I Saw You

Week of July 14th

Invisible Man I saw you, having a great time with our old friends, bbqs and parties, replacing me with your new husband. I see our old friends but they don't see me. Holidays, Birthdays, the birth of our first grandchild went unnoticed in my home by all except for me. They say one should be happy for other people and their fortunes and happiness. You see me acting happy for you. My kids see me acting happy for you. No one else sees me.

Spokane Steelers Fans As the season is getting closer I see you getting ready and amped up for football season. We need to plan a get together to greet and meet. Check us out on FB: Spokane Steelers Fans so we can meet and plan for a fantastic football season. Don't go at it alone lets have a great time together and watch some football.

playing basketball in CDA on the 4th of July posting this for a friend who was too shy to say hi to you. You were playing basketball in CDA on the 4th of July around 4 pm. You're tall, dark skinned, and would have been wearing purple and yellow shoes and a black and white flag shirt. She is short, long highlighted hair, was wearing a black baseball hat, shorts, and chuck Taylors. She noticed you noticing her at the basketball court, and then saw you again walking to the bars around 5. If you think this is you or someone you know please send me and email at jeggwagner@hotmail.com

Treefingers Shut the french door! I can't believe it's been a little over a month since we really first saw one another, even though we have seen each other so many times before, Ladybug. I've seen who you are, who you were, and who you will be, and I can't wait to see what we will become. Always grab 2 to share with me. I can't wait to see you again, whether it's up in a tree, dancing downtown, or in the middle of the night at Pooch's Perch watching the city lights dance across the color spectrum. <3

Dear Looking So you are upset because your BF now has a girlfriend. How old are you? Grown-ups can have friends and relationships. Ever think that it because your inability to behave in an appropriate manner? Grow up, behave, act your age.

Young and carefree I saw you first across the throng at the Saturday Market — you were looking for skirts, and I was watching the acrobats. Then I saw you walking on the beach at Manzanita, looking as peaceful as you had in months. When you left to go to the reading, you looked young, carefree, and beautiful — more beautiful than the day we met, and I remembered how lucky I am to see you every day.

sexy cop at starbucks Saw you at Starbucks in Hillyard Sunday July 10 sitting with a bunch of your colleagues. You: dark hair, bearded. me: blonde in a green dress. Would love to get to know you, coffee maybe?

A Magical 4th of July Cheers to the 4th of July Celebration Committee and workers who did a terrific job at Riverfront Park this last week! I've been a professional magician for nearly 60 years and have worked with a lot of wonderful people in that time and this years Celebration Committee was certainly no exception! Everyone was professional and friendly and the crowds who caught my show were truly fantastic! So, thank you to everyone who let me know they enjoyed the magic show and cheers to everyone who put in the time and work to pull off another great 4th of July celebration!

Papa Murphy's Dancing Man To the dancing guy on 29th and SE Blvd: Thank you for sharing your moves. Your enthusiasm is contagious and always makes my day better. Keep on groovin!

Cheers to Melissa McConnell of Classy Lass Illustrating who took on a near-impossible project for us; who was willing to draw our late son based on only a detailed description since he died before birth, and we didn't have any pictures; only what dreams revealed. She met the challenge and we were greeted with a superb, excellent picture of our son. We cannot thank her enough for her time and talent. She even decided that a bigger picture would work better and refused to charge us for the size increase. Truly an artist with a heart of gold! Thank you so much, Melissa!

TRASHING THE ARTS Jeers to Riverfront Park for disrespecting the iconic runners sculpture on Spokane Falls Boulevard & Post by filling the empty spots with garbage cans. Get some class!

Leave Fido at Home Cheers to Spokane for making prime firework-watching seats free this year but the jeers to my fellow Spokanites who thought it'd be a wonderful idea to bring their 4 legged friend along for this event. As I sat down with my family, I had 3 different groups of people come with their dogs in tow. People around me, myself included, started asking these owners about their dogs and wondered if they were going to be okay once the fireworks started. After many reassuring words, all owners were convinced their pups would love the fireworks as much as their ignorant owners do. Of course, once the first boom clap entered the sky, the poor dog behind me started crying and freaking out while the owner tried to console her. The second group ran up the stairs carrying their 80 pound dog, tripping over families and blankets, to get him to a quieter spot. The 3rd owner laughed and tried to calm his puppy who was obviously having a panic attack. My 4 year old became upset, as the dog behind us was screaming at this point, with the owner yelling over and over again about how she just didn't know her dog would become so upset. Really? Why would anyone think this was a great idea? Not only did these owners ruin the event for those around them, but more importantly, their poor animals were let down by the very people who should be loving and protecting them.

I really wish I didn't love you I did not leave you. You pushed me away. You said over & over you had commitment issues, that you pushed people away that got too close to you or that you developed too strong of feelings for. I gave you everything I had. I wanted to make us work, work on the problem(s), but you didn't. After months of back & forth, are we or aren't we, and not knowing just what the hell I was to you, being pushed further & further from you, I decided I was worth honesty & transparency. Do I still love you? Yes. Do I miss you like crazy? Yes. Do I wish things could've been different? Yes. Am I happy? No. But at least it's 100% honest.

Washington State Retail Cannabis Shops As a medical marijuana user I was shocked to see how much marijuana being sold to the public is tainted with pesticides. I can see how the marijuana industry has fallen into the hands of the greedy few who put profits over the health of the public. It is time for all people to stand up to these producers and let them know we demand honest, clean, non-pesticide medicine, not altered by the greed of those producers who want to have huge crops at the expense of the health of all. Watch what they sell you at the retail marijuana stores, they are not selling you a medicinal grade clean product, they are selling you a plant contaminated with chemicals so that they can make more money.

We LOVE Service Dogs Re: "Jeers to Service Dogs" from last week's Inlander. The issue we have is NOT with Service Dogs. The issue we have is with irresponsible pet owners who PRETEND their "canine child" is a service animal. Like any spoiled child, they do not know how to behave in public. These animals do NOT belong in a restaurant. These animals do NOT belong in a supermarket. If it is too hot, leave your dog at home. If it is too cold, leave your dog at home. And, honey, if you need your chihuahua with you to keep you calm while you go to the supermarket, you do not need a "therapy dog." You just need therapy. ♦

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