I Saw You

Week of June 30th

Wake Up Call in the Valley A: We keep looking at each other?! If it's more than professional friendliness, you need to make the first move... for obvious reasons :).

STA Bus Barn Bench Sitter You make my evening when I see you sitting, reading your book. As I go by and you look up, makes me smile. You are a very handsome, intriguing man. Just thought I'd let you know that you brighten someone's day, every time we met eyes. Enjoy your books!

Is my distant friend back again? :) Do you ever get the feeling like some one you knew from your past, is watching you? Then you think you've seen them? If you have, then you know what I'm talking about. When I was at school when I was younger, an older guy liked me. He was about four years older than me but yet he always spied on me. We never really talked to each other but some how, we both knew what we were both thinking. We just had this connection. And for about five years, we played the like game at school. To this day, I still feel like he can see me. May be I'm crazy. Maybe he still likes me and I have seen him around lately. The last time I saw him was on December 13, 2011. It was during my winter concert at school. I just don't know what to think. I just want to be able to see him again and this time to talk to him. We had some misunderstandings and a few bad days, but life does go on. Do you know who I am spying, buddy? Did you ever love me? Are you back in my life for real this time? Talk to me on Facebook, but first accept my friend request.

To the caring, kind, loving, supportive, compassionate woman Who took the initiative to send out emails of hope and encouragement to different organizations and individuals within the LGBTQ community after the Orlando tragedy; to let them know that all of them mattered to her; that she cared. I cried when I read the sweetest, most sentimental email ever sent to me. Then I asked if she had sent similar emails to others and if so, if there was a response. She sent a lot of emails but wasn't yet finished sending them all out. Yes, she had gotten a few responses, but that's not why they were sent and she never expected any responses at all. "If there's ever been a time the LGBTQ community needs allies, it's now more than ever." That's why she sent out those emails. So I thank you for being there for us. You have a very beautiful heart. You are truly a diamond in the rough.

Thanks Firefighters! Thanks to the Spokane firefighters who responded so quickly when my pickup engine caught "fire" on Friday evening. I appreciated your calm demeanor and kindness as I was panicking over what turned out to be a not-so-serious problem. I followed your suggestions and was able to get my beloved pickup home safely and quickly. Thank you all!

Chef Tyler at 1889 Public House Chef Tyler is an amazing chef! Everything at 1898 Public House is excellent! He not only creates the best dishes, he also brings it out to you! How many chefs do that? I love coming out there to eat! Great Chef, great view, and great service!

Cheers to Rosauers, Jeers to "service dogs" Rosauers, locally owned, is my 'go to' store: local, great customer service, good quality and prices! Cheers! I went to pay for my groceries, found I'd put my wallet down, told the clerk, who after looking in lost and found without success, said she'd hold the groceries for me at checkout, and we could work out something. Returning to checkout empty handed, she gave me my wallet, with her bright smile and no judgement. Cheers! Thanks to the customer, who turned it in intact. Cheers! I'd left it in the banana bin. There's no small irony in that. Jeers on me! ... and Jeers! to the customer walking her dog through the store a week earlier. The dog had nothing to identify it as a service animal. I asked two staff about it, and they said all Rosauers can do by regulation is post signs at the doors of the store. Staff are not allowed to ask customers for verification, it's considered a potential violation of rights. Meantime staff clean up after dogs and their owners. Jeers! Disability stickers are required for folks to park in handicapped spots. Cheers! All customers can be asked for verification of ID in all sorts of situations and places. Cheers! For the good of all, let's put in place reasonable guidelines for verifying the status of a service dog. Cheers! How about a coalition of disabled folks and advocates, grocery stores and their associations and public health to resolve this issue. Cheers! Thanks Rosauers, strong community members.

Keep texting I bought a cheap car that I don't care about. By all means continue texting while swerving all over your lane. I will no longer try to avoid you. I will let you hit me. I am old and have cheap insurance! Have fun!

>Grow Up If you're over the age of 25 and decide to break it off with your significant other through a text message, you are a coward. You remember what life was like before technology and have the ability to grow up and act like an adult instead of hiding behind your phone. If you have enough courage to ask someone out from the beginning, let your guard down, and share yourself with someone, then you should have the courage to be honest face-to-face about your feelings.

Kreacher To the young lady that decided to decided to pull my best friend to the ground while her back was turned, I dedicate this to you. I have had the pleasure of going out every Hoopfest weekend since I was 18 years old. It is always a joy to meet nice out-of-towners and locals who are just having a good time. Last night, however, I encountered an enslaved house elf. It is easy to tell these creatures apart, because they wear drab by old clothes and act as tho they are enslaved to men. You decided it was OK to pull my friend to the ground when her back was turned, because she was taking to your master. Bad elf. I feel sorry for you Kreacher. Your self-esteem is that low. Just know the next time I see you, I will not be setting you free with a sock. I will in fact, be dusting off my wand and pulling an AVADA KEDAVRA curse on you.You are lucky I was using Moaning Myrtles' room at the time of this offense, otherwise you, lonely house elf, would be worse off. N ext time your try and give a "kiss of death" remember that you are a house elf, You are not a Dementor. You do not hold this power... And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, go to your nearest library (a place to check out books), as I'm sure Irma Pince would help you.

To the horrible drivers coming out of Nine Mile These are the two worst types of extreme drivers coming out of Nine Mile on weekday mornings making it hell: The ones who drive 5-7 mph under the speed limit WHEN THERE IS NO RAIN OR SNOW AND IT IT IS PERFECTLY DRY and there are LITERALLY 20 Cars behind you and you don't pull over. PULL OVER and let all the other cars pass you! It's common courtesy! The other driver is a hazard to everyone's life: They often are driving some gigantic Truck or SUV and going down big Sandy or up it but especially down it, they charge around the other drivers, even illegally crossing over the lines to pass people up on snowy, icy and rainy days who just aren't going fast enough for them. IS IT ANY WONDER WE HAVE HORRIBLE ACCIDENTS?!?!? Stop being selfish and stop putting other people's lives in danger with your reckless death wish! Why do the cops never pull these trucks over? Instead I see the cops pulling over people who go the same speed as the rest of traffic. Ridiculous! I'd like to see the cops pull over these behemoths and road bullies going up and down big sandy and trying to mow everyone over! ♦

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