I Saw You

Week of May 19th

mini-chocolate chips & Gummi bears @ winco I noticed my cart was in your way and told you to move it if it was in your... then I saw you, and just left the sentence as though it were complete. I said i'd let you know if I saw the mini-chips, hoped to bump in to you before I left. Reply if you see this, freckles =) -the hat

Sweet talker at Holiday gas station To the gutsy man in a white truck May 11th at the Holiday gas station on Argonne... I was having a really bad day, until you so brazenly pulled up next to me and gushed about me. You may never know how perfect your timing was, or how very much I needed to hear that, so I must thank you... and no... the one I was with does not admire my butt as much as you!

BEERBAARON I saw you last night in a dream of mine. I enjoy you being there. You were bartending at a bar that I frequent. Perhaps we should hold an experiment to test its validity? Miss you, old friend.

Cottage Cafe Chicken Fried Steak Wednesday I saw you, you came in with 2 older women and an older man. You sat in the next booth, directly behind my daughter and son where I could see you. I thought you were wearing a wedding ring but it was actually a class ring on your left hand and it wasn't on your ring finger. I was just finishing my chicken fried steak breakfast when I heard you order the same. I thought to myself, what a woman! I tried to make eye contact with you many times and I think once or twice I was successful. If only I were better at these things, maybe I could have had the waiter say something or send over something letting you know I was noticing you. I think I have a lot of chicken fried steak in my near future... hoping to see you there again.

My Sweet Growler Girl I saw you at Growler Guys — you had the beautiful long hair and stunning eyes. We talked about your three evil stepsisters... it's easy to see why you're the princess. I was wearing the Monster t-shirt and had the lips tattooed on my neck. You remarked about how much cash I carry. Hope you see this before my next visit to Florida (if you know where that is).

I thought it was the little things You saw me, bringing you hugs. You saw me, making an attempt. You saw me, spontaneously stopping by to say hello, texting you to ask about your day or asking of you'd like to have dinner. I saw you, holding on to the past. I saw you, being unforgiving. I saw you, pretending to care purely out of kindness. I suppose its time to stop trying to see you.

YOU SAW ME? I am not sure if the message was meant for me and my blue eyes. However, when I see you, everything is good. When you stop by, it makes my entire day!! When I stop by, you aren't at your desk...so I am especially glad when you make the effort to take time to say hello. Thanks for lighting up my day with a brief hello greeting. How do I know if this is you?

Glowstick Girl: Today is Here You once wrote to me: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift — that's why it's called the present." Every single morning, I want to be part of your today. I'd love to see you; let's leave behind all of the yesterdays. — El Scorcho

CG, Your MAM photo shoot was HOT! I'm so glad we connected. You are one of a kind! Thanks for a first great date! I look forward to many more! Maybe some day you and I will be living in our dreamworld of surburbia! You know the two ways I mean this part — I'll see you at the movies! — AD

Lost Drivers License Thanks to public works worker who found my drivers license by SCC and was kind enough to track me down to return it. I hope some day I can pass the favor along.

Coffee warms the soul Conversation warms the spirit. Cheers to all my TRUE, AUTHENTIC friends who make time for me and give me that perfect blend of conversation with a cuppa Joe! You are one in a zillion!! I love each and every one of you very, very, very much! (Many thanks to my one friend who flew in from a photoshoot just to have coffee and conversation with me!)

Hello Batman Wish you could have traveled with this Batgirl. Could have been memorable and fun. If you were worried about articles of clothing in a tree, a chainsaw or trip to Costco would have solved that issue. Always on my mind.

Honda Guy on 29th With No-Li Sticker Dear gentleman I was racing with down 29th on Sunday, May 15th: Cheers buddy. We started talking at the light on 29th and Grand after ripping down the road, but as it turned green, I floored it because of the car behind us. I honestly felt terrible about driving off mid-conversation. So this is an apology, as well as a written high-five to you, Sir. Xoxo, the Black and White Mitsubishi Eclipse

P.S. The reason a Halloween custom (in May no less) causes drama is because some people love to create drama. No different than faking black to gain "advantages" in life. Apparently, we all want to be a different color.

Shame On You Female Klepto You walked into a South Hill Starbucks bathroom just after my friend left it. You obviously found her cell phone — as she waited for you to come out and she asked if you found it. You replied 'sucks to lose a cell phone doesn't it?' as you carried hers away. You are disappointing as a human and shameful. If it was me you'd be on the ground until I got it back and the police arrived to take your butt to jail. Count yourself lucky except for the karma that's headed your way. The picture and video memories you stole from her & her 4 children are priceless. SHE is a hard working woman and does not deserve the scent of jerks like you. Maybe you'll have a trace of decency and turn it in... but alas — I'm sure your selfishness is consuming you and destroying others left and right. Sad, really. Stealing is NEVER okay. I really hope you get caught someday soon.

Polka Dot Pottery, Not Karaoke To the two girls singing in polka dot pottery, this is not a karaoke bar. It is 5 pm on a Sunday and you are not only playing your own music on your phone when the radio is playing in the store, but singing loudly and off key while attempting to harmonize. While I should clearly love nothing more than to be serenaded by you whilst painting my dad a mug for Father's Day, please shut up and let me paint in peace.

Bad Inlander Dear Inlander, shame on you for helping transform a once beautiful city with a good value base into a Detroit-like parasitic hellhole that celebrates criminal illegal aliens, homeless bums, worthless bicycle lanes, blight, and wealth re-distribution. And faithfully comes the Inlander every week with its usual anti-white, pro-homosexual, anti-conservative social engineering absurdity that helped drive out law-abiding middle-class citizens from the interior of the city leaving a majority fatherless welfare voting demographic that elects a Marxist dictatorship of a city council further driving out businesses and remaining good citizens with values. Shame on you, Inlander.

Country Homes Rooster You've had the rooster for about a year and he's grown from struggling crower to full on cock-a-doodle-doer. I am able to hear him ALL DAY LONG from the privacy of my back yard. Cannot imagine what the neighbors on either side of you think. Having a rooster in our mostly quiet neighborhood is illegal but more importantly — extremely inconsiderate. Please, find a new home for the precious bird where he'll be appreciated and welcomed. ♦

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