I Saw You

Week of July 7th

Literature & Libations And I thought to myself, "the Baby Bar is an awfully dark place to read a book, I wonder if she's reading anything familiar? It's noisy in here too, it must be a good one." So I leaned toward you and asked. Sure enough, it was a Christopher Moore page turner; yum! We briefly discussed our favorites by the author and then a smoke bomb went off or something because I'm pretty sure you just vanished into thin air! Hey, where'd you go? Let's start a book club! Yours Truly, BabyBarFlyGuy

Zip Trip on Altamont July 1st, 8:30 am This morning I fell head over heels for you, why did I let you go without at least trying to know you better? About 6', trimmed silver beard, perfect fitting jeans, and yummy. You helped a stranded kid with some gas. I told you, "that was sweet", you shrugged, an aw shucks kind of comment. If there is a god, we will meet again. BTW, I drive by that station every work day, and will be looking for you!

Home depot air conditioner Me, in work clothes in line before you on the morning of Friday, July 1. You, purchasing an air conditioner. I was going to ask to help you load it in your car but I lost you in parking lot. Iced coffee sometime perhaps ?

contractors Thank you Accent stove and Spa of Spokane. Your excellence in sales and installation of my new stove insert and the way you treated me as a veteran was priceless. KUDOS To you.

Thank you! I want to send a shout out to the person who paid for my Starbucks coffee in the drive thru this morning (June 29). I've had a rough couple of months and that really made my day! Thank you for giving me a positive boost. I'll never forget it.

To My Shadow Prince who always comes through for me. When I'm ready to give up, somehow you just know, and you are always there, pulling me through. Thank you, my Shadow Prince!

From me to you: a scratch behind the ears You run errands for neighbors. You hand your umbrella to moms herding kids through thunderstorms. You volunteer in schools, leave campsites better than you found them, walk shelter dogs, and pick up after them on the sidewalk. See my tail? It's wagging because of you. Love, Hobbes

South Hill Library Parking Lot Guardian Angel My deepest thanks to the kind person who put a note on the window of my Jeep, parked at the South Hill branch of the Spokane Public Library on 6/30, to let me know that I had a nail in my passenger-side rear tire. If you had not drawn my attention to it, I doubt that I would have noticed until the next morning, when the tire would have been entirely flat. As it was, I was able to drive directly to a tire place and have repairs made. You are a life-saver and the best sort of quiet hero. I sing your praises!

Beggars Begone To the obese blonde male beggar with a cardboard sign at Division and Wellesley on 27 June: Have you no shame? First of all, you're a fat slob which indicates you are well fed. Second, the cigarette you were smoking and trying to hide behind your back while the cars were passing by indicates you wanted somebody else to pay for your $10 pack of smokes. Third, the large cell phone you sneakily kept checking as you were holding the sign indicates it was probably an IPhone 6 with all the bells and whistles that you wanted someone else to pay for. If anybody reading this that has ever given a beggar money on Spokane streets, know that you are giving these dregs free money for cigs, booze, and/or weed. There are so many birth-to-death entitlements today that no one needs to beg openly and shamelessly to survive. Only a fool gives beggars money in America.

Spokane 2 Moose 0 Kids still take guns to high school. People still pick up small animals in major parks and take them to Ranger Stations — Helping!!?? Idiots in Spokane still get out of their cars to chase moose — sometimes the size of a horse until they have to be put down. Know how to prove people don't read? There have many quite a number of stories just recently about National Parks and stupid people. No One Ever Learns to do the right thing! Stop — try to Think — leave the little animal alone. DON'T get out of your car to take a selfie! Don't be so Dumb! Remember only You can increase the level of intelligence!

The Hallway is A Road When I was at Ferris High School, I got slammed into a wall, just because I asked the perpetrator to walk on the right side of the hallway. Everywhere I go, I have to watch out for people who can't (or won't) move faster than 1 mile per hour, in a group that's big enough to take over the NorthTown Mall, all the while preventing me from passing. The same is true at Wal-Mart. I cannot travel more than a couple aisles without almost hitting somebody with my cart. But in each instance, I am on the right side of the hallway and the other person seems to suddenly fly from a perpendicular aisle right in front of me. Then I have a huge crush of people moving toward me on the wrong side. If you think I'm going to move my cart to let you pass, think again. If it is illegal to drive on the wrong side of a freeway, what makes it okay to walk on the wrong side of a hallway? And then you have the audacity to get mad at me for almost hitting your toddler when she jumped in front of my cart?! No! You walk on the RIGHT. Not on the left, not straight down the middle, ON THE RIGHT. I'm tired of having to swerve because you are walking like a staggering drunk!

What Comes Around Goes Around MAJOR jeers to the disgusting thief who decided to break into my car on July 2 while I was working at Dominos in the valley. Thank you for stealing my phone and wallet; not only ruining my day, but costing me seven hours of work, $200 towards a new phone and $55 for a new license that I can't even get until after July 4th weekend. Not to mention the countless hours of running around town to reactivate cards, and making endless phone calls to automated machines. I hope you enjoy your 10k gold bracelet, punch automatic and two plier set that you charged $202.33 with my credit card at Sears! I am a poor college student works part time to support herself. I utilize my phone to help me deliver to costumers at a quick rate, and you rendered me and my store in a helpless position when you left the only delivery driver they had that morning incapable of doing her job. I also have bills and rent, and count on my hours to get by. SHAME ON YOU!

jeers to service dogs? Obviously you're ignorant about the laws regarding service animals. A simple Google search could have informed you about the law before you made an ass out of yourself. Service dogs by law do not need anything to identify themselves as a service dog. Those little vests you see some of them wearing is a choice the handler has made to stop unwanted attention and questions. By law, no business can ask what a person's disability is or prove the dog is in fact a service animal. You're actually calling for business to discriminate against someone that's already having a rough enough life? You are one sick puppy, no pun intended.

Stolen Valor To those "turd(s)" who stole my U.S. flag this weekend; That flag was a gift given to me by a special friend and a dedicated soldier while serving in Iraq. That flag flew high over the U.S. Embassy in the "Green Zone." That flag is easily identified but I will not go door to door in search of my flag! Enjoy a piece of history, a lot of U.S. troops lost their lives in Iraq so that the flag you took would hang over the Embassy once again. ♦

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