I Saw You

Week of August 25th

Purple Ford Taurus Your rear window held a heartfelt message. "Fly on Lady" followed "R.I.P. Rachel". I hurt with you, for Loss is brutal and knows no bounds some times. But as much as Loss stomps the sunshine and flowers growing in the gardens of our hearts, Hope comes in and tidies up. As both our cars drove up the hill, my radio played "Every Breath You Take". The cheesy original. I held my fingers up in a Peace sign as you drove past, because Rachel IS flying on, and she'll never leave you. Not truly. That's the quite power of Hope's work. Much love. May this note find you. — Kimpossible

Couple is interested in you Tuesday Aug 16 at around 4 or 4:30 pm, we were just crossing Division near E Weilie ave, and Cozza street. You, a short dark haired young woman, wearing a short skirt, smoking a cig, agreed with us that the traffic would not stop for us at the crosswalk. You went as far as the Y with us on the bus 25. Would you be interested in dinner with us? We both thought you were pretty hot. Contact us at makeitsonumber1@outlook.com

I hope you read the inlander You asked me about my tattoos at the zip trip on Maple and 10th. When I turned around and saw your beautiful blue eyes, I nearly lost my words. If your available, I would like to get to know you. I suppose the way this works is you respond via the Inlander. Respond with the fruit you noticed. I had as a tattoo so I know it's you.

Biker on Wall You were going down Wall near Queen on Thursday? Maybe Wednesday night when you spied a sexy blonde with flowers in her hair...she told me that when you asked her if she'd like to go for ride she just smiled and said no. She LIED! She would VERY much like to go for a ride with you. She is trying to remember how to be....well, I guess she is just remembering how to be her fabulous and amazing self! And she is BOTH.

Hi Tatortot ;) ;) ;) ;) So every time we get an Inlander you look at the I saw you and all that lolz. Well I see you everyday when I get to wake up o your Gorgeous Handsome face <3 hehe. I love you so much baby! You're the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask fo. I cherish everyday with you. Thank You for everything you do for me and us. I can't believe it's coming to a year it seems like yesterday we met, I love thinking back on that amazing time we met. The first time I saw you I knew I was absolutely 100% in love with you. You're the most caring, giving, sweetest man on earth. I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. <3 .sincerely your sweet "Ladybug"... p.s . I love you Tatortot!! <3

RYAN @ SBUX 2nd & Division I was in town on Thursday August 18 to see a comedian. I stopped at your Starbucks around 9:30 pm on my way home. You served me on till, commented on my name (*GOOOOD*, ring any bells?), and hesitantly sold me white chocolate peanut butter cups. I thought you were tall, dark (haha), and handsome. Your name is Ryan, my name is Damien. Short but fun conversation, and as soon as I was driving away I was regretting not giving you my information. Would love to find out if you're always that good with your banter... damienngood@gmail.com

At the coffee shop, with tears in your eyes, showing someone the only picture you will ever have of your late son; the one who died before birth. I'm so sorry for your loss. You would have made a great parent. I can tell that just by how kind and caring you are to everyone; friends and strangers alike. You don't know this, but your small acts of kindness have made a big difference in my life. I heard you say that you wished you could have a son for just one moment in time; to hold, love and cherish. I'd be happy to be that son for just that one moment in time. You made a difference in my life. Now let me make a difference in your life.

Cheer to Spokane Valley Folks A big cheer to the not one, but two cars and people that stopped to help me when my car suddenly stalled on Argonne in the Valley near Sprague. I had not been stopped for more than 30 seconds before one car pulled up behind me and immediately tried to help with my battery cables and then within a minute another car stopped, jump started my car, and got me going again. Thanks again and trust me, karma provides rewards.

Spokane Valley PAML Monday 8/15 Endless thanks to Cheri, the waiting room angel, for sitting with me through my blood draw! I would not have made it without your kindness and willingness to go out of your way to help a complete stranger. I will never forget your sincerity and kind heart, and I will pass it on! Also a big thank you to Kimberly, the best phlebotomist, for making this a (literally) pain-free experience!

Need some Brazilian music in Spokane Now that the Olympics are over in Rio, I'd like the name of a place to go to hear & cheer for some smooth Brazilian type brass & some New York sophisticated lounge type music? Any suggestions?

Cheers to Diamond Parking Employee Cheers to the Diamond Parking employee who was monitoring the lot next to Tamarack Public House downtown on the evening of 8/18/16. My boyfriend had just torn his Achilles and was getting cabin fever so I had to get him out of the house. We parked in the parking lot then realized it was going to be $15 to park there because there was an event that evening (thanks, but no thanks). The Diamond Parking employee was in the lot at the time, and asked where we were going. We told him just to Tamarack to grab a beer. He told us not to worry about paying!! Thank you so much again, sir. That was extremely nice of you. My crippled boyfriend with questionable mobility skills on crutches, thanks you as well.

The Iron Nun Over the years I've had the honor of sharing a lane in the pool with Sister Madonna. It seems she appears whenever I'm contemplating getting out of the pool before I'm finished with my laps. I told her one day in the locker room that she is like the divine intervention I always need. She simply laughs, but never AT me ... perhaps she knows her mere presence is pure inspiration — to be my best at that moment. I swim with great ease when she's present. I am thrilled that a woman who has inspired countless people finally receives a most deserved recognition in this beautifully choreographed Nike commercial created for the Olympics. Congratulations, Sister Madonna, for bringing your spirit into the hearts of all us you have trained and competed beside. YOU ARE A HERO on so many levels.

Hello Batman Warm weather is here. Time for beach basking and picnic lunches. Always in my thoughts. As for other comments here, their Facebook trolling must be slow lately. No problem.

Perry Pain To the passive aggressive jerkwad off South Perry by The Shop who set a sprinkler on our parked car and left a note about moving your garbage cans, we didn't move your precious trash receptacles. I know it was obviously so INCREDIBLY important for you to have both bins out on a Saturday night, but maybe just save the needless douchey-ness for someone who actually deserves it, okay?

Lincoln Heights Drivers Jeers to the people driving through the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center parking lot like maniacs! It is a busy area with a lot of pedestrians and hardly anyone stops to wait for people walking out into the parking lot from the retailers. I swear I'm going to get ran over one of these going from my car to work or back! Slow down and pay attention!

My coworkers Some people decided to do something nice for a coworker, one of them even printed up some flyers and posted them in a few spots. You marked up the flyers with snide comments and scratched out names. I didn't see your name on the flyer volunteering to help, probably because you are too self centered and childish to think of anyone other than yourselves. Grow up! Thanks to those who helped. ♦

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