I Saw You

Week of May 12th

Gorgeous Blue Eyes I see you sitting at your desk every day and your beauty is simply amazing. Every day your smile makes my day, but especially when it seems like it is just for me. I can easily get lost in those blue eyes of yours. If you are up for a bike ride, run or walk I'd love to steal some of your time. Some times it is difficult to get attention, but maybe one day...

Looking So my best friend just got a GF and I don't have anyone to play with. Go to movies, dinner, enjoy some new craft beers, etc. anyone want to come play? I'm 50 and have a great love of life and adventure! I love the outdoors, and...looking for a GF! I love the Inlander, for all its cool ideas of what to do on the weekends, etc!! So... I haven't "Saw" you yet, but... cute, single, adventurous, fun... let's meet!! Drinks, coffee, some new beers, etc.!

dear david Could we fall in love tonight?

@ Democracy Now Gentleman selling tickets — I hope someone tells you everyday just how handsome you are! If not, maybe a motorcycle ride to break the ice and make it a possibility?

May 6 - Liberty Lake Buying flowers at Home Depot after 8 pm. You wore a red shirt, glasses and permanent smile. I let you go in line in front of me and saw a tattoo on you right calf. As I left I noticed you waiting in your black Suzuki for me to leave the store. My curiosity has been awakened. Any chance I can see you there again? I need more flower supplies, will be there the next several Fridays at the same time.

Valley regal cinema girl You: ticket taking girl. I was swapping out a pair of closed captioning glasses. You said to me that I had very pretty eyes. I didn't think anything about it & just said thank you and went on my way. It been a few weeks since, but I keep thinking about what you said and wish I had complimented you in return. I wish I had asked for your #. If you see this, I'd like to get to know you. Possibly talk over lunch/dinner???

Lost ring at Costco Cheers to you for finding my pearl and diamond ring on Sprague Costco floor March 13... Cheers for calling me.

Happy Mothers Day! Wanted to wish my beautiful mother Debra a Happy Mothers Day . she is the most amazing mom and has done so much for everyone . she's got a big heart and deserves so much . I love you mom Love Ashley !

Double Eagle pawn On thursday the 5th my girlfriend stopped in to shop for a gift for her mother's birthday. While she was in there, the beach cruiser I got her for her birthday was stolen. Your staff was kind enough to give her a bike out of your inventory, so she wouldn't be stranded. Thank you for the act of kindness. You didn't have to do that. I will be returning the bike you loaned her, thank you very much.

Clear Lake Kids Fishing Day May 7 Just wanted to Thank all the volunteers, sponsors and participants at the Kids Fishing Day at Clear Lake Saturday. This was a very well organized and fun event for my three Grandchildren on Saturday, everyone involved had a wonderful experience for the first time of fishing. I was so very happy to see all the families alike having fun teaching and fishing. I am not a very good fisherman, but my Grandchildren thought they were catching the biggest fish you had ever seen. They talked about it all day long! Thanks for offering this to the Youth of the area! See you next year not all the BIG ones got away!!! THANK YOU!!!

Bloomsday Musicians Mega cheers to the terrifically talented young musicians who entertained us at Jefferson/Riverside corner on Bloomsday. I and most of my neighbors in the senior building close by enjoyed your upbeat tempo and choice of tunes. You brightened our day. Thanks! Hope to hear you next year

Abort Your Approach It's been awhile since I've penned one of these. But alas, Bloomsday arrived. Yes, that uplifting, community-engaging, family-oriented event every May. Unfortunately, in recent years, this celebration has been marred by a few proselytizing jackasses wielding large, full-color, graphic images of aborted fetuses. Shame on you for subjecting a captive audience to such imagery. Can't you express your message without those photos? I'm the runner who yelled at you to "take it down before the strollers come through," and the second time around as I pushed my small children past, there you and your gore remained, before the innocent eyes of children — yes, CHILDREN — and their parents who obviously didn't abort! But that's beside the point. You have the right to express your views, but with rights, come responsibilities. And it's incredibly irresponsible to subject people — especially children — to those images. And another thing — your homophobic poster declaring "People aren't born gay" just adds to your ignorance. Are you physicians? Psychologists? No, you are hate mongers, self-appointed preachers who spew negativity. Be thankful that among those 50,000 passersby, not one punched you in the face. I guess you're lucky the police were nearby. Next year, would somebody please get there early and set up something positive on that grassy knoll to the left in the first leg of the course? Maybe then those hypocritical haters will get OUR message, sans disturbing imagery: go home.

Stolen Honda To the person who stole a White 2002 HONDA with a broken drivers side tail light FROM Corbin Park early Sunday morning please bring it back no questions asked, or if you know the people who have the car, please contact crime check we really want our car back. Please have a heart and give it back.

Harley Terrorist To the Harley lunatic in his Harley jacket, I-90 westbound, Tues., May 3, 4:30 pm. I watched you ride one-handed, right leg outstretched, swerving across both lanes, nearly rear-ending a couple of cars, until you were on my tailpipe. Your attention and left hand were directed to your half-open jacket. Perhaps your were playing with yourself or maybe you had a chihuahua stuffed down there — I don't care. You then went past me while I, and other drivers no doubt, girded themselves for a chain-reaction crash. Kill yourself if you like while riding down some lonely country road, but please stop endangering others with your foolish stunts.

Dear Grumpy Gout Sufferer Dear Grumpy Gout Sufferer, I understand the point you were making about the preferred parking spaces for doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital. On the other hand, if I'm injured and have an emergency, I'd rather my doctor have accessible parking to get in and treat me rather than circling the garage looking for a spot. BTW-It's the same number of steps from any level of the parking garage to the elevator. Sincerely, It's Just Not that Big a Deal

Everyone hears you! It needs to stop! You go into your backyard to smoke and have extremely loud phone conversations about your consistently insane relationships. You yell curse words in a neighborhood of families with young children. YOU have 2 children of your own!!! It's so sad they have to hear this on a daily basis. Grow up! Get it together! Sober up! You are embarrassing your poor children and making a fool of yourself. I wish you could hear how crazy you sound while you yell into your phone. Seek help. I'm 35 years old and when I hear you scream obscenities it scares me, so I can't even imagine how your children feel. ♦

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