I Saw You

Week of August 18th

The Lucky Ones I saw you...the first time across a crowded room at a horror movie convention in New Jersey, the next time was at a pizza parlor in Chicago & the third time was on Thompson Pass in Idaho. Then I saw you as Elvis walked me down the aisle to your waiting arms in Las Vegas. Since then, I have seen you for our first anniversary at The Cattle Point light house on Friday Harbor, second one on top of Mt Constitution on Orcas Island, third one in the gardens of Malahide Castle in Ireland, fourth on the peaks of Mt. Young in the San Juan Islands and this last anniversary at the Bellagio fountains where we first began on New Year's day as man and wife. I saw you and my eyes opened up and my world made sense. I saw you and I see me through your eyes and I need never look any further beyond the path we walk together. 1/1/11 We are the Lucky Ones.

Slayed my heart I saw you at Slayer, and you saw me too. You said "goodbye". And now I say "hello" to a life without your deceit. I know who you are. Everyone you play. You were right, I was 'easy'. I'm an easy target. A girl who needed to be loved by someone who means it. I thought that I finally found that with you. Turns out that I was just someone to kill time with. I loved you with an extremely loyal heart. Every morning that I wake with the sun, I am reminded that even though I lost what little hope I had in love, I won reason to keep going. Cheers to that peach and the red room. Have fun with your vid'cheat' games and all the dumb chicks that you seduce. I'm no longer your fool. You could be the King of the world, but unless you can heal the damage you did, don't expect my forgiveness. We could have played the world together. Jeers.

CDA City Beach 8/13/16, You, brunette, with great smile wearing a pink bikini, sitting on beach with a friend. Me, dark hair and beard with black boardshorts and white t-shirt , sitting with cousin and three kids. Saw each other again as you were walking past the bamboo shaved ice stand. Would love to see that smile again and what's behind those sunglasses over the beverage of your choice. Figure taking a shot is worth the chance of hearing from you. Yourdolcevita2016@gmail.com

Brewery girl I'm the sweet sta bus driver you met on the bus at the airport,you were super cool and we did have a great conversation. It was short be a useful of bus getting so busy. As soon as you left bus I was thinking to myself that was a cool girl and I'll probably never see her again! Saw your post through social media on a friend's fb Haha funny! But I would love to hangout sometime!!

Thumbs Up for Frankie Doodles Two big thumbs up to Frankie Doodles in Spokane for the yummiest, friendliest, and cleanest diner! My husband and I moved to Spokane Valley three years ago. We love to eat out, going from diners and restaurants looking for a place to call our own Ma and Pa place. After seeing the sign from the freeway all the time we finally decided to try it and this was it! We had finally found a place to call our own. The sad thing is that when we finally made it in, in May of 2016, we had only two weeks left in Spokane Valley, we were moving. We regret not having made it in sooner. They have the best food and iced tea ever! They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and we have enjoyed it all! The waitresses are friendly and Linda the owner always has a welcoming smile along with a friendly "hello." We recommend this place for anyone looking for that small town atmosphere and though we don't live in Spokane any longer, we do come back to visit. Its always a "come hungry" kind of treat! I can't say enough good things about Frankie Doodles Restaurant. Thank you, you're the best!

To our son, son-in-law and granddaughter We are so blessed to have all three of you in our lives. You have brought us so much joy and happiness! We cannot thank God enough for our beautiful family! Where would we be without you three in our lives? Lost! You make every single day worthwhile! We love all three of you so very much! So shine, our dear sweet ones, shine! Love, Mom and Dad, aka Grandma and Grandpa

Out of Bounds "Shut your eyes and think of somewhere, somewhere cold and caked with snow." You showed me the beauty of the trees, as we skied through them, forging our own path, under the yellow tape and into the Out Of Bounds area. You taught me to be bold and step outside my comfort zone. In doing so, I've had the best time of my life! You rocked the picnics — in rain, shine and ALL kinds of weather and terrain. Every day is an adventure with you — sometimes wonderful, sometimes scary... but NEVER boring! You share my love of music, from dancing in uninhibited abandon at concerts to marathon Zeppelin love sessions. I love you, Tom, and I can't imagine my life without you! I don't care where we sleep — in the back of my car after a Tom Petty concert, or in a tent on a mountaintop with no one in sight for miles... as long as you're lying next to me, that is where I want to be! My answer is "Yes, I'll marry you!" I look forward to many more adventures with you... Rockin' the Casbah together.

jeers to the jury that clearly ignored the evidence that was presented i hope u all sleep well knowin u put an honest harder working than most mother of 2 and grandmother in jail for a year. a year i will never get back. and to the family that call themselves victims — i am sorry for their loss of a broke down truck but the magnitude of their loss will NEVER compare. for that they should take comfort at night.

RUDE GABBY CHATTER BOXES Jeers to you rude loud mouthed chatter boxes who were at the Arbor Crest 5:30 concert Thursday August 11. We went there to hear the entertainment but as soon as he started singing, you just kept talking and getting louder to the point we left after 30 minutes of your constant chatter. When someone is there to entertain, be polite enough to shut up so the performer(s) can be heard. If you came to eat, drink and talk up a storm, be considerate enough to do it away from the stage area. There is a lot of room for that elsewhere on the estate. When someone is there to entertain, you should be polite enough to shut up.

To the drivers on Division/Magnesium/Price intersection. Use your left turn single BEFORE the light turns green!!!! Not after!!!!!! If you are going to turn left, you need to let the cars behind you know your intentions BEFORE the light turns green!!!!!!!! All of you who don't do this are accidents waiting to happen!!!!! Turn on your left turn signal BEFORE, BEFORE, BEFORE, BEFORE THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR NOW????!!!!!

Crooked Mayor I love how everyone is complaining about the mayor but no one has actually started a recall petition. I remember how fast the recall was for West, who actually cared about Spokane and its people. Apparently, concealing information and lying to the public is only bad when you are gay.

Turn Signal Craziness I have only lived in Spokane a month I was wondering if any car in this city was equipped with turn signals for changing lanes and turning I say jeers to the 98% of the drivers on every road I have drove on (thanks for not using your turn signal) I enjoy almost getting in an accident everyday. ♦

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