I Saw You

Week of May 26th

Pretty Blue Police Interceptor You: driving a bright blue Ford Police Interceptor. Me: riding president in the car next to you. You turned and smiled with a very gorgeous face and glasses. When I turned to sneak a look at you again, you were laughing (hopefully not at my embarrassment!) You turned down a street on Nevada but also into my brain. I would love to see your smile again and meet for coffee. If you read these, drop an email at littleblueinterceptor@gmail.com

I still see you. In Winco deciding on where to drop off the marshmallows, at the gym working up a sweat, or in the mirror sitting on the couch having coffee. I still see the most beautiful woman ever! ToY

Red Truck Boy You: a medium height, sandy-haired journalist boy. You interviewed me a couple of weeks ago in the SFCC parking lot and I answered your questions as best I could, but I couldn't help but get lost in your deep eyes. Gazing into them was like falling into the ocean of your soul, and the way your hair swooped perfectly matched the swooping of my stomach. I found myself giddy with laughter and going blank at all your questions. I was the shortest blonde of the group. I would love to answer more of your questions sometime. Care to have coffee sometime at the place of your choosing? sunglassesgirl489@gmail.com

Cue Stick Clown In early March, at The Big Foot Tavern, you were getting cleaned out by your friends, who were betting against your ability to play pool with a broomstick as your cue. You hammed it up and were quite the clown about it. Maybe you were too tipsy to remember, but I was there with a friend, playing pool at the table next to you. We exchanged some smiles, and you made me giggle. I can't get you out of my head. do_eyed_doll@yahoo.com

re: May 6 - Liberty Lake Buying flowers at Home Depot Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I hope you still need gardening supplies in early June after 8 pm on a Friday :-). Check out the missed connections section on CL.

My blue cap (Go Hawks) A couple of weeks ago, you asked me to be patient. I have been and am waiting for your approach. I haven't seen you for quite awhile, but I am giddy with anticipation.

I'll always hold you close to my heart I'll never forget that night. You were at your house on Sanson and I was at my parents house in the basement trying to make you a song. I called you and you said and we hung up. My spirit broke along with my heart that night and the notes in that song bring me to tears whenever I hear them. I regret not being the man that I should have been. No matter what our current life situation leads our futures, I want you to know in your heart of hearts that I love you and our two little girls. Wake Me Up When September Ends, McPherson!

To my best friend of 13 years Ashlee or Ashwee as I call you, Ever since we met in high school, I knew we were gonna be best friends. We always had each others backs when it came to anything, we've always been willing and able to keep the other in check. We've both gone through a great amount of trials and tribulations in both of our lives, we've both been each others shoulder to cry on through these tough moment. With that being said I know the past week has been extremely rough for you but I am always here with open arms!! I'm always here to send you a silly photo to make you smile, and I am ALWAYS SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You are so wonderful and deserve all the good things in life!!! Thanks for being an awesome friend, I'm looking forward to seeing the next 13 yrs+ of our relationship. I love you with all my heart ASHWEE!!! Love, Amberlamb.

Good Inlander Cheers to the Inlander for helping transform our beautiful city with a promising future into an Inland Empire Wonderland that celebrates tolerance, diversity, helping the less fortunate, much needed pedal power lanes, sensible growth and living wages for all workers. I thank Buddha every week that you provide the usual racial equality, pro-humanity, progressive, socially equal excellence that helps encourage all Spokanites of all means to enjoy our livable, workable city. Gracias for informing families of all demographics to fairly elect a sensible forethinking citizens first City Council that supports small businesses and open minded, hopeful citizens. Good on ya Inlander. P.S. May the writer of last week's jeers to you suffer a miserable demise, wrapped up in a turd and urine-soaked Confederate flag at David Duke's wretched compound.

Best Garden Expo Ever The Inland Empire Gardeners would like to thank our amazing volunteers that make Garden Expo happen every year on the second Saturday in May. Shout out to our incredible vendors that put their heart and soul into our garden show. Cheers to the public that comes out in force to support Garden Expo! Mark your calendars for next year's show date, May 13, 2017 at Spokane Community College. Remember the Garden Expo is a show put on by gardeners and it will always be free!

Stone Cold Stranded A big THANK YOU to the Good Samaritan who went out of his way, along with his family, who stopped to offer help outside Stone Cold Ice Cream at Lincoln Heights the night of May 19th. My car had overheated and was leaking antifreeze. He not only stopped to help, he drove to O'Reilly's to buy not one, but two gallons of antifreeze/coolant. I had no cash and offered to send him what I owed. He told me not to worry about it. Thanks again to the Good Samaritan and hope I can return the favor someday. Pay It Forward Spokane!

Happy 36th Birthday, Tim! Born 5/31/80 in Los Angeles. May it be one of the best birthdays ever with many more to come. I wish you nothing but the best. You are continually in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

my favorite customer and friend Dear terisa I am so thankful for u u are the one that was there when I went down and u saved my life I am so greatful that u came in at the time u did if there was anyway to say thank u I would I litteraly owe u my life u are a wonderful person and I will always be happy to see u in the store

Adding drama to grief Shame on the brother/sister act who used their own sibling's memorial service to serve your own interests. Shame on you for disregarding the wishes of the deceased simply because they did not suit you. Greed and manipulation have no place at a time like this. Shame on you for taking what was promised to another without discussion, consideration, or respect for anyone but yourselves. May he rest in peace, while you find none!

Skinny Jeans? This skinny jeans thing is getting ridiculous. If your waist size is bigger than 28, or you weigh more than 130 lbs., please don't wear anything with the word 'skinny' on the label. They are called skinny and not sausage jeans for a reason! Has our society forgotten what shame is? ♦

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