The obvious has finally hit me I first saw you on Dec 3, 2014. When I met you, I knew my life would change forever, I just wasn't sure how much I would allow it to change, a little, or a lot. I have always been a free spirit, loved to travel, could never sit still and was/am a constant thrill seeker. It was unclear where you could possibly fit into my life, though I knew I would never keep you out of it. Seventeen months later, you have taught me that I could love unconditionally, something I never knew possible. I was comfortable seeing you a week a month, that was my mistake. When you put out your arms when you see me, it is the greatest feeling in the world. The distance between us benefits no one, especially me. "Just hold on, you're coming home." I love you Hendrix, I could not imagine a world without you. I can't wait to show you your new home. Love, your father.

I may have missed my chance, but here's me making a move It was May 14, a quiet Saturday at Iron Goat Brewery. I was alone at the bar, wearing a black T-shirt and listening to other people's conversations. You were sitting by the windows near the front door with other people. We made eye contact when you ordered another beer at the bar and I wished you would say hello. We kept making eye contact and you have your ears gauged with black plugs. Your friend was wearing a hat. I kicked myself afterward for not bribing the bartender to give me your name. I hope you see this and I hope my memory wasn't skewed by the high abv's of the beers I was drinking. Shoot me an email at: if this may be you.

Rockwood Construction Hottie! I saw you walking out of the new Summit building site, hard hat in hand, construction orange T-shirt, and orange backpack. You stood tall and handsome, strong arms and a look my way left me beaming for the rest of my day.

Re: Bad Inlander I write this hoping that I'm addressing a mere internet troll. You'd be an unscrupulous one yet, far less inhibiting to the progress of this fair city than the ignorant typist that you portrayed. In the unfortunate event that these comments were made by an individual who was stating an earnest opinion (I'm typing with a wry smile) I feel compelled to say a few things. The Inlander does not arrive in stands all over Eastern Washington and North Idaho without cause. There exists an audience. Figuratively, a tide of people. Young and old and gay and straight and Native American and Mexican and all. You are alone. You will die alone in a world that no longer has need of your opinion. You have failed to stay relevant. The young, and the elderly who have managed to keep their minds sharp, will progress without you.

Trader Joe's Rock Star Cheers to Female Employee with Short Blonde Hair (I think?!) at Trader Joe's on the South Hill, who absolutely went above and beyond on May 19. I came in on crutches due to a recent achilles surgery. Meanwhile, in the car was my wife and our newborn daughter, and we were on our way home for the first time from the hospital. You not only helped me gather up the things I needed in the store and helped me get through the check out line, but you went way above and beyond and, on a whim, put together a free bouquet of flowers as a gift for my wife, and helped me walk out to the car, and deliver them to her. Thank you so very much! What a special moment, on a very special day for us. Cheers to you!

A real conversion? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am shocked that 3 issues have gone by without the usual vicious, mean-spirited, name-calling attacks in commentary from Robert Herald against conservatives. Could it be that the Inlander finally realizes (like Mark Zuckerberg) that half of it's readership is made up of it's conservative neighbors and customers? Did Robert finally look in a mirror and realize that everything he accused his enemies of doing, he was, in fact, doing himself? Whatever the reason, how nice it is to read an issue without feeling hated. Peace out.

Thanks, dude. Thanks, Ghost of David Foster Wallace, for buying me a drink at the Violent Femmes concert. Also, thanks for not being creepy about it; I really appreciate that. (I was the girl in the black dress/plaid shirt standing alone at the bar.)

Old couple playing cribbage on 5/24 The Cottage Cafe is a great little place to go have beakfast or lunch. Everyone knows that if they go there, they're going to have to wait to get a table, and everyone is glad to do it. You probably had to wait for a table yourselves, but that doesn't mean you can sit and play cribbage at your table when you're don't eating. You were at the only table in the place that seats just two people. All the while, five couples sat waiting for a table that is meant to eat at, not play cards. Play cards at home or go to a trashy place you belong. Have some consideration for others. I hope you read this. To all of you who go to the Cottage Cafe, eat your meal, then promptly leave. Thank you! If you've never eaten at the Cottage Cafe, go there. Its the best place in town. Well worth the short wait. Staff is incredible and the food is even better. Sincerely yours, Fruit instead of hashbrowns no blueberries.

Re: Bad Inlander I would like to give a warm message to the person that clearly has the time to rant about how the Inlander has ruined Spokane. I just want to say, alongside with the rest of the members of the Inlander and Spokane, that you are utterly foolish and that the rest of us don't even want to bother wasting their time with you.

I will wear whatever I want Society hasn't forgotten what shame is, evidently, since you seek to shame someone or put them in what you perceive as their place. For what reason, though, honestly? Enough fat shaming. Since most men who wear skinny jeans are over 130 pounds and don't have 28 inch waists this seems aimed at women who wear them who don't fit your mentality. Get over it. People are going to wear what they're going to wear. Good for them. I praise every single person rebelling against this stuff as a hero. Skinny jeans, jeggings just means body hugging. And I have one fabulous body to hug, damn straight. When I wear jeggings, I look GREAT! Thank you very much! Just try and fill my jeans... good luck!!!

North Spokane Corridor I am only 19 but I have been waiting on this Freeway forever. I don't understand why the City of Spokane and WSDOT can't agree on when it will be finished. Seriously? It's a freeway. The NSC itself should be physically 70 or more years old by now if it's actually that f---in' important. The idea of a North-South Freeway in Spokane has been in the works since the end of World War 2. For real? Why does it take THAT long to build a 10-miles-long freeway?

Body Police Need a New Hobby To the person who felt it was their public duty to judge fellow citizens for daring to wear skinny jeans if they happen to be over 130 pounds or a size 28, I would first like to compliment them on their extensive medical knowledge and mastery of telepathy. Surely such things allow them to know another person's waist size and weight simply by observing them as they pass on the street. Second, I would like to encourage such a person to take leave of watching people in skinny jeans and pursue a new hobby or career. With that level of intellect and skill, perhaps in a few years, they could find a cure for cancer, or learn to predict the stock market. The world is wide open. ♦

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