I Saw You

Week of April 14th

To My Best Friend I'm so glad I had a momentary burst of courage and told you to kiss me two years ago. You are such a driven, strong, kind, handsome man. You have humbled me, inspired me, comforted me, and excited me for two years now, and I am forever grateful that you can't imagine the years to come without me, and you will never have to. You love me so much more than I deserve some times and you do it without asking for anything in return. I'd say I owe you my heart, C, but you already have it. Happy two years. Thank you, I love you.

Oh see what you have done I see a leprechaun that does not need a pot of gold, because it is in his eyes.

Calling your bluff you got on the phone and needed to wipe your way to handsome bearded face, you were also wearing a blue cap I wished I could of said something but I did not think it wise at the time you working and all. I also notice you would not make eye contact as I got close. So sorry I could not make the appointment I would have like very much to of been able to be there, but this should help you to see I was not bluffing.

Perfect kiss I know it sounds corny and you laughed the time I told you, but to me it's what I've waited for my whole life everyone waits for the perfect kiss we were hanging out behind freddies last summer and oh as shy as I am I cracked that she'll right off with those gorgeous eyes and your smile and me so complete out of my league I'm no ten but you weren't shy and we kissed and I didn't mess it up you didn't every kiss before and ever kiss I've had cents will never match your kiss the perfect kiss you know I love you but I believe your soulmate comes once in a lifetime time and dollface your mine I know the soul wants what my heart feels and that's your lips meant for mine your my perfect kiss no can kiss me the way you do with love always L&B that's me and you above all be good be safe cause I saw you now my life will never be the same

You're Beautiful On The Inside & Out KM: Who knew that a couple months down the road we would be where we are? I went from seeing a beautiful person on the outside and realizing you're just as beautiful on the inside. When I see you and hear your voice I get weak. Let's take it one day at a time and hopefully in the end all those days we had to take slow was worth the wait. Keep smiling and just being you cutie. Can't wait for our next sushi lunch date. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. It was lost until I met you. CN

4/10 Valley Noodle Express Big shout out to the cashier for going above and beyond her job description to help me find something I could eat (food intolerances beyond suck when trying to eat out). Your simple gesture made me a repeat customer!

Hello Batman Warm weather is here. Time for beach basking and picnic lunches. Always in my thoughts. As for other comments here, their Facebook trolling must be slow lately. No problem.

Cheers to local musicians, dancers and storytellers! We celebrate our many local performers and invite you to apply now to the 2016 Fall Folk Festival, Nov. 12-13. See details at www.spokanefolkfestival.com. Dancers, musicians, storytellers, related workshops all welcome. Ethnic diversity always welcomed.

You know who you are, and I love that about you. Cheers to wrapping rainbows with a sigh, the kind of breath that makes you feel thankful to be alive. Now will you please let me have my breath back?

The Clinkerdagger's Couple On February 20, my boyfriend and I (seniors in high school) enjoyed a late Valentine's dinner. We ordered the cheapest menus on the item and laughed at how silly we must look. When the waitress told us our bill had been covered, we were too shocked to say anything. As we walked out, we made a promise to do the same one day. Thank you for dinner. Thank you for believing in young love.

You're the Breast...I Mean Best! Thank you to the amazing Gonzaga students that held the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life rally on campus April 9. What a grand group of young, energetic and dedicated heroes you all are. I would like to especially thank Meaghan, Anna and Taylor who were so gracious to us survivors and to all the young men proudly wearing your "Save Second Base" T-shirts. Too funny! (Even though I had to have it explained to me! You know you're getting old when....) These "kids" are a group that Gonzaga U., their parents,the ACS and our community can and should be very proud of. Thank you all very, very much. j

Truck Smoke Asshole To the asshole driving the black lifted truck on Friday, April 8. Is this the way to get girls in the "country"? 2 good-looking girls driving a red car just passed the Monroe St. bridge with their windows down and you decide to shoot every bit of black smoke you can out of your tailpipe and directly into their car? Cool bro. Hope you felt good about that, and to know you probably aren't gonna get their numbers that way. Asshole.

Hiss Boo Shame on You! Rotten tomatoes to the three local TV stations. You know, the community-proud, "we own the news" folks. A wonderful group of caring, energetic and dedicated Gonzaga students hosted an American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" rally on campus April 9. Sorry you missed it. I realize there was a major emergency on the Northside that day, but I'll bet if one of those "kids" had acted up, you would have found a camera crew. Oh and FYI, the event lasted more than 12 hours. Young people doing the right is newsworthy, and we should be very proud of them. I am and thank them from the bottom of my heart. You are rocking, Zags! j

I hope you step on a Lego To the white SUV driver who nearly t-boned me by the Falls on Monday: With decision-making skills like those, I am impressed you've made it this far in life. If there is a city bus picking up passengers, and you can't see oncoming traffic around the bus, do not pull out in front of said bus! Your license should be revoked. You are a danger to everyone on the road. I hope you step on a Lego in bare feet.

Hairstylist/terrible pet owner on Grand You owned a beautiful cat and let him out even though you knew he was deaf and you are on a busy street. When he was hit, you heartlessly told the Good Samaritan who called you when they found him to take him to Scraps and dump him. Then you immediately picked up another cat as though this one mattered not at all. How could you?

Low life thief This is a jeers to the low life worthless piece of shit who busted my car window and stole my knife kit that also had recipes in it. I highly doubt your even competent enough to figure out what to do with anything of mine you stole. It probably doesn't even matter considering your most likely going to sell it for drugs, because your better off a dead piece of shit than an alive one. I actually work hard for a living while you take from the rest of us. I will find you.

You've stolen for the last time!! So, it was one thing when we were dating and I tried so hard to fix you, and take care of you and did what I could to make it work. I don't know how many times. You are the most selfish, uncaring, secretive person I've ever met. If you think you are going to get away with stealing from not only me, but my mom too you have another thing coming. Dragging your smarmy, sleazy, white trash, recycled, dub-t girlfriend into it is only going to make the situation much more harder. I am glad to finally be rid of you and this was the final straw for me. You use whoever you can and then resort to stealing. I plan to do whatever I can to make sure you are caught. Have fun going to back to your favorite home away from home. That is where you will end up anyways with the way you are going. I just wish I would have ended it sooner. Now I can have a normal life without you in it. ♦

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