I Saw You

Week of July 28th

Re: Maybe I'm mistaken but I'm curious. Are you the one who was so interested in my hypothetical position at the rodeo? The one who showed me my first lunar eclipse? My memories of you are distant now but that one stands out. Tell me what we drank that night.

old friends I saw your posts and for now, you both have my # and know how to get in touch with me. Would enjoy the chance to visit, if you contact me I will be happy to give you info that will let you know it is me, but for now the fact that you have my # says enough I hope.

Maroon Jeep on 29th Cheers to the maroon Jeep speeding down 29th. I didn't see you and pulled out in front of you. Cheers to you paying attention and not on your cellphone texting or playing Pokemon. Great reaction time I owe you for sure!

To our Shadow Prince for always being there. When we knew you were ours, you gave us the moon. You showed your father a king and me a queen to signify that we were your parents. Then you showed us your ring to remind us that you were our son and always would be. Then you gave both of us roses to show your everlasting love for us. Thank you, our Shadow Prince. We love you.

With a heavy heart When I was 14 my mother threw me out of the house for going to a Megadeth concert. My childhood had not prepared me to understand the basic facts of life much less the harshness of being homeless at 14. There was one man who kept me from slipping through the cracks. One man who pushed me to stay in school. One man who kept me from becoming another statistic. That man was Ken Jernberg. What you looked like and where you came from did not matter. All that mattered was what he saw in you and what he knew you could be. For over 30 years Ken watched over the "Street Kids" in Spokane. To many of us he was the father we never had, the teacher we needed, and the friend that never gives up on you. Yesterday Ken passed away, taking an unseen yet integral piece of our city's youth with him.

Lovely ladies of the Dolla Tree To the two badass women who are always working the checkout lanes at the South Hill dollar store, you are both always so friendly and have the best energy. Quite an impression to make within a two minute exchange! On top of that, you even organize my charade of nonsensical loot by category when you bag it all up- which is exceptionally sweet & mindful of you. If you two are not in managerial positions already, you should be! Even if I stop needing googley eyes and kitten stickers (unlikely), I will keep coming back just to see ya! :)

Cheers to the Inlander Thanks so much for the scaled-back writings from Spokane's "Town Crier of Hate" this summer, Robert Herold. I don't know if this was a result of an altruistic realization that "all" readers of this publication are not die-hard liberals, but some of us may be members of the distained "conservative" persuasion. Regardless of the motivation, I again thank you for your contribution to lowering my blood pressure as I peruse your magazine. Peace.

Hek yes let's get coffee! Hey yous! dios mio i would love to get coffee with you! I love coffee from Ecuador and Arabic coffee! I also love dopios and cappucionos <3

Sexy Saxophonist Thank you, Sexy Saxophone Player, for playing your sweet sweet tunes out by the river near Camp Sekani Tuesday evening at sunset. Your melodious riffs set the mood for a smooth and sexy mountain bike ride with my girlfriend. Spokane digs your style.

Angel at The Elk July 21 Casey — you saved me at least a DUI on the night of July 21st at The Elk by calling and paying for an ÜBER cab for me. As I attempted to open my truck's door, you took the keys from my hand. At the same time the police pulled up, red and blue lights flashing. You explained to them that you had called a cab for me. The policeman thanked him and waved to me as he drove off. A DUI would've been the easy part if I'd have gotten behind the wheel and attempted to drive home. I could've easily killed myself or someone else. There are truly angels that walk amongst us. Thank you Casey. I am forever grateful. I will pass on the same gift and blessing that you gave to me on that night. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.

Welcome Back As trite and corny as it may seem, I've genuinely missed this city. I lived here for three months last year, and now I've moved back here with my wife (my girlfriend back then) I've come to remember why I loved my time here so much. Thanks to everyone.

Shoes I hate shoes. I hate wearing shoes, so often I'll be spotted walking barefoot all around. Well, on a walk I get stopped by this young man who asks me if I needed shoes. I said no and that I was too lazy to put any on. But the question meant more to me than what I said; to me, someone cared enough about another being to ask if they needed something. I came back with some mashed potatoes because it's really all I have in the way of food and wanted to thank the person who made such a kind gesture to someone they didn't even know. There is good in the world, good people. We just tend to forget or oversee them, people never cease to amaze me with their generous nature. If I ever see you again, I want to tell you how much that meant to me. Like I said, we need more people like you in the world.

RE: Sexy Spurs and Pokemon man Hopefully that THOT isn't a family member or you've already ruined your chances . If not, you're still an insult to yourself by trying to hit on someone's boyfriend or husband while calling her a THOT. Perhaps if you had some respect and dignity for yourself and other people, you would also have a man instead of trying to steal someone else's.

no compassion Jeers to that bank that is closing a branch in the city of Sprague. You are leaving a community high and dry. No place for churches to deposit, schools with lunch money, city utilities, grocery stores that need change on a busy week, but most of all the senior and disabled citizens who now must travel 25 miles to another bank. You could have at least put the branch up for sale first. But I see your point of getting your customers elsewhere first so a decent competitor doesn't have a customer base. You offer 1 free year service a another corporate branch —FAT CHANCE

Mamma bear... Thanks to you I now have a unicorn painted on my big toe. The under color you helped me pick out is tacky and clashes with my eyes. The next time you want to have a pity party at a nail salon, invite someone else!! .... also, I love you, your heart will mend and if you ever need anything, know I have your back. Come to LIB fest, do something for YOU. Something other than an awkward stranger foot tickle. Alright, it wasn't all that bad; the calf massage was nice. Okay, bye.

To those I ask out on dates and then who spend time on their phone playing Pokemon Go, texting, talking, on social media, etc. Then you wonder why I give you money for a taxi and leave. Doing these things listed above is a date breaker and a deal breaker. I asked you out to get to know you; not so I could sit in silence and watch your rude behavior. People keep asking me why someone like me isn't attached. There are the reasons above. I simply won't put up with that kind of behavior. I would LOVE to be attached but the way this world is, I just haven't found someone who expresses interest in ME instead of their ridiculous technology. So are there any males or females (I'm a 25-year-old bisexual male) out there who aren't like that and would like to go out on a date? Warning: the first moment you pick up your phone is the moment I give you money for a taxi and I say goodbye forever. ♦

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