I Saw You

Week of May 5th

Cape boarding I saw you riding down Ray Street wearing a forest green Legend of Zelda cape on your skateboard.

Jem Girl I saw your beautiful smile and brown almond eyes in my dreams and in my life, as they once were and always will be. You are a Jem.

Hot Hoya Mom You are a mom of a CdA AAU Hoya player. I've seen you just a few times at AAU games and at FallFest (Schweitzer) this past year. You are a fit, really pretty blonde, that smiles a lot and seems to have positive energy. We already of something in common with a son about the same age. Like the opportunity, outside of the gym:), to meet you & have a coffee/glass of wine/beer!

Mr. Pockets I remember seeing you in the treasure house, and I want to thank you for your kindness and your huge heart. I hope to see you again and I hope you will be able to speak this time.

Are you an artist? I'm sorry if my greeting was weird last week at the GO. I had to know where I'd seen you before. I got nervous and seemed strange, I know and I apologize.

Re: Darlin You didn't leave much of a description. Not sure if it was me you are interested in. Send picture and more details to imafreightmover@gmail.com. If I'm the one I'll bring the beer!

Go CV Bears! Cheers to the CV artists for making it into the Vans Custom Culture Top 50! Way to go Jaiden, Lela, Juan, Abby and Jenna! Support CV at Vans.com/CustomCulture

Lending the Community a Hand Cheers to Mark Peterson of KXLY for his philanthropic work in the community. From home makeovers to reinvigorating ballparks for kids to digging up stumps from the windstorm and helping veterans. We need more like him.

Love Songs Suddenly it feels like all the love songs that ever existed are coming to life for me. I realize they were all written about you and me...

Good Guy Bloomsday Pamphlet Cheers to the runner instructions pamphlet Bloomsday puts out every year. Thank you for making the rules of the road witty and entertaining. It's tricky business telling 50,000 people what to do, but your humor about lost kids and erratic beach balls is one of the highlights of the race.

Your Birthday Wish Elli!! I know you've always wanted to see your birthday in this section and I can't think of a better way to say you are the most awesome, beautiful, wonderful best friend ever! Happy birthday Secret Agent E. I love you more than all moose in Russia.

Happy Mothers Day! Wanted to wish my beautiful mother Debra a Happy Mothers Day. She is the most amazing mom and has done so much for everyone. She's got a big heart and deserves so much. I love you mom. Love Ashley!

Get fit Thanks to Traci and Ken Zanol at Anytime fitness, Five mile. They have just added another 3,000 square feet to their fitness facility. Your clients think it's the best gym on the North side. Traci gets new equipment twice a year and really cares about her gym attendees. Not only is she giving us the option to stay fit but she has brought a lot of business to the Five mile district. They care about their clients and go out of their way to be personable and helpful every day. Kudos to both of you for caring enough to give 'the very best'. Beverley

Regarding Sacred Heart Parking Though I can totally sympathize with the fact that parking far away when you are in pain is hard, there is a very good reason that there is a "Physician Only" parking designation close by. Have you ever wondered where these Doctors are when traumas arise, your family members need a specialist to come see them, or are in crisis on the floor? Good chance that they were in the office, or at home before they were called in. They are in a rush to get to the patient to provide their expertise in their field. They should not be circling around trying to find a spot to park and get to the bedside. So though you are in pain and inconvenienced, remember that sometimes minutes can mean life and death and that this decision was not based solely on privilege but on the need for them to go to various hospitals to care for patients in need. So please don't trash the Doctors for something that is done by the facility in which they provide care, for there may come a day when you need them and wish they could get there sooner. Not to mention many Doctors give up countless hours of sleep and family time to provide care for those whom they have never met until they needed care. So they are not giving "the middle finger"! They are professionals and would never give the "Finger" to a patient in need.

NEWS FLASH! pedestrians first! Jeers to all the Spokane jerk drivers who deliberately do not stop for pedestrians when they have the right of way to cross the damn street! You have an endless supply of profanity and middle fingers directed your way from yours truly whenever this happens!

South Hill restaurant on 29th Ave To a South Hill restaurant who charged my table an extra .50 per person for splitting the check 4 ways. The unfortunate thing is the food servers will often be the ones to suffer when patrons begin deducting that amount from their tips. When asked about this practice, as I have never experienced it before, the owner chose to argue with me instead of thanking me for my feedback and bringing my concern to his attention. He lost 4 customers tonight when we were made to feel like an inconvenience for causing them to have to swipe 4 cards, that's just greedy.

Old but not hearing impaired Yes Bloomsday is a wonderful Spokane event, however emails have been sent to the Bloomsday committee to consider the senior building @ Jefferson & Sprague, just feet away from the Metal band playing blaring, deafening noise on Jefferson & Riverside. For the elderly, sick and disabled this is not a joyous event, it a like having a horrible nightmare that is impossible to wake up from. Please advise Bloomsday people, how we can get you to pay attention to us & put this noise somewhere else next year.

Rude My mom is a 20 yr vet of the USAF. We were at a hardware store and she parked in the spot that was designated for vets. While we were putting our stuff in her car and this old man who parked next to us just kept looking at my mom. Giving this disgusted look at her. It just made me so mad that the people today cannot accept that women can also be in the military and serve and protect our country. And obviously he's one of those people who have not come to accept that.

Deaconess Hospital, Inland Imaging and others It's very clear, we are not your patients, just your "accounts."

Bloomsday Protesters To the anti-abortion protesters perennially located just before the second mile on the Lilac Bloomsday course, you are making no friends with your graphic imagery. While you certainly have a right to peacefully voice your opinions, your displays have long since become disgusting and vulgar, well out of setting for this family event. For all this I still can't bring myself to despise you as your actions degrade yourselves far more then they do those of us who are forced to see them. I hope that you return to the realm of good taste soon as there is no reason we can't all be civil. ♦

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