I Saw You

Week of June 23rd

ice cream cart cutie we made eye contact a few times and i saw you smiling as you drove away, then you turned around and i waved like a goofball at you as you drove past again. should have flagged you down and got your name and number. thanks for making my day with your cute smile and good attitude.

COSTCO PHARMACY I was behind you today in the line at the north COSTCO pharmacy dept. You asked if I would save your place while you looked at something on a shelf. Your hair was pulled back and you had a small pink bow in it. Wonderful smile, cute freckles, very easy on the eyes. You thanked me again as we were both checking out. If you aren't otherwise committed, I would like another chance to stand in line with you. If you respond to this I will put an e-mail address in the I SAW YOU column.

TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME Thank you for never noticing how crazy i was about you. You never accepted my friendship instead you accepted her. I respect that, I will never bother you again. The person that really cared for me was there the whole time in front of my face, I never noticed him because i was dumb enough to think that someday you were going to like me. I wish you happiness always.

Crying on your Pride Flag All I could do was sit next to you and hold you. I'm not good with words so I didn't know what to say. I wish I would have said something. Now I will (hoping you will see this). You matter to me. You are cared for. You are a vital part of this community. You are loved... by me.

Your big heart I've seen you around town. Medians, freeway off ramps, and bus stop benches, to name a few of your favorite places. Your red background is bright, but what stands out the most to me is your big white heart and what you stand for. You stand for the nurses at Sacred Heart Hospital. You stand to make the community aware that you care about them. You stand to make the community aware of how important it is that Providence care about the health and well being of their nurses. You stand so the community knows that your heart only wishes to maintain what you still have rather than gain anything extra. You stand so the community is aware of what Providence has already taken from their nurses in recent years. That being retirement funds and a decent health care plan that was replaced with a health care plan that requires a $6000-$9000 deductible be met before you have any health insurance at all. You stand so the community knows about the millions of dollars administration makes each year and the $600,000 dollar bonus... BONUS that was deposited into some administration pockets last year. You stand around town because Providence Sacred Heart nurses want to say to the community how very hard we work at our jobs, we sacrifice ourselves in so many ways, but still we love what we do. You stand around town to show Providence that the Washington State Nursing Association WSNA is UNITED and will not sacrifice anymore takeaways to benefit the pockets of administration and their lavish livelihoods while they ignore their own mission, vision, and values statement that their nurses stand behind. Providence Sacred Heart nurses are asking our community to notice around town and support our bright red signs with the big white heart.

Daddy Mac's Owner, June 16. Corner of Montgomery & Van Martyr. U really saved my day! Helped me so wouldn't have to walk for miles to find bus change! You are right 1 good turn deserves another & since you wouldn't accept repayment am hoping to bring you added business!! You are awesome! Thanks!

not included I am the elderly lady who fell off the city bus near the Plaza on Thursday, June 9. I have a toy Maltese service dog who kept trying to lie on top of me as I lay on the sidewalk, profusely bleeding from a head wound. Some kind man kept her near me on her leash so she would get off me. Another held my head down for the nearly 90 minutes it took for the ER help, since I kept trying to sit up to see where she was. He was the one who told me I was bleeding. There was also a nice lady who called 911 and a daughter for me, and stayed by me the hour it took for 911 to tell her since the dispatched fire truck never came for an hour 911 were now sending an ambulance. Cheers to these extra special people.

S.C.E. Dave, Thank You so much for the kind words and birthday wishes! xoxo I wish you all the best today and always. Miss M

Re: Cheers to Work Wives & Husbands Sunshine, you aggravated my mild alcohol dependency while lifting me up and reminding me to smile. From time to time, the clock hits five and I have a mild sense of existential angst. I wonder what to do with myself, and what's missing. But these moments are becoming more and more infrequent, and when they arise I quickly recall to mind that the answer is always, "Anything, so long as it's fun." In Thailand I was often told, "Don't be serious." You renewed this mantra in a new context. So cheers back to you. And here's to new beginnings.

Re: old couple playing crib As a 75 year old person, I find it rude and inconsiderate to occupy a table in a restaurant or coffee shop for more than an hour or however long to enjoy a meal or coffee. We have left such places because there was no place to sit. Who do you think you are? The world doesn't owe you anything. These places are in business to make money, not babysit anybody. There are other places to play games, do your homework or other time consuming activities, like in your own home.

South Hill Dog Park Jeers to the "mother" at the Dog Park on Regal and 64th. You brought your kids and dogs there on 6/15. Your 3-4 years old children were barefoot. Really? So you take them to a dog park, of all places, to run around on sharp gravel and animal crap and piss. You deserve the Mother of the Year Award. Gross. Just sayin'.

Deadliest Catch of Spokane: Caught! Hey Girl(s) everywhere: Paul absolutely cheated on you/definitely is cheating on you/without a doubt will cheat on you with tons of other chicks... Should have trusted your guts... but now you know for sure. Just hope you didn't catch anything!

Upper Manito Water Waste I have just taken my 3-year-old to the park at Upper Manito and when we arrived at 9 am my wife and I were curious as to why the splash pad's water was running. We sat there while my daughter played on the equipment and the water just kept running even though nobody hit the button. The work crew was coming around to change the out the garbage bags and I stopped him and asked him my the water was on when nobody had hit the button. He told me that park had been hit by lightning last November and ever since then, when the water was turned on, the fountains just kept going. He said the computer was fried and just kept running. In a state with water restrictions, huge forest fires, and towns and cities asking for water constraint, allowing the fountain to go 24-7 is ridiculous. If the city can't afford to fix it just turn it off. It's 63 degrees and nobody is using it so it shouldn't be wasting thousands of gallons of water and destroying the environment.

Aggressive Bartender A group of us entered a pub for the start of Elkfest and I stepped up to the bar with my friend's money to purchase some drinks for the group. After handing the brunette bartender with glasses $30 for five drinks, I handed them out. I was walking past the bar when the bartender said "I'll remember you motherf***er." I was confused and said "What?" She said, "You see what happens next time you step up to my bar after not tipping." My friends and I had planned on staying there for dinner and we would've tipped after finishing our meals/drinks. I have been a loyal customer for years, but thank you for solidifying my resolve to never attend your pub again with any of my friends! ♦

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