I Saw You

Week of April 28th

I-90 Smiles on 4/18 We exchanged a few smiles on I-90; You: Toyota Corolla; Me: Silver Honda Accord, both headed toward CdA. That smile made my day! Lets get out of our cars and bring on more smiles in person. mfsgr8biz@gmail.com

You liked my shirt, and Jeep I parked my Jeep in front on the Beacon in downtown Coeur d' Alene Monday, to go to Pita Pit. As I was crossing Sherman to go back to my Jeep, you stated that you liked my Hollywood Undead shirt. Feeling shocked that a woman as attractive as yourself was complimenting me out of the blue, I just simply replied "Thanks." I continued walking, when you then promptly also said "I like your Jeep." Again, I just said "Thanks." I felt like a total idiot for not biting, and continuing conversation with you. I thought about all of the clever, witty things I could have said in lieu of "Thanks," but it was too little too late. To the shirt compliment, I should have said, "Thanks, maybe you can wear it sometime," or to the Jeep thing, I should have asked to take you on a ride on the spot. Grr. Lemme call a Mulligan and try again, please!

In my dreams with your thick curly black hair, piercing blue-grey eyes and timid smile. We walked by the Spokane River as you held your daughter in your arms. (She's so beautiful!). You told me, in your soft-spoken voice, about all the glorious things of Heaven as we strolled along. All I ever wanted was one last conversation with you, and you gave it to me. I wanted to just stay with you and your daughter, but you told me it wasn't time but someday, we would be together once more. You wiped the tears from my eyes. Then you told me that just as you needed someone in your life who cared, there were others just like you who needed me and my care and for me to open my heart to those. Thank you for this last conversation. I will see you on the other side, my dear child.

Handsome at Thomas Hammer Never thought I'd write one of these...but here it goes. It was the early afternoon on Monday morning. My mother, sister and myself were ordering our coffees at Thomas Hammer when you walked in. You were wearing a purple shirt that complemented your very blue eyes, tall build, and blond hair. You were also with an older gentleman when you walked in. I have to say that both my sister and I found you extremely handsome! Hopefully you see this and know we were thinking about you ;) I was wearing a baseball T, hat, and purple shoes. thwandermere@gmail.com

A rainy day limerick There once was a man on Perry // Who, in his travels, grew weary. // And lest we be bored // He drew out his sword // And watered the sidewalk, all merry.

coffee I would enjoy coffee but I would ask that you give me a couple of weeks, I am very busy trying to handle a situation. I hope you can understand.

fear thank you for seeing the truth that my fear was about me. Please forgive me for being so cruel and angry and embarrassing everyone.

Sad but Happy As of June 30 2016, There will be no more wonderful, devoted and dedicated Foster Grandparents working with Spokane's children. Yes we are sad but we are also pleased that we had 14 years giving our utmost attention to the adorable, insightful children that we all had on a daily schedule. Thank you Catholic Charities for administering this program, you are appreciated.

city lights thank you for the show you are the most beautiful when you flash and dance

To the one with so much self-confidence You are an amazing, inspiring individual! You know who you are and wear your colors with pride. You are unashamed of being you and have no regrets. When you told me that even if you could change one part of your life, you simply wouldn't, I then knew how much true confidence you had in being you. I see nothing but happiness within you and am so happy you finally found it. I know it's now time to spread your wings and fly. I wish you nothing but the best and much success in all your future endeavors. You are so strong with such a beautiful heart. You just keep moving forward; keep walking with that aura of self-confidence; keep being an inspiration to others in the same way you've been an inspiration to me.

Here's to knowing who you are, wrapping rainbows with a sigh and taking breath away. You've even left me breathless and powerless beneath your spell.

Trashy Jeers to the green Lincoln Navigator with a burnt-out driver's side taillight traveling Nevada that thinks the world is their trash can. Hopefully the next time you dispose of your trash out the window, it will be a cop instead of myself. Act like a responsible adult and use a trash can.

Please: Leash your dog To the dog owners that "walk" their dogs without a collar and/or leash: I know you say your dog is "friendly," and then you make excuses when they snap or snarl at other dogs. When we politely ask you to hold your dog, it's not only because we question the demeanor of your pet, it's because we don't want your 1 year old "friendly" puppy to be jumping all over my 14-year-old dog. Would you let your 7-year-old leap up and tug on a 91-year-old? I didn't think so. Please respect the other dog on the leash.

North-South Freeway When the Davenport Hotel was sitting rotting away downtown FOR YEARS and came close several times to being torn down, Walt Worthy stepped in to save the day. During the process it was reveled that in the depths of the lower levels PCB's in mass quantities had been released into the ground. This was equipment I believe installed by then Washington Water Power over the years which had come back to haunt the building in a horrifying way. Quietly this issue went away. Now leap forward to 2016 when the Shocking news has been reveled that of all surprises the train yards in Hillyard (named after the bamboozler James J. Hill) have leaked vast quantities of oil and toxic fluids into the direct path of the N & S Freeway. Possibly holding the completion up for 20 years with clean up. You ask what's the difference between the two projects? I propose the difference is in WHO is going to foot and has the "Bill". Powerful people and companies or the perennial fall guy John Q Public? JQP the lay down and kick me guy will probably once again just lay down and be screwed for millions. I mean after all hasn't that been his usual stance when ask to grab his (this means you general public in Spokane) ankles? Hard to imagine you like it so much but silence equals consent. Just think the N & S Freeway won't be built in anyone's lifetime who is over say 20? Sad! AND costly!

Cigarette Butts I am sick to death of all of you who think my flower bed in front of our house on Rockwood Blvd is an ashtray. Every day I am out front picking up your nasty trash. Cigarette butts do NOT disintegrate, so stop using my beautiful flower bed to dispose of your trash.

Sacred Heart physicians should be ashamed of themselves Sacred Heart physicians should be ashamed of themselves for reserving all of the best hospital parking spaces for "Physicians Only." Even cold-hearted bankers leave the best parking for their customers. Grocers, pawn brokers, car dealers, you name it – everybody but physicians possess the humility to give the best spaces to their customers. Could you imagine seeing "bankers only" signs plastered all over a bank branch parking lot? It's even worse because you have to figure many of their patients are seeing them for painful conditions and could use a break with a closer in parking space. The "physicians only" signs come across like a big middle finger! What a disgrace!!! Show a modicum of empathy for your patients and LEAVE THEM THE CLOSE-IN PARKING!!!!! Sincerely, Grumpy Gout Sufferer. ♦

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