away You were standing alone by the edge of the dance floor, I came by and talked to you and then asked you to join us. I wish I could have spent more time with you and invited you to breakfast but you declined. I would love to meet you for dancing. So, if you get a chance to take a break from your job at Zip's, hit me back. The cowboy at Fizzie's.

OMG!!! Handsome guy in a wheelchair at Super One on Friday April 1, 2016 7 pm. I was tired, cranky, headache, very hungry, etc. etc. then you came around the corner and I felt better!!!! Seriously!!!! You are... well, what can I say, georgous!! Better than a drink. :) Wow, wow, wow!!!!

Pink sunshine April 1st, Hawthorne Place, you have pink hair and flashed me the biggest, most beautiful smile as I passed by. I was so taken aback by its brightness I could barely mutter a "hey." Should have stopped and chatted you up. grimycricket@gmail.com and tell me what I do for a living.

"Hey Haase" Early evening of April 2, near Lowes on East Sprague. I was standing on the North side of the street waiting for the bus, with red & black hair, wearing a black & white striped skirt, and glasses. You were the gorgeous bearded man driving a white truck that said "Haase Landscape Inc." on the side. You looked back at me as i was looking at you, but once the light turned green, you drove away. Shortly after that, I boarded the bus and who do i see just outside the bus window? You... So I'm wondering this, did you circle around and come back for me? Or was it just a daydream? If you did, I'd love to meet.

Right Place At Right Time Thanks to the doctor who saved my life, on the night of 3/22. Apparently I dropped while walking up to the PI. Next thing I remember is waking up in the ER at Deaconess. Thanks Mica for the unique fridge art.

To The Inlander Cheers to you for making the top 10 for E&P's "Newspapers that do it right"! You were doing it right many years ago before I left Spokane. And you're STILL doing it right! Keep up the great work and KUDOS to you!!!!

To the 18-29 year olds out there... I believe in you I know that there are many in older generations who snicker and shudder at the thought that you are our future and will be the ones to lead our country soon. Please do not let their remarks get you down. Yes, there are some in this age group who are misinformed and ill-mannered. They're also in my age group and the age groups in-between. I am aware of quite a few in your age group who are already leading; who are going the extra mile; who are doing volunteer work; making a difference; studying and learning to be informed about everything going on in their own city and state and even beyond. You are the young unselfish men and women who are doing what you can to help in your community and help those around you. Because I have witnessed this part of your life and your kind, compassionate acts, I have been prone to open up to what you have to say; hear you out; listen with an open mind and an open heart. So anytime you hear the snickers or see the shaking of a head because you're young, remember you have someone on your side who wholeheartedly believes in you.

Mobius Volunteers Recently spent an afternoon with two toddlers at Mobius. Wow. The energy was high with a packed space and wild busy visitors. I was so impressed by the patience and constant attention of the volunteers. Amazing. Thank you so much for making the museum possible.

OUTSpoken Boyz...Thank You so much for the wonderful coffee date! We haven't had that much fun with anyone for quite awhile. We enjoyed the laughter, joy, fun, seriousness, smiles and just all over GREAT conversation! You Boyz are a riot! You also rock! — P & S

Dear Batgirl Batman and Batgirl were never romantically involved. Catwoman will always have his heart.

Hey Bat-Lovers! I've decided it's about time that I deal some justice. Really. It's the dawn of justice, right? Anyway, you are getting really annoying. Say most people who read this paper. And myself. By the way, do you think that it's really necessary to submit everything for the paper? This is a real disappointment, but I thought that the Bats were high tech. Apparently they don't know how to text, but can operate supercomputers. Also, Batgirl is typically a teen. So, Batgirl dating Batman? Weird. At least upgrade to Batwoman, if anything. Even better, ask Harley about a real love story. Kudos to Green Lantern and Anonymous from a week or two ago. Wait.... What happened to Talya Al Gul? You're Welcome, Oracle

Shame on You! Shame on you, Hertz, for charging me over $1,300 for "damages" on my rental car. I was signed off at the airport and the agent said nothing about damages. 5 days later I was contacted by a collections company saying I returned the car damaged! When I called to speak with a manager I was told the charges had already been sent to a claims agency so there was nothing that could be done by Hertz. Shame on you for targeting unsuspecting customers with bogus charges! Double shame for not contacting me yourself and sending this bill directly to collections! I sincerely hope my complaints to corporate will cause your business in Spokane to suffer penalties.

"Hello".....I'm on the phone! You walk into my office and immediately start speaking to me, as if the world revolves around you. The fact that I'm on the phone, speaking to someone else, makes no difference to you. You, and what you have to say, must be the most important thing ever. Which confuses me, since there is no way I can give you: your majesty, my undivided attention. So now not only do I have to ask the one on the phone to repeat themselves due to your rude distraction, whatever you think is so important also will be delayed. You know who you are. You are everywhere, and strike every day. You wear pink, you wear blue; you may be young or old. The common denominator: you are rude. Wait your damn turn and learn some etiquette! ♦

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