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Week of June 16th

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Brunette in Orange My crew was coating the parking garage deck at Unico/Bank of America when you walked by, beautiful brunette with an orange top and skirt. You caught us staring, and looked back with a knowing smile. We'll be working there for awhile, so hope to see you again. Sure made my day!

Any weekend on the scene To all you guys out there who go out and watch all the ladies dancing together. If we are there, yes, we do sometimes want to dance and be approached. Stop being afraid to talk to us. Just come up and say Hi and don't be a creeper. If you don't know if you are a creeper, (hint) If we say we don't want to dance or we avoid talking to you...then you are that creeper, and you should probably move on to a more age appropriate venue. Younger woman are not interested in talking to you older men, but we would like talk to those who are closer to our age. Please don't be shy and say Hi.

The lovely Margot Lane Sorry I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye after our closing show, so I'll resort to this form of communication and hope you see this. Thanks for being such a good actress and delightful person, hope you and Master Christian are doing well. Maybe I'll be so lucky as to see you around someday... – Ever your "Shadow"

After Pride Girl with fancy camera at Stray after Pride. You took a picture of me and my friend (both of us hipster-ish types with glasses) while we were making out out at the bar, then checked with us to see if it was okay. Being with my friend was the highlight of the weekend and I'd love a copy of the photo you took.

In honor of Pride Month A HUGE THANK YOU to The Inlander, INBA and members, OutSpokane, OUTSpoken, Odyssey Youth Spokane AIDS Network, TALL, GSA, PFLAG, NYNE, Sintopia: The Summer Web Series and everyone else for all you do for the LGBT community. Many thanks also to all the supporters, sponsors and allies. All of you make Spokane a great place to live where the LGBT community can be out, about, loud and proud! Also, to the SUPPORTIVE, LOVING parents of LGBT children, youth, adults etc., cheers and thank you!!!!!

To the wonderful LGBT ally couple For your massive outpouring of love, commitment, dedication, support and generosity; for being there through all the difficult times and struggles that I, along with my crew, have gone through. You both taught us how important it is to embrace our friends, family and also our fans; how we should never be so busy that we don't have one minute to spare. So thank you! And thank you for teaching us that we should never be too busy for our family, friends, fans... and even our allies. Cheers to you two!

Sheer Talent Dance Competition Cheers to all the dancers at the Dance Moms competition at the INB last Saturday! I had the pleasure of working backstage lineup with each of you, and I was so impressed at the professionalism and the enthusiasm you all displayed. Cheers to the teachers and parents that were there to support, as well as everyone else who worked hard to make the event happen. Bravo!

Meet me in Outerspace When you asked for my number that night we met at the Lantern, I completely panicked! My last relationship was toxic and I was not interested in meeting anybody for a long while. You have been the most patient, kind, and mellow friend to me for the past 3 months. You saw through the protective shell and thick skin I wear as a facade, and told me I was worth the wait. I asked myself, "Is this real life?!" Yes, yes it is, and for the first time in a long while I feel like myself again. I am happy. I am confident. I am no longer afraid. Cheers to you for accepting me as I am, for mellowing me out, for being the most disciplined and responsible person I know, and for being the best cuddler... Thank you for being tangible proof that there are still good guys out there, and that it is not necessary for anyone to settle for less than they want and deserve! Will you be my boyfriend?

Good Samaritan To the nice man who witnessed the car vs. bike accident on 5th and Jefferson on June 6 and offered to take me and my bike home, thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done otherwise! While the driver of the offending vehicle did stop and ask if I was okay, he didn't show nearly as much genuine concern and made no offers of help. I'm so glad there are still people like you in the world (even if there are people like him, too). I'm healing up fine and so thankful that it wasn't a more serious accident. Thank you for your kindness!

Happy Birthday Miss M I miss you and think about you all of the time. I wish you love and happiness and hope you are well. :* S.C.E.

Afraid of competition? Jeers to those who put their candidate's signs up in front of others to block the opponent. There is plenty of room – you needn't do that unless you are worried about the competition in spite of all the big money you have behind you. How about not being so childish? Share the area and let the constituents of the 5th District choose.

Abuse to make a kid run flights of stairs crying while you yell at him To the man yelling at the teenage/preteen boy, what you did is abusive. I don't know who you are. I don't care what the kid did, and why you threatened him with being thrown out of school if he didn't run the flights of stairs in a building close to Huckleberry's Friday, June 10, but when anyone is almost out of breath and wheezing and crying and you make them run flights of stairs, that's abuse, not discipline. There are better ways. It's also scary to anyone passing by! To the boy: Please reach out for help and support. It's out there. This kind of abuse will go on for years of your life, otherwise. I don't want you to end up another teen boy who has committed suicide and everyone wonders why.

Jeers to myself I'm jeersing myself in an attempt to apologize the David the waiter at Golden Corral. I didn't even think of bring cash to leave a tip at a buffet. You were very attentive, and refilled my ice tea 3 times, and cleared my daughter and my plates from our table as soon as we were done. You definitely deserved a tip, and I feel like an a-hole for not leaving one. Sorry again.

What happened to the Craft and Trade Fair ????? Drove to Northport expecting a full weekend of Music and Fun, to find it had been canceled. Very surprised and disappointed after seeing a full page color ad on the back of the Inlander this week. WTH?

No Control Jeers to gun advocates. You say, "guns don't kill people, people kill people". That is a correct statement, I'll give you that. However, I say, people kill people, and certain guns make it easier to kill 49, and injure 53. It's time for a change.

Spray Tanned Mummy George Nethercutt, you irrelevant, spray tanned, denture wearing mummy. While you decry Donald Trump's penchant for personal attacks while making unsubstantiated claims, you indulge in the very same loathsome behavior when you refer to Ms. Clinton as "crooked" and inherently dishonest, among other things. While she may be these things, where is your proof? Kevin McCarthy admitted on the record that the Benghazi probe was about nothing more than smearing Clinton for the Presidential campaign. The e-mail kerfuffle seems to be as much of a nothing. We get it. In your world "Republicans good... Democrats bad," but at least try to refrain from the sleazy behavior that you were denouncing in the first place and try to sound at least the tiniest bit subjective in your self congratulating monthly nonsense. ♦

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