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Week of August 4th

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Sweet STA Driver You picked me up at the airport on a Monday morning, and we had a nice chat about nothing of too much importance. You were kind to everyone who got on your bus, myself included. I wish the ride had been longer, and that I could hear you better. Nonetheless, I had a nice time talking with you. We share a love for beer, can I buy you one sometime?

Selkirk to the tattooed waitresses with all the jokes and smiles Thursday the 28th, me and my friends were in the booth by the bar, i had the whiskey coke, i mentioned where i work you should stop in I'd be happy to take you for a drink

To the woman walking on 34th I saw you walking on 34th on Sunday, July 31, around 9 pm. You were on the phone with someone. I was taking my garbage out and I left the gate open. My black dog barked and ran at you before I could stop him. I'm so sorry if he scared you. He is a sweet dog but he can look scary. I should have been more careful with him in the yard, and I feel awful that he ran towards you. He wouldn't hurt a fly but he can look intimidating. Again, I'm so sorry! Thanks for being so understanding. You're a good person.

Combine axles You showed up and offered to bring me bearings for my boat trailer at mm #9 on hwy #2?? However you only had combine bearings! You were very nice. Email me @

What Goes Around Comes Around To the guy with the broken leg that stopped to help me get the lug nuts loose on my flat tire, thank you! On 7/25, you were the only one that stopped and asked if I needed help and you were on crutches with a broken leg! Good Karma is coming your way, I cannot thank you enough! I should have paid for your Redbox rental!

Traffic Snafu Was riding my bike home from work after a frustrating day. I stopped at a four way stop and was expecting to be given the right of way (I was on the right) and didn't clip out of my pedals. The truck to my left decided to go and since I wasn't clipped out I fell over. So cheers to the one lady that made sure I was alright and a hard jeers to the guy in the truck who doesn't know how to give the right of way.

To the 25-year-old who won't put up with his dates playing on their phone, etc.  We know this wonderful man. His dates just do not know what they are missing by feeling social media, etc. is more important than social face-to-face interaction. He's a young, successful businessman who really cares. He's such a rarity these days! We're glad he stands his ground. When we go out to coffee with him, he pays attention to US; he's not on his phone like we see so many others doing in restaurants. He is also firm with his employees and answering service and tells them only emergencies are to be put through if he's out to coffee with us. If only you knew what you were missing!!!!

Valley Scooter-I've fallen and I can't get up!  On the week of July 18 I was riding on my power scooter loaded with groceries and I tipped over onto Sprague by Safeway in the Valley. When I crashed I lost all my groceries and I couldn't get my scooter or I up by myself. A group of wonderful and thoughtful people stopped and picked me and the scooter up and all the ladies helped gather all my groceries! A BIG THANK YOU! We are a lucky society to have people like you around! In the crash I only lost 4 eggs!!! LOL Again, Thank you so much for your help and consideration for this old lady!

5 bars on Sprague Street Crisis This is cheers to our Spokane law enforcement. I respect & appreciate all that they do... but I wanted to make a suggestion as a concerned citizen without making it negative with a jeers. I work at one of our central bars downtown, every night on the weekend and I'm sure they are very well aware, (considering they are constantly being called) but the violence, gangs (turf wars?!), street fights and nights ending with an ambulance are exhausting. There are things that come with working in the serving industry, especially past the witching hour but it's gotten so out of hand to where even having a door man walk you to your car at 3 in the morning isn't reassuring anymore. Having AT LEAST one patrolman, consistently parked, or even in our area on weekends would stop a lot of what's become a regular for Sprague Street. Again I appreciate our citys force, this is just an area that needs to be more of a concern for them so all of us down here, whether employee or patron, feel safe.

Kind and Honest I am deeply grateful to the honest and compassionate woman who found my coupon book and credit card case that had fallen out of my purse while I was putting away my purchases in the Division and Empire Walgreen's parking lot. You then kindly turned both in to the clerk in Walgreens and prevented what could have been a real disaster for me. I also want to commend the Walgreen's staff for calling me and keeping both safely for me until I could pick them up. I really would like to meet you and thank you personally over lunch.

Hello Batman Thinking about you. Communication is sparse lately. Just want you to know you are always on my mind. If circumstances have changed let me know. Hope you are having a good summer. Love you.

To my parents for caring so much about me and loving me unconditionally; for accepting me for who I am. There was nothing greater than when I came out as gay and my parents lovingly took me in their arms and said, "Sweetheart, you're our son. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you just as you are." They also warmly embraced and welcomed my boyfriend (now husband). I have been beyond blessed to have the two most wonderful parents in the world. Thank you, God! I love you, Mom and Dad.

To the Security Guards at the Mavericks Concert Thank you for trying your best to keep the overaged teenagers in the front row from shouting, waving their arms and acting like fools. These people have no consideration for the others, who unfortunately, are stuck in the rows behind them and have to see this distraction. I also enjoy the Mavericks, but I sing along quietly at concerts, tap my toes and stay in my darn seat so others can see and enjoy the performance. I like to dance too, but not if it would disturb others. They couldn't pay me enough to do your job. Thanks again!

Battery theves  I'm sure you will never see this because @$$ cracks like you probably can't read and you use the Inlander to insulate your crap can of a house. What you don't know is I captured you pulling up in a SUV and you got out wearing a hat, shorts and a tee shirt. I have posted you all over Facebook and Craigslist and will be sharing it with the local police who want to see the video. I hope it is only time until someone recognizes your skinny turkey legs. Karma is a bitch and I hope she comes back and your new batteries catch fire and burn down your trailer. I will be keeping an eye out for your vehicle and you best hope the police finds you first.

Maverick Concert Front Row Audience Shame on you for acting like unruly pubescent teenagers at a Bieber concert. You are privileged enough to be able to afford the much higher priced tickets in the front row. When the Mavericks came out, a young woman (shoulder length hair, light colored sleeveless dress) got up and started waving her arms, moving her booty and acting as nobody was behind her). A very nice female security guard, (who was only trying to do her job), tried to persuade you to sit down and you were beligerent and totally ignored her. She was finally able to get you out. Then others started doing the same thing: dancing, shouting and being a huge distraction for everyone else stuck behind you. Security tried to get you guys to sit, but Raul Malo (lead singer) told them to let you all party on as long as you stayed by your seats. But you couldn't listen, pushing, shoving and some fights broke out (girl with sleeveless dress again involved). Finally, Malo walked off the stage in disgust and the rest of the band followed. Thanks for ruining the concert! n

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